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Average Salary in Dubai, UAE

Today, you should not accept a job offer without knowing your financial compensation. Above all, your salary may change depending on the location of your new job. In this sense, we think you should look at all you need to know about the average salary in Dubai.

In this article, you will find essential information about the average salary in Dubai. Indeed, it includes how it varies regarding your profession and the most attractive ones in the UAE. So, start thinking about your financial plans by reviewing the following topics:

1. How is the average or standard salary in Dubai calculated?

The Standard salary in Dubai is considered to be around AED 19840 or USD 5400. Now let us explain how we calculate this average or standard salary, If in a location X is earning AED 10000, If Y is earning AED 15000, and if Z is earning AED 20000, Then the average salary of the location is AED 15000.

The UAE is now more than a preferred tourist destination for wealthy people. On the contrary, it is a commercial hub for national and foreign citizens looking for a place to have a prosperous life. As a result, ex-pats increased their curiosity about the new employment visa rules of 2022.

One of the main reasons this is happening is the presence of high-income jobs in the Emirates. In this sense, several potential candidates want to know more about a feature than any other. Indeed, they want to discover how much the average salary in Dubai is.

To help you, our team researched it in detail and discovered everything you need to know about the average salary in Dubai. So, let us discuss how much such a salary is regarding your profession. Consequently, you may decide to become a Freelance Artist in the UAE.

2. The average salary in Dubai regarding your occupation

The average salary in Dubai is not the exact amount you could think you receive when you apply for a Freelance Work Permit. Instead, it depends on several factors, including qualifications, work experience, and nationality. In this subject, we will focus on how it varies regarding your occupation.

Above all, Dubai is a location that offers numerous job opportunities from several fast-growing industries. After all, the UAE is the perfect place to establish alliances such as Freelance Partnerships. Nonetheless, every industry offers its specific average salary in Dubai.

We will illustrate this by showing you the average income of seven of the most profitable professions in the UAE. As a result, you will know which path suits you better for your professional career. By all odds, changing your profession is also a good idea to increase your income.

Let us discuss the average salary in Dubai for the following occupations:

2.1 Accountant

The presence of several top corporations in the UAE makes you wonder how they handle their finances. More specifically, you could think that their bookkeeping activities involve applying for a UAE Remote Work Visa. However, the reality is that it increased the demand for accountants.

In this sense, an accountant will not have the highest average salary in Dubai. Nonetheless, it will allow you to live a decent life in the Middle East with your family. Therefore, there is a high chance you will think about immigrating to Dubai when you know it.

In the UAE, you will earn an average salary of USD 4,400 as an accountant. Regarding local currency, it is equal to approximately AED 16,150. Assuredly, you could find it attractive enough to learn about bookkeeping procedures and more.

2.2 Lawyer

Imagine you are a lawyer asking a friend about the Dubai Visa from Lebanon. Indeed, your friend could convince you that you will not find a better place to work than the Middle East. However, we recommend you ask him about a lawyer’s average salary in Dubai.

In the UAE, you can work by handling employment cases with the Dubai Labour Court. As a result, you can earn an average salary of USD 8,000 or AED 29,360 if you use local currency. Most importantly, it puts this occupation among the highest-paid professional jobs in the UAE.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the UAE is an Islamic country with specific laws and regulations. Hence, you should acquire knowledge before offering your legal services in Dubai. For instance, a client may ask you about the legal features of sponsorship in the UAE.

2.3 Sales manager

Logically, countries with prosperous economies like the UAE promote sales and advertising. Thus, you will find high demand for professionals in those fields throughout the business landscape of Dubai. In other words, you will be busy if you begin to work in the Emirates as a sales manager.

Similarly to a lawyer, a sales manager earns income depending on their sales effectiveness. Therefore, it is logical that both have the same average salary in Dubai. Indeed, you can have a salary of USD 8,000 (AED 29,360) as a sales manager in the UAE.

Nevertheless, remember that the UAE’s business environment is tremendously competitive. So, your work as a sales manager must include looking for successful marketing strategies. On the contrary, you may start thinking about a change to selling car insurance.

2.4 Nurse

Unequivocally, the UAE has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. For instance, it includes accident insurance that all workers can use if it happens. Nevertheless, such a system may need your professional skills as a qualified nurse.

Unfortunately, nursing is a job with a low average salary in Dubai. Indeed, you can earn USD 3,000 (AED 11,000) as a nurse in a healthcare facility. By all odds, you may want to learn how to work as a freelancer in Dubai if you find it below your expectations.

Finally, remember that you cannot stop updating your knowledge as a nurse. On the contrary, it is a professional career where medical advances happen daily. Fortunately, you will find several institutions in the UAE that can help you in this matter.

