Ultimate Guide To Freelance Web Design For Beginners

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Working as a freelance web designer has been among the top decisions for professionals during the past few years. Freelancing in the UAE can attribute its popularity to remote work and the many benefits that this country has to offer. Entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to establish a solid presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city to improve their quality of life. However, getting started as a freelancer is not as easy as it may seem.

In this article, we have compiled the ultimate guide to working as a freelance web designer in the UAE. You can gain more understanding of how to start in this competitive world. Moreover, you are going to know how you can improve your results.

  1. How can you get started as a freelance web designer?
  2. Why do you need to select a niche?
  3. How can you craft your unique value proposition?
  4. Why should you have an effective portfolio website?
  5. How can you price your services as a freelance web designer?
  6. How can you find your first client?
  7. What do you need to know about the proposal?
  8. What are the key sales principles for closing the sale?
  9. Why do you need to have a project management system?
  10. How can you improve your marketing?
  11. How can Connect Freelance help you as a freelance web designer?

1. How can you get started as a freelance web designer?

Attracting clients is one of the hardest tasks of being a freelancer. As a freelance web designer, you may have realized that there is too much competition in this field. However, you do not have to feel discouraged. You can start building your network and growing as a freelancer if you know which path to take.

For this reason, we have a step-by-step guide for working as a freelance web designer in the UAE. You need to know that although it may seem difficult, you can do it. You can start getting high-quality clients, building long-term relationshis, and earning a large revenue once you start taking these actions. Here, we have a summary of what you need to do:

  1. Get your freelance visa. This is the main step as you cannot work in the UAE if you do not have your necessary legal documents.
  2. Select a niche or consider specializing in a particular industry
  3. Develop your unique value proposition
  4. Create your own website that works as your portfolio
  5.  How can you rate your services as a freelance web designer?
  6. Start looking for your first client
  7. Learn how to craft a proposal, how to negotiate, and how to close the sale with a contract
  8. Consider using a project management system
  9. Learn how to improve your marketing strategy to get more clients

2. Why do you need to select a niche?

To start working as a freelance web designer, the first thing you need to do is select a niche. A niche is a word used in freelancing that refers to a specialized segment of the market in your sector.

Thus, you need to have a specialization that puts you ahead of your competitors. You cannot be a generalist web designer because this will not help you find more clients.

For example, you could specialize in designing webs for a particular niche like restaurants. So, whenever a new client is looking for creating a website that has special features such as taking online orders, watching the menu, or any other, he or she is going to approach you because you are a specialist in whatever that client is looking for.

2.1 What is the best way to select a niche?

You get to choose your niche in different ways. You could opt for specializing in a particular industry, a platform, or even a design style.

Nevertheless, you may be wondering how you can select a niche. As a freelance web designer, you have to consider the following before deciding on your specialization:

  • Select a niche that is interesting to you. You must feel passionate about what you are going to do, otherwise, you may get bored and abandon it.
  • Choose a niche that you are familiar with. Therefore, you have to select a niche in which you have experience so you can provide knowledge and expertise
  • Consider your current professional network. Perhaps you have a connection in a particular industry. This can be decisive when it comes to working on a niche.

3. How can you craft your unique value proposition?

Once you have decided on a particular niche, you now have to define your unique value proposition. Also known as UVP, it is a crucial step for helping you attract your clients and stand out among your competitors.

Even though you have decided on a niche as a freelance web designer, there is still a sea of other freelancers in your same niche. Thus, you need to prove why you are the best one. Here are some key questions that will help you define how to create your compelling UVP:

  • What do your clients need? What do they care about?
  • Have you worked with past clients before? Are they willing to give you feedback about your work?
  • Do you know your strengths as a freelance web designer? What added value do you give to your clients?

3.1 Develop your UVP

Your UVP should refer to an existing problem you see in the market that no one else is trying to solve. Once you have gathered enough information about this, and you know your abilities and skills as a web designer, you can create your UVP so you can start freelancing in Dubai.

Moreover, your UVP must be summarized in one sentence. For example, if you want to specialize in web designing for a restaurant, you can summarize your UVP by stating your unique plan on how to solve the problem and how you can help your clients reach success in that area.

On Connect Freelance, we can help you obtain everything you need to start working as a freelancer. From selecting the freelance activities in Dubai that best suit your work, to obtaining the required visa, we got you covered.

4. Why should you have an effective portfolio website?

As a freelance web designer, you need to have a strong portfolio where you can showcase your work. Furthermore, by having a website that displays your strengths in web designing you can even attract more clients.

Keep in mind that your website should look impressive since this will be the first impression that your clients will have about your work.

