The Ultimate Guide to the Minimum Wage in Dubai

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Minimum Wages, salary payroll in Dubai UAE 2023- Perfect Guider & how much to qualify for healthcare insurance?

Seeking a job in another country is a decision you must not take lightly. Above all, it will require you to learn about local customs and the economy. It is why you will find this ultimate guide to the minimum wage in Dubai tremendously helpful for your professional career.

Come and discover by reviewing this article all you need to know about the Dubai minimum wage. Moreover, you will also learn essential information about employment in the UAE. So, choose Dubai as your new working hub after taking a look at the following:

  1. What is it like to work in Dubai?
  2. What is the minimum wage in Dubai?
  3. How is determined the minimum wage in Dubai?
  4. How much is the minimum wage in UAE to qualify for healthcare insurance?
  5. What is the living wage in Dubai?
  6. Which features do you need to know before working in Dubai?
  7. Where can you find more information about the minimum wage in Dubai?

1. What is it like to work in Dubai?

Today, you will not find a better place for business than the Middle East. More specifically, several experts recommend applying for a freelance work permit in Dubai. Let us show why it is the place to go if you plan to boost your professional career.

First and foremost, Dubai can offer you many job offers in diverse industries. After all, it is a location where local and foreign investors have all they need to be successful. Besides, the average income in Dubai is among the best worldwide.

On the other hand, recent new policies in the UAE now encourage foreign investment in the country. As a result, several overseas companies now have hubs in the region. Thus, you undoubtedly will find the business allies you are looking for in Dubai.

Nevertheless, you will not find a better reason to start a professional journey in the Middle East than the minimum wage in Dubai. Let us show you what it is in our following subject.

2. What is the minimum wage in Dubai?

Logically, no company would hire workers on the premise of not giving them any compensation. But, it is essential to understand how low their salary can be. In other words, you will find it helpful to know about the UAE minimum wage.

In essence, the minimum wage in Dubai is the lowest compensation companies can give their employees. Therefore, it is also the shortest amount of money you can ask for during your freelance activities. As you can see, it is the same as in any other country.

Nonetheless, you will also find a substantial difference with other nations regarding how much is the minimum wage in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates does not have a federal law establishing a minimum wage. However, the government has stated that employers must ensure that their employees earn enough to meet their basic needs. The determination of an appropriate wage is left to the employer and employee to negotiate.

At this point, instead of what is the minimum wage in Dubai, you must be wondering how it is determined. Assuredly, you could think it is a challenging task. But, as you will discover in our following topic, it is not as difficult as it seems.

3. How is the minimum wage determined in Dubai?

As a free market, the UAE is a place where product prices and investments depend on supply and demand. By all odds, the UAE minimum wage is not exempt from it. Hence, let us show you how the minimum wage in Dubai is determined.

Any financial expert in a UAE market hub will tell you that most companies decide their minimum wage in Dubai. Consequently, they can offer both highly and poorly paid jobs. After all, you can find IT positions with excellent salaries and unskilled jobs with low pay.

However, the UAE Ministry of Labor stepped in in 2013 to set up minimum salaries depending on your expertise level. For instance, you can have a minimum monthly wage of AED 12,000 if you are a university graduate. Moreover, it lowers to AED 7,000 if you are a skilled technician.

In short, you cannot determine a Dubai minimum wage for all workers. But, you can discover how much the minimum wage in Dubai to get healthcare insurance. All you have to do is review our following subject.

4. How much is the minimum wage in UAE to qualify for healthcare insurance?

The minimum amount of AED 4000 needs to be earned to qualify for Health Insurance, However, for those individuals who are coming under the bracket of AED 4000 per month, They will have to be insured under EDP, Also it is important to note that there are other insurance companies and banks who also provide insurance for those who are earning less than AED 4000.

Unequivocally, we do not recommend applying for a freelance permit if the job is risky. Furthermore, you will need healthcare insurance if you want that job more than anything. So, you must know if the minimum wage in Dubai allows you to have one.

In this sense, the Ministry of Health demands that every organization provides public healthcare insurance for its employees. Nevertheless, you will discover a perception of better quality in the private healthcare system. As a result, most companies are turning to private healthcare insurance instead.