2.5 Computer developer

Technology now affects every part of our daily lives, especially in the UAE. Consequently, you will find IT jobs with high demand and attractive income. Hence, working as a computer developer in Dubai is a good idea if you have the skills.

Moreover, a computer developer job has an average salary in Dubai among the highest in the region. Indeed, it will allow you to earn a monthly income of USD 7,000 (AED 25,690). In other words, it is a profession that can give you a luxurious life in the Middle East.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that computer developers can find employment worldwide. Thus, you could assess moving to Portugal from the USA to expand your professional knowledge. After all, the IT business is here to stay.

2.6 Plumber

By all odds, you could imagine that every available job in the UAE involves highly technical skills and qualifications. Nevertheless, you can earn an average salary in Dubai by working as an unskilled staff. Therefore, let us discuss how much an employer can pay you as a plumber.

In the UAE, plumbers often work in residential and business environments. As a result, they can earn an average salary in Dubai of USD 2,800. Indeed, it is equal to AED 10,280 if you prefer using the local currency.

Finally, remember that you can attract more clients by performing quality work as a plumber in the Emirates. This way, you will be on everyone’s list when their property insurance agent calls them about a problem. Ergo, it is unskilled labor with a decent income.

2.7 Dentist

Last, we think UAE nationals and foreign citizens are not exempt from healthcare problems regarding their teeth. Hence, it is a country where you can earn a decent average salary in Dubai as a dentist. Indeed, we will show you it is higher than you may think.

Unequivocally, dentists are among the professionals in Dubai with the best salaries. After all, they can earn an average salary of USD 10,000 a month. How much is that in the local currency? Well, it is equal to AED 36,700.

That is it! You now know the average salary in Dubai for the most demanded occupations in the UAE. However, some ex-pats may have one more inquiry before getting travel insurance. Indeed, they may wonder about the minimum wage in Dubai.

3. How much is the minimum wage in Dubai?

One essential subject of the average salary in Dubai is its minimum wage. Logically, you may think there is a connection between the regular and minimum wages in the Emirates. Nonetheless, it cannot be further away from reality.

In essence, you will not find laws or regulations in the UAE setting a minimum wage. On the contrary, UAE authorities allow businesses to choose their specific salaries and bonuses. As a result, they let the labor market supply and demand establish the average salary in Dubai.

On the other hand, the average salary not only varies depending on your occupation. It also depends on the Emirate where you live and work in the UAE. Fortunately, our following topic will show you the best option for getting term life insurance.

4. The most attractive average salary in the UAE

We know we are talking exclusively about the average salary in Dubai. However, the UAE is a vast country with seven emirates. Therefore, you could also wonder: Is the average salary in Dubai the best in the nation? And how can I get maternity insurance with it?

In this sense, we think the best you can do is to look at the following table of the average salaries in the UAE:

Emirate Monthly Average Salary
Dubai USD 5,406 (AED 19,840)
Fujairah USD 4,526 (AED 16,610)
Ajman USD 4,777 (AED 17,530)
Abu Dhabi USD 5,280 (AED 19,380)
Sharjah USD 5,122 (AED 18,800)
Al Ain USD 4,922 (AED 18,070)

Consequently, you can discover that the average salary in Dubai is about 10 to 20% higher than in the rest of the UAE. Thus, you will not find a better city to boost your professional career and earn a high income than Dubai.

Nonetheless, you may have a question left to answer. Indeed, the average salary in Dubai may look attractive from your foreign perspective. But is it enough to live a comfortable life in the Middle East?

5. What average salary do you need to live comfortably in Dubai?

Logically, you have to assess every financial aspect of a place before moving in. Regarding the UAE, it involves knowing that your main expenses will relate to education, housing, transportation, and food. So, what average salary in Dubai is enough to live comfortably?

Above all, it depends on where you live in Dubai because of the rent. Indeed, renting an apartment in the city center will cost you between USD 1,300 and 1,700. On the contrary, it will cost you between USD 900 and 1,200 if you locate outside the city center.

In summary, the average salary in Dubai is enough to afford housing in the city. It is up to you to plan your other expenses to allow you a decent life. Most importantly, we recommend avoiding tourist areas where food and shops are tremendously expensive.

6. Why do you need to know about the average salary in Dubai?

Moving to Dubai for employment is one of the best decisions you can make in your lifetime. Nevertheless, you cannot decide without having a decent idea of the average earnings on an employment visa. The beauty of a Freelance Visa is you automatically become a resident and get a chance to earn more than the average salary. Freelancers, in fact, make tons of money by working or collaborating with multiple companies or organizations, and therefore a new style of living has emerged in Dubai.

Connect Freelance is glad to make a difference by offering Freelance Visa Dubai in the life of those who want to move to Dubai.

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