Guide: Is Freelancing legal in UAE?

Is freelancing legal in UAE

Being your own boss is a dream for many professionals. For this reason, they look for place where they can work as freelancers. Dubai has always been a top destination for freelancers, but they wonder: is freelancing legal in UAE?

Is freelancing legal in UAE

In this article, you’re going to learn how you can work as a freelancer in the UAE legally. In addition, you can gain understanding on several aspects that surround this matter. Let’s observe:

Guide: Is Freelancing legal in UAE

Is freelancing legal in UAE? This is a common question that many freelancers ask when they consider coming to this place.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers learned that they could hire experts and specialists to work for them remotely. Also, professionals understood that they didn’t necessarily have to show up to the workplace since they could work for clients remotely.

All of these taught us that the quality of work doesn’t depend on being in an office for eight hours, five days a week. For this reason, many are now looking for freelancers since it gives several advantages to both employers and professionals.

Why is the UAE a great place to work as a freelancer?

Recent surveys have shown that many professionals now prefer to be self-employed. In this regard, many look for places where they can offer their services while they have a high quality of life.

For this reason, the UAE places at a top destination for freelancers. This is because working as a freelancer in the UAE is a viable career choice due to the recent changes in policies.

The UAE government has launched several initiatives to make freelancing legal, such as issuing freelancing visas to those interested in working in this country. Therefore, the country’s work environment is attractive for freelancers and Here you have a sample of the visa cancellation letter.

What is a freelancer permit?

Many professionals wonder is freelancing legal in UAE? The truth is that freelancing is allowed in several free zones in the UAE. However, you need to have the necessary legal documentations to offer your services in accordance with the law.

But first, let’s define what a freelancer is. A freelancer is a professional that works for himself or herself. So, a freelancer is an individual that has created his or her own business and has complied with the legal requirements to do it. for Visa Cancellation you should learn here.

Working as a freelancer has become a trend in the UAE, and even ex-pats want to take advantage of this. To work legally as a freelancer, you must have a freelancer work permit.

Freelancer license or permit

A freelancer license, also known as a freelancer work permit, is a document that establishes the individual as his or her own legal identity. Freelancers must apply for a license in their respective fields.

Once the person holds this license, he or she is able to do the following:

  • Operate as a business in the UAE
  • Offer his or her services as a side project from his or her full-time job
  • Work from wherever they want since they don’t need to take on office space

There are many jobs in Dubai and you can Find out how you can search for jobs in the UAE.

What do freelancers need to work legally in the UAE?

Is freelancing legal in UAE

If you’re a freelancer wondering is freelancing legal in UAE? You have to know that you must have the valid visa and work permit to offer your services in the UAE.

As we have mentioned before, the individual must get a freelancer work permit. But in addition, it’s necessary to have a visa.

When it comes to employees, they receive an employment visa by a sponsor. But, when it comes to freelancing, you have two ways of getting your sponsorship. Here we have them:

Keep in mind that if you choose to get your visa through a current sponsor, you must get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your sponsor. If you want to Transfer your Visa then you should Get to know everything about the transferable visa.

How to become a legal freelancer in the UAE?

Is freelancing legal in UAE? Working as a freelancer is legal as long as you follow the procedures established to get your work permit and visa.

Once you know that you must get your visa and your freelancer permit to offer your services legally in the UAE, you must be wondering how to do it.

Both UAE residents and UAE non-residents can apply for the freelance license. Here we have the requirements for each one:

How to work legally as a freelancer as an UAE resident?

If you’re a UAE resident, and you’re on your spouse’s or parent’s visa, you don’t need to get a new visa. You just have to apply for the freelancer permit and you can start working.

If you’re a full-time working professional, you can also become a freelancer when you get your permit.

Keep in mind that for the application you must prove your relevant skills and get permission from your employer if you’re considering working as a freelancer as a side-hustle.

How to work legally as a freelancer as a UAE non-resident?

For UAE non-residents you must have to apply for your freelancer visa, which is a residence permit that allows you to work and live in the UAE as a freelancer.

In this case, you have to consider which free zone options are suitable for you, or if you prefer to get your Freelance license in Dubai. This choice will depend on the business activity and sector since some jurisdictions are more suitable for you depending your industry and Which aspects should you take into consideration when freelancing in the UAE

What is the cost of the freelance visa?

