Productivity tips for freelancers in the UAE

Productivity Tips For Freelancers In The UAE

Working as a freelancer has become more attractive as the world becomes increasingly digitalized and globalized. When we talk about being a freelancer in the UAE, the topic becomes much more exciting, as the emirates represent the standard of luxury and quality of life to which everyone would aspire to reach.

In this article, we will talk about what it means to be a freelancer in the UAE and the tips you need to increase your productivity, as well as offer related help to improve your freelance performance. Let us now take a look at:

  1. Why is it harder to be productive in a world with more freelancers?
  2. How to calculate the most productive hours for working?
  3. Are you eating right?
  4. What to do to avoid distractions?
  5. Self-analysis of your day
  6. How to reduce your stress levels?
  7. Scheduling your hours
  8. How can we help you increase your freelancer productivity in the UAE?

1. Why is it harder to be productive in a world with more freelancers?

It is no secret that freelancing is a worldwide trend. Dubai has welcomed this way of working, and people are taking more and more advantage of it. But there is always a question related to money, and people ask themselves, how to be more and more productive?

Being a freelancer in the UAE represents a lot of things that before any other traditional job did not. From living the lifestyle of luxury and comfort that the emirates represent to living the dream of a job with no time constraints. Then, the question of money and income arises. In this sense, to answer how to be productive in such a competitive territory, you must approach them from many points of view.

Freelance work is related to very important challenges, due to the absence of the traditional boss-employee hierarchy.

This results in the temptation to postpone work whenever possible. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for a freelancer in the UAE to get into a state of mind of total productivity. This is especially true when the freelancer stays at home and their work routine blends with their home routine.

Then the difficulty of separating work hours from rest hours arises. In this sense, this merger is counterproductive, and even more so when you are trying to freelance in the Emirates, where everything seems to move faster and more hectic. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the unproductive moments that working from home can generate. Consequently, you will have to ask yourself certain questions to help you stay productive:

2. How to calculate the most productive hours for working?

Everyone has different productive hours associated with their lifestyle and preferences. In this sense, the hours that may work well for one freelancer may not be suitable for another. Therefore, there is no perfect time that determines the schedule for the highest productivity.

The good thing about your job is that, if you freelance in the UAE, you will be in a busy territory. Therefore, this cosmopolitan and active area is special for freelance work. Some people like to work late at night, but there is also the opposite. In this sense, we can come across freelancers who get up early to work because they feel much fresher and feel that the day is more profitable for them.

In a few words, when freelancing in the UAE and you want to identify the best schedule for your work, the answer lies within you. Thus, if you manage to determine the hours that are most productive for you, you will have no problem significantly increasing your income. You will immediately see the results reflected in your bank account. In addition, you will feel more comfortable working on your schedule and terms.

The positive aspect of being a freelancer and being fully legal is that you can make use of your visa without any inconvenience. Therefore, you are encouraged to make use of your freelance visa to work in the schedule that is most convenient for you.

At the end of the day, working as a freelancer in the UAE will be able to see that your work is on time. Additionally, your delivery will be at an optimal level and you will have free planning time. Learn more about calculating the most productive freelance hours in the UAE with us on Connect Freelance.

3. Are you eating right?

Due to the speed at which days go by, being a freelancer in the UAE sometimes leads to health problems associated with poor nutrition. In this regard, you should avoid falling into the habit of eating candies every time you get stuck on a project. Although this may seem to give a momentary satisfaction, the damage to the health of your body is direct. Likewise, this decision slows people down, due to the carbohydrates and sugar found in sweets and foods.

For anyone freelancing in the UAE, this is not an unknown cause, as the very pace of life causes people to be affected by these choices. Then, you can instead consider making different choices, such as consuming protein instead of candies. In addition, salads and fresh fruits can also be an excellent choice.

If you consider these types of decisions, your freelance work will directly benefit you. In this way, you will help increase your energy levels and feel full at the same time.

Health is one of the most precious treasures we have. Consequently, it is not in vain that it is said that our body is our temple. Therefore, paying attention to taking care of ourselves can take you far, and your body will thank you for it.

Remember that when you work with your freelance visa in the UAE, you have all the related benefits of the law. Therefore, you should try to take advantage of it and stay healthy so that your productivity does not decrease. If you care about your health and take care of it, you will have more time to work and the more you work, the more money you will earn. Stay with us to learn more about how to manage money on a freelancer visa.

4. What to do to avoid distractions?

The main and most common distractor for a freelancer is his or her phone. In this sense, even having notifications on is often a distracting element. Therefore, if you look at your phone every time a notification rings, your productivity level will drop. In this sense, you will end up seeing for too long notifications and emails that do not help you in your work.

This is a very important aspect of your freelance work in the UAE because you have to consider in a very professional way to be productive all day long to avoid being overwhelmed by the speed at which the nation moves.

In this case, there are strategies that you can use, such as the 50-minute strategy. Using this, you will have to set a timer of 50 minutes for the doorbell to ring. This way, while the timer is running, you should be working, avoiding all distractions. In this way, you will not check notifications or emails and you will fully concentrate on your work.

After this time has elapsed, you can take a 20-minute break. That is, you must wait for the timer to sound before you can access your break. By using this exercise, you will see your productivity increase. This helps a lot, as freelancers in the UAE need to avoid distractions due to the number of options available and the interconnected world they live in.

Do not forget to use your freelance work permit wisely, especially in these times where everything has to do with productivity. It is in your hands to avoid distractions and achieve the necessary concentration in your work to be successful. For more information about freelance visas in the UAE, contact us.

5. Self-analysis of your day

If you analyze your productivity level at the end of the day, you will get results. In this sense, you should question yourself if you have achieved what you planned during the day.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you accomplish the daily goal you set for yourself?
  • How far did you reach?
  • What were the problems that arose during the day?
  • Are you carrying too much responsibility for one day?
  • What are the distracting elements that have decreased your productivity?

By asking yourself these questions you will be able to improve your work. This is essential for you as a freelancer in the UAE if what you are pursuing is a significant increase in your productivity. In this regard, it is highly recommended that you do not take these issues out of your day-to-day life.

Keep in mind that distractions are not only physical. In this sense, you may not only be distracted by your cell phone or an email but you may also be distracted by your ramblings and thoughts. Stay focused on what you are doing and you will see that everything will flow smoothly, especially when you are starting your business and need some single-mindedness. Now, would you like to learn how to start your freelance busines? Learn with us.

6. How to reduce your stress levels?

Yoga and meditation at home are essential. Extensive work at home can lead to a lack of social interaction and stress. Therefore it is always good to help your mind and body with meditation or any other tool that can help you to clear your mind and be healthy. Make time for your mental health no matter how busy your work schedule may be. Consequently, you will see the results in the growth of your freelance work.

All this is because, when you work as a freelancer in the UAE you do not experience the social interactions that an office can give you. In this sense, sometimes freelancers lock themselves in their world and this can be detrimental. Try to avoid letting the pressure get to you and lose your concentration and calm. Remember