How to turn freelancing into a career?

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Self-employment almost always starts as a side job. Later, it slowly evolves into a full-time career. If you want to do freelancing in Dubai and turn it into a career, there are several things to consider.

In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take to make freelancing a full-time career. Additionally, we will offer you some tips that will help the process go smoothly and successfully. Let us take a look now:

  1. How much should you save to turn freelancing in Dubai into a career?
  2. How to find long-term customers
  3. Promoting yourself
  4. The importance of motivating yourself when freelancing in Dubai
  5. Freelancing in Dubai: How to increase your rates?
  6. Learning to deal with high and low seasons
  7. How to show your positive aspects when freelancing in Dubai
  8. How can we help you to turn freelancing in Dubai into a professional career?

1. How much should you save to turn freelancing in Dubai into a career?

If you have a full-time job and want to migrate to a freelance career, do not quit your job too soon. This is because setting up a sustainable business takes time, and everyday living expenses are always present.

It is recommended to have savings before you start freelancing in Dubai as a full-time career. This way you will be able to support yourself for at least the first few months, where you will be building the foundations of your career.

With the savings, you will have time to build your business while you dedicate yourself to increasing your client base. This way, as your clientele grows, you will not worry about your expenses because everything will be already planned.

1.1 Tracking your expenses

When you start working as a full-time freelancer in Dubai, it is important to face deductible expenses. In this sense, keeping a record of your expenses will allow you to control your capital and have order in your finances.

Many freelancers benefit because their overhead costs are low. If you work from home, you can avoid expenses such as office rent, related utilities, and so on. However, this is not to say that you do not have to account for and record all of your expenses.

2. How to find long-term customers

For freelancers who are on the path to moving into a full-time career, the biggest challenge is finding enough work. That is, if you can significantly increase the amount of work or clients you have, your income will increase as a result.

It is not advisable to turn down one-time projects, they are excellent for the short term. However, it is a better strategy to receive jobs that are constantly sent to you by the same clients.

The strategy of providing continuity of work with the same clients is much more effective and will allow you to support your career on a full-time basis. In this way, you will obtain and maintain a constant flow of work.

Contact us to find out how to make your freelance business a prosperous career. Also, you can interact with clients and freelancers through our market hub.

3. Promoting yourself

Being comfortable with diverse marketing strategies is essential, regardless of the freelance activities you want to do. In the freelancer field, the same amount of time they use to do their work, they use to look for clients. You should create websites that allow clients to connect with freelancers and build your portfolio. This way you will be able to perfect your sales pitch.

It is always easier to find clients if you are comfortable with marketing strategies.

3.1 Do your best

In whatever area you decide to dedicate your efforts to, you should always try to give your best. This extra effort does not escape the hands of freelancers in Dubai. Then you will notice that by doing this work, the reward will come more directly than being a regular employee.

The moment you take freelancing in Dubai as your sole income, it becomes essential to go above and beyond on every project you decide to undertake. When you strive to exceed the expectations of your clients, you get them to come back to you. In this way, you increase the chances that they will leave you good reviews.

Positive reviews on your online profile are worth gold, as they provide a frame of reference for future clients and speak well of you.

4. The importance of motivating yourself when freelancing in Dubai

Full-time freelancers need to have a strong ability to motivate themselves.

The ability to self-motivate stems from the need to maintain production. In other words, if we do not have anyone standing next to us encouraging us, we must do it for ourselves.

On the other hand, no one will put more pressure on you than you, and you must try to perform well, to please yourself, and to look good to your clients.

This type of work may seem simple, but as the days go by, you must make use of your ability to motivate yourself. This way you will not stay in the comfort zone that comes with having so much free time:

  • Set expectations for yourself as if you were working in a traditional job.
  • Dedicate additional hours to promoting your profile when you do not have enough projects to fill that space.
  • Stick to your schedule by setting your workdays and hours.

4.1 When to stop working?

There are always opposites, and on the flip side of taking too much time off is working too much. In this sense, when you start working too much, problems begin for freelancers.

In freelance work, the opportunity to work is always looking at you, and therefore, you must know how to balance workloads with free time. That is to say, analyze your time well since work is always just a click away.