Consider the following for creating your portfolio:

  • Include a variation of your UVP on the main page so your clients can see what you do immediately when they enter your website
  • Include quality photos and your best work as a sample
  • Make sure to have enough information about yourself, and include your picture. Putting a face to your work will always give trust to your clients
  • Include client testimonials and reviews

5. How can you rate your services as a freelance web designer?

Once you have your freelance visa in Dubai, and you have decided on your niche, UVP, and created your website, you still have much more to go.

To work as a Freelance web designer it is vital to develop a pricing strategy. You need to know how much you are going to charge for your work. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freelancer, you need to know the value of your work.

You can follow the next strategies to determine how to price your service:

  • If you do not have much experience, you can start with a price lower than the average of your sector or industry. This will help you attract clients, but keep in mind that as you advance you need to increase your prices.
  • Another strategy is cost-based pricing. You can determine the cost of completing a particular project and add your profit percentage. If this is challenging, you can determine an hourly rate for your work, and multiply the number of hours that takes to complete the project.
  • You can opt for promotional pricing if you are just starting as a freelancer. It basically consists in creating the illusion of a discount or a promotion, but in reality, you are charging what you are expecting to earn.

6. How can you find your first client?

After deciding on the price of your service as a freelance web designer, you need to look for the first client. This may be difficult for some freelancers, particularly if you do not have any experience in this field.

The best way is by doing some outreach. Do not worry, this does not have to be uncomfortable if you know how to do it the right way:

  • First, you need to look through your existing network. Reach out to your friends, former co-workers, and any others and explain to them that you are offering your services as a freelance web designer. Your personal connections can help you find the first clients easily. Moreover, since they have a relationship with you, anyone that is referred by a friend or a relative will trust you.
  • Although your personal network is great for starting, there will be a time when you have exhausted it. After that, you have to start targeting clients in your niche. Offer a solution for their business problem and they will gladly accept your service.

7. What do you need to know about the proposal?

After getting your first client as a freelance web designer, you have to send a proposal regarding the service. Here are some of the key elements that it should have:

  • The objectives of the project plainly stated
  • Steps you have to go through to finish the project
  • Scope of the work
  • Timeline for the project, start and end date
  • Cost estimate

8. What are the key sales principles for closing the sale?

After sending your proposal, your client may accept it without hesitation, or he may want to negotiate. Generally, clients like to negotiate to see if they can get a better price for your services as a freelance web designer.

In this case, you need to learn about some key sales principles that will help you be better at negotiations. Some of them are the following:

  • Show empathy and honesty, this will help the client feel you are on his side
  • Do not try to force the sale because you need money
  • Offer alternative solutions such as a referral or a discount for the next project

After closing the sale, the next step is drafting the contract.

8.1 Why do you need to have a contract?

If you have selected working as a web designer as part of your freelance activities in Dubai, you need to know how to carry out some legal aspects that are crucial for working.

One of these is signing a contract. Although it is a small project, or even if it is unpaid work, you need to sign a contract. This protects you in case anything does not go as you expected. Moreover, it is a great tool for setting up boundaries with your clients.

9. Why do you need to have a project management system?

As a freelance web designer, you need to have all the tools that will help you work better. A project management system can give a better client experience since it allows you to track your progress. Furthermore, it helps you collect feedback.

With your freelance visa in Dubai, you can start taking on more projects and getting more clients. Thus, a project management system will help you stay organized and become more efficient on your tasks.

10. How can you improve your marketing?

Getting your first clients should not be your last goal. You need to continue growing and expanding your business as a freelance web designer. For this reason, you need to learn about marketing strategies that will help you stand out.

The best part is that when it comes to freelancing in Dubai, you have many marketing channels:

  • Social media: one of the most used social platforms is Instagram. It has a vast user base, so you can find many clients here. You can pay for promotions, contact influencers, and more. Create engaging content and use hashtags to give more visibility to your business.
  • Networking events: if you prefer to reach your clients in person, this is perfect for you. You have to place your stand and reach potential clients that attend the event.
  • Referrals: you can give your current clients referrals or discounts if they get you another client.
  • Blog: Having a blog is perfect for attracting clients. You have to create content marketing for your niche, and this is perfect for improving your presence on the internet.
  • Audio or video: create videos and post them on YouTube or record podcasts to attract new clients consistently.

11. How can Connect Freelance help you as a freelance web designer?

On Connect Freelance, we understand how crucial it is to have everything you need to start your career as a freelance web designer in the UAE. For this reason, we help you change your life today by assisting you with everything you need.

We provide a variety of packages for obtaining this document, starting from 6000 AED. Get your freelance work permit with us and start expanding your freelancing career across the UAE! You can even use our market hub and boost your career.

Are you interested in learning more about freelancing in Dubai? Contact us to get to know more about how to work as a freelance web designer. Call us at +971 43 316 688 or send us an email at contact@connectfreelance.ae.

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