Unfortunately, the UAE minimum wage is often insufficient for private healthcare insurance. Indeed, its cost depends on the provider and the level of coverage. Hence, you cannot get one if your company provides an average income in Dubai.

In summary, the healthcare industry in the UAE is as expensive as in other developed countries. Such a premise will probably make you develop inquiries about the living wage in Dubai. Let us jump to our next topic to learn more about it.

5. What is the living wage in Dubai?

Assuredly, you should not worry about how much is the minimum wage in Dubai if your expertise area has a high demand. But, you have to learn about the living wage in the UAE. After all, you will need it to design a monthly budget.

First and foremost, you must consider that Dubai has a high cost of living. For example, you will need AED 7,000 to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. That is over the minimum wage in UAE for skilled workers and technicians.

On the other hand, living expenses can go up to AED 3,190 each month. Thus, life in Dubai can be excellent for professionals such as project managers and mobile developers. However, it can be a bit more difficult for people in administrative or unskilled labor positions.

In short, you will need a salary over the minimum wage in Dubai to live in the city without problems. Luckily, it is something several businesses in the country can offer. Therefore, do not think twice before applying for a Dubai freelance visa today.

6. What do you need to know before working in Dubai?

The Dubai minimum wage is something you must know before getting on a plane and beginning your professional journey in the UAE. Nevertheless, it is not the only one you have to consider. There are also other features you need to know before working in Dubai.

Unlike the minimum wage in Dubai, such features have legal grounds. Namely, you can learn about them by reviewing documents such as the UAE Labour Law. Or, you can assess the information we prepared about them in detail.

Most importantly, you could find additional features that apply to your case. So, feel free to look for them for better preparation before entering the UAE employment market. After all, you could have more questions besides: What is the minimum wage in Dubai?

Let us talk about the features you need to know before earning a salary over the average income in Dubai:

6.1 Working Hours

The business environment in the UAE can offer you jobs where you can build your schedule. Nonetheless, they will demand you the same working hours as regular jobs in the country. Hence, let us show you how much time you need to work to earn a UAE minimum wage.

According to the UAE Labour Law, any company can ask you to work for 8 hours per day. Moreover, such a law also establishes a limit of 48 hours per week. Your company can even ask you to work for two overtime hours per day if your position demands it.

On the other hand, such working hours remain the same for employees who earn their average income in Dubai by working remotely. Also, remember that the time you spend between home and workplace does not belong to your working hours.

In summary, you can get compensation over the minimum wage in Dubai by working only eight daily hours. However, sometimes it will take more hours to perform your job adequately. So, do not skip efforts on keeping your work quality at excellent levels.

6.2 Leave

Undoubtedly, you cannot perform any job in Dubai without taking a break from time to time. In this sense, the UAE Labour Law establishes that your organization must give its employees a specific number of paid leave days. Let us show you how much such days are.

According to the law, your company must give you 30 paid days of annual leave if you worked for a year. Such a payment will be apart from the minimum wage in UAE you earn. In other words, you will have plenty of time and money to rest adequately.

On the contrary, you can take a leave of 2 days per month if you worked for more than six months but less than a year. Therefore, take the time you need to plan your vacations. After all, you will enjoy them regardless of having an average income in Dubai.

6.3 Public Holidays

Another moment when you can take a break from work in the UAE is the public holidays. Indeed, UAE authorities will allow you to skip work on those days while still getting a minimum wage in Dubai. So, come and take a glance at their dates.

The UAE has several religious holidays in its calendar because of being an Islamic country. For instance, businesses do not work during Arafat Day (June 27) and Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (September 27). However, it also has some non-religious holidays.

For example, you will not have to work in Dubai on New Year’s Day. Moreover, such an amount of public holidays does not interfere with how much is the minimum wage in Dubai. As a result, you can take them as days you can spend with your friends and family.

6.4 Paternity Leave

Last but not least, we must talk about the time you need to take care of your family. By all odds, you earn a salary above the Dubai minimum wage to provide them with all they require. But there are moments when they need your presence instead of your money.

In this sense, employment regulations in the UAE establish that you can take three days’ leave when you have a child. These days must belong to the month when your child’s delivery. After all, it is a moment when your family needs you more than ever.

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