Tips for managing time as a freelancer on your creative projects and client work

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One of the best things about being a freelancer is that there is always work available. Especially when freelancing in Dubai, because the city itself offers plenty of options that can satisfy your work needs.

In this article, we will talk about some tips for managing time as freelancers in Dubai for creative projects and client work. Additionally, we will address the topic to find your way to manage your time based on your jobs. Let us take a look now:

  1. How to look at freelancing in Dubai as a full-time career?
  2. What are the ways to manage and deliver a successful creative project?
  3. How can you get started as a freelancer?
  4. How can we help you manage your freelance work and your time for your projects and clients?

1. How to look at freelancing in Dubai as a full-time career?

If you have recently considered becoming a freelancer, congratulations. You are on your way to the true freedom of being your boss.In this sense, you have taken your finances and income a step further. This is because you will realize that you will manage your finances as you see fit.

Despite all the hype about freelancers in Dubai, we must admit that not all of it is true. Yes, you can indeed observe on the web people with their laptops on the beach doing their jobs online but this cannot be very true. Remember that there is nothing more important than excellent time management when freelancing in Dubai. Besides the fact that it will allow you to achieve your daily goals, you will be able to reach your overall goals.

When it comes to creative projects and client work, proper time management is also important when freelancing in Dubai. Many limitations are not considered such as the excessive illumination that would not allow observing what is on the screen. Additionally, a minimum of concentration is required to do any work, which is difficult to achieve on a beach.

You must be clear that the moment you decide to start using your freelance visa, you start considering this employment as a full-time job. Moreover, by working hard as in any other job, you will achieve success without any problems. All that remains is to ask yourself how you will achieve it and manage the time for your creative projects and your freelance client work. To learn more about how to look at freelancing in Dubai as a full-time career, we have a team ready for you at Connect Freelance.

2. What are the ways to manage and deliver a successful creative project?

There are plenty of obstacles when freelancing, and you have to overcome them. Thus, your quest must be centered on discipline. Through discipline, you will manage to get rid of many obstacles that come your way. Therefore, it is important to identify the key factors that could cause your projects to fail. Be careful not to fall into these when freelancing in Dubai:

  • Poor definition of your project objectives.
  • Problems and lack of communication.
  • Lack of seriousness when estimating the size of a project.
  • Naive understanding of the project.
  • Inadequate time management.

There are many ways to avoid all this when freelancing in a business hub like Dubai, some of them are the following.

2.1 You must create a plan

Never overlook the planning phase of your project, this stage is usually crucial. This aspect is very important, especially when you want to project a good use of your freelance visa in Dubai because you are in a city where everything must be planned to be successful. When you dedicate adequate time to your project, you keep things on track. Therefore when you are freelancing in Dubai, you will avoid getting off track and stay focused.

The anticipation of what you intend to do is decisive. Thus, it is always good to clarify the form and parts of the project. If the projects are large, you should do this, so that when you execute the first part, you can wait for the approval of the client.

Seeking client approval is crucial when freelancing in Dubai. In this sense, after the client observes your presentation he will decide whether to go ahead with your approach. When you manage to create a plan and follow through, you will be able to avoid doing unplanned work. You will also be more consonant with your time and pace of work. Therefore, freelancers in Dubai can go a long way in their work through good planning.

Time management is one of the most interesting things that you can develop when freelancing in Dubai. If you fail to properly manage the time and the plan related to your projects, you will be in trouble. This is certainly, in a hectic city like Dubai, something you should avoid at all costs, because in Dubai, wasting time and going out of your initial plan means losing money. Contact us for more information about what are the ways to manage and deliver a successful creative project.

2.2 Stick to your specialty

When you manage to determine which niche or industry specialty you are good at, you are going to reach one of the most positive points of your career. In this sense, you will see that you will be able to give the best because you will be focused on what you like. Moreover, you will be able to consider most of your jobs related to the industry you like.

You will also develop your image related to your specialty. This will allow you to be recognized when they talk about what you know how to do and be a point of reference. When working as a freelancer, you will be the search frame when people want to do jobs related to your field. This can only generate better income because the most demanding clients will come looking for you.