Is freelancing legal in UAE? To be able to work in the UAE legally as a freelancer you must pay the necessary fees. For this reason, you must know how much it will cost.

It’s an important aspect you have to take into consideration. If you choose to apply for a license, you must know the fees for obtaining it.

In the UAE, the fees for the freelance permit vary considerably depending on the jurisdiction of your choice. If you’re looking for the cheapest freelance visa, you could consider applying in a free zone, since it gives you many benefits.

Fees can range from AED 2500 to AED 20000, so as you can see it’s a considerably wide range. In this regard, you must determine your budget and choose the place that best suits you.

However, it’s important to note that this range applies only for getting the license. Thus, you must add other costs such as visa costs, medical expenses, emirates ID and establishment card. In addition, you must take into account the renewal fees which are annually.

What is the timeline for the freelance visa?

To obtain the freelance visa you must complete the application process. The timeline could vary depending on the chosen jurisdiction, but in general, the process could take between 10-20 days and you can See the costs for the Freelance visa before applying for a UAE freelance visa.

What is the application process for obtaining the freelance permit?

Knowing about the costs and timeline it’s great for having an overview of the process. Is freelancing legal in UAE? It is, as long as you follow the procedure.

To obtain your freelance permit you have to follow the next steps:

  • Apply for the freelance permit directly to the DED or Free Zone
  • Submit relevant details about you and you indented business activity
  • Submit your application form, copy of your passport and proof of qualifications and experience
  • Get the approval and apply for the freelance visa (for UAE non-residents)
  • Undergo medical tests
  • Get your UAE visa

It’s important to note that you can sponsor your family for their visas once you get yours. In addition, you could sponsor employees too, but this depends on your visa.

How can a service provider assist you?

Obtaining the necessary legal documentation for freelancing in the UAE can be complex. You could get assistance from a service provider like Connect Freelance.

A third party can help you handle your license application and give assistance with additional procedures such as opening your bank account. In addition, you don’t have to worry about visa and license applications since the team of specialists can take care of everything.

By outsourcing your visa and freelancer license setup, you can get outstanding results. It’s a great decision if you’re exploring your options since experts can guide you through the process.

Why should you know how to spot illegal providers?

Since there are many freelancers looking for UAE visas, there has been a rise in scammers too. Here’s what you have to look for to reduce your risk of being robbed:

  • Trustworthy service providers don’t ask you to lie on your applications
  • A service provider doesn’t have to ask you for more money than what’s stated in their service offer
  • A legal service provider offers relevant details about the company. You can cross-check them in the National Economic Register to see if it’s legitimate

Where can you work as a freelancer in the UAE?

Another important aspect you should know is where you can work as a freelancer in the UAE. Is freelancing legal in UAE? It’s legal in some jurisdictions, so be sure to look for places where you can offer your services legally.

Once you know how you can obtain your freelance license, you need to know where you can apply.

Here we have a list of the free zone that currently allow individuals to work as freelancers:

Which business activities are eligible for the UAE Freelancer Visa?

Knowing in which free zones you can work is the first step for choosing your new place. But, it’s also important to check if your field is eligible for obtaining the freelancer visa.

Usually, the industries of education, creativity, and media include the best professions to work as a freelancer. Here we have a list of some of the top ones:

  • Animator
  • Content provider
  • Copywriter
  • Audio or video editor
  • Events planner
  • Marketing specialists
  • Writer
  • Software developer
  • Data Science
  • Social media specialist
  • Journalist
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic designer
  • PR Specialist
  • Web designer and web developer

Once you choose your business activity, you can apply for your license. Working as a freelancer can be a great decision for enjoying flexibility and having a great work-life balance. If you need assistance in this matter, you can contact Connect Freelance to get help. and Learn about why an employee is different from a freelancer.

How can Connect Freelance help you with freelancing?

Have you ever wondered is freelancing legal in UAE? You don’t have to worry because here in Connect Freelance we can help you work legally as a freelancer in the UAE. You can obtain your license quickly and hassle-free, to start offering your services to several clients. Whether you’re a UAE resident or UAE non-resident, we can help you.

Our team of specialists is readily available to assist you and provide you a suitable solution. You can choose from our wide offer or services so you can get your freelance visa. Rest assured that we will take care of everything so you can fulfill your dream of working and living in the UAE.

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