Many freelancers find it difficult to know when to stop and to be able to enjoy their free time. Unfortunately, this creates a constant feeling of having work to do and the feeling that they have to keep working.

There is indeed nothing wrong with working hard, but they always come a time when we all need some time off.

Consequently, set your schedule and stick to it. That way, when you have finished your workday, you can turn off your computer and relax without stress.

5. Freelancing in Dubai: How to increase your rates?

When starting as a freelancer in Dubai, it is beneficial to keep your rates affordable. This way you will have easier access to more projects and build your reputation.

Then you can start to gradually increase your rates once you have a full schedule. In this sense, you will have reached the point where it will not be difficult for you to find better-paying clients.

Normally, freelancers who have been in the business the longest are the ones who have the best income. Therefore, it is not surprising that as time goes by and you improve in quality and experience, you will be able to progressively increase your rates.

5.1 How do you know when to say no?

It is a rule in a traditional job to follow direct orders from your boss. Therefore, saying no to any request from your superiors is practically impossible.

However, in a freelance job, you will have the freedom to accept or decline your workload. Thus, being able to say yes or no to any eventuality that may arise is something we must know how to take advantage of.

5.2 When you get to know your value in the market, you can set the rates you deserve

If you get jobs that are not in line with your schedule, or with the workload you can handle, the choice to take them or not is now up to you. At this point, you should not forget that you are your boss, and sure, you may run the risk of losing some clients, but no one can fire you from your freelance career.

Knowing how to consider options, and understanding when to say no to a client is vital to your professional development. In this regard, take into account these tips when freelancing in Dubai.

6. Learning to deal with high and low seasons

There will always be periods of bonanza, where work is never lacking. However, do not rule out periods of drought, when you need to know how to manage. There will be weeks when you will be flooded with work, accumulating more money than you can spend.

Likewise, there will be weeks when you find yourself watching your PC screen, waiting for a project to arrive. That is why it is advisable to be prepared for fluctuations in income, and even more so if you are prepared for a steady paycheck because you come from traditional jobs.

6.1 Money set aside

For the same reason that income fluctuations arise, you need to have savings set aside if you want to do freelancing in Dubai.

It is advisable to keep an emergency fund because there will always come periods when it will be difficult to find work. In the same way, you should know how to filter the money in that emergency fund when work comes in abundantly.

By making these provisions, you will be prepared for times of low workload. Likewise, you will have covered the psychological aspect that corresponds to good money management.

7. How to show your positive aspects when freelancing in Dubai

These are the areas that you must define so that clients decide to hire you over your closest competition:

  • Your reputation and personality are worth gold

If you manage to develop yourself as an approachable, personable, and communicative professional, you will be much easier for your clients to approach.

A client will look past someone who has a lot of experience but is annoying to work with. Therefore, the client will always prefer to work with you, even if you have less experience than your competitors.

  • Your prices should be seen as attractive

There is the case where your prices are attractive because of the amount of experience you possess, that is a valid argument. But on the other hand, there is the possibility that you set your prices for your top-tier clients.

Either way, you must know how to sell your rate as an added benefit for the client.

  • Do not try to do everything

Exclusivity in a specific niche will allow you to be a reference in it. At the same time, try to work with a limited number of clients, this way your clients will feel special.

  • Do not be afraid to partner

Use the partnerships you have with other talented freelancers to give you publicity. By doing this, you will let your potential clients know that you are well managed in your field.

  • Use your quality and experience as your best advertising

A good idea to show your quality is to show it on your website. You can compile the cases you have worked on, the awards you have won, and the references of your clients. This way, potential clients will find even more reasons to hire you.

8. How can we help you to turn freelancing in Dubai into a professional career?

When you decide to become a full-time freelancer, you begin to experience a world you have never tried before. Just as all jobs have negative aspects, being a full-time freelancer has many benefits, so enjoy them to the fullest.

If you want to turn freelancing in Dubai into a full-time career; and you wish to acquire advanced knowledge in the area, count on our staff. At Connect Freelance, we have all the tools you need to succeed in this flourishing market.

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