Through specialization, you will find that you will know and learn much more about your field. This is because you will have to delve much deeper into your own needs. Additionally, when you are a specialist in something, you can create pre-designed templates that make your work easier. Therefore, you will be much more efficient, since you will speed up your production times.

By using specialization you will have all the benefits mentioned above, but you should also keep in mind that you will gain loyal customers. This is because with you, your customers will find the only company that satisfies their needs directly, and in this way, they will have no reason or incentive to switch to the competition.

Do not hesitate to use your freelance visa in Dubai for your specialized work, you will see in the long run that there are many more benefits than negative aspects.

2.3 Do not forget about communication

Do not allow them to instill in you the idea that communication is always a big problem. Keep in line with the wishes of the customer and constant feedback. In this sense, you should ask the customer for as much information as possible. Likewise, ask for their expectations of the job, therefore the requirements they demand.

It is of utmost importance to maintain communication with the client, even after accepting the job. That is, do not interrupt the communication in any way so that he feels comfortable expressing his wishes at any time. If you keep the communication channel open, you will be able to express your doubts without problems, and the client will also be able to give his opinions.

It is ideal to let your client know your progress. This way your client will be reassured about the progress of the project. When you keep the door of communication open with the client, you show your interest and your empathy. By doing so, you will make him feel that you give him the same importance that he gives to his business.

Remember that in the Emirates, seriousness in any project is crucial. Therefore, when freelancing in Dubai, if you manage to demonstrate your seriousness and commitment to the client, you will gain many positive points in your work. As your approach to communication improves, you will see that your customer relationships will improve as well.

You will also find that relationships will become long-term and stronger. This translates to the possibility of project expansions or the scope of new projects.

2.4 Honesty with project delivery times

Do not fall into false expectations. In this regard, most beginning freelancers lie or underestimate the time frame of a project. Therefore, you should avoid offering very short turnaround times to attract clients. In the long run, you will only alienate your clients because there is nothing better than honesty in any job.

However, if you have already done it and you have looked bad about it, you will realize that the system does not work that way, and you will see that with honesty you win more than with false expectations. Therefore, one of the aspects you should take care of the most at the beginning is your honesty related to time.

To achieve this, you must provide accurate details about the time it may consider to complete a project. You can do this by dividing the project into realistic phases. By being honest, you will retain your clients. Additionally, you will avoid generating distrust in them and they will seek you out because you are the one who gives the most accurate timelines.

Therefore, always try to deliver your projects on time, and you will have long-lasting relationships with your clients. You will also avoid frustrations in the future because you will have built a relationship based on honesty above all.

2.5 Use your project management tools properly

When freelancing, work is exhausting, especially when your client portfolio is very large. Therefore it is always useful to make use of project management tools that can make your life easier. These tools can help you in:

  • Planning future projects.
  • Reminders
  • Time tracking (useful if you bill by the hour).

2.6 Benefits of sticking to a schedule

Although when freelancing in Dubai, you can use your time as you see fit, you should try to see what your most productive time is. You should try to differentiate your productive hours from your waiting time and family life. Not everyone is productive in the same hours, therefore, you should try to discover yourself in this regard. In this way, you will be able to increase your productivity and balance your social life with your work life. In addition, here are some productivity tips for you.

Keep your mind focused on what are your productive hours and what are your social and family hours.

3. How can you get started as a freelancer?

Do not stop if you are just starting. If you follow the recommendations outlined above, you will succeed in managing your time as a freelancer. It is true that as you gain experience, the lessons you learn will strengthen your career, but it is up to you to nurture yourself with all the knowledge you can to achieve success.

4. How can we help you manage your freelance work and your time for your projects and clients?

Freelance activities are among the most rewarding jobs in the market, but can also become the most demanding. Therefore, you should try to find a balance in your life so that when you offer your services, you do not overwhelm yourself or damage your personal life.

Good management of your time and creative processes will be vital to your success in the world of freelancing in Dubai. But if you want to know more about managing your freelance work and your time for your projects and clients, at Connect Freelance we have the guidance and the right people to answer all your questions. Join a freelance community with us, now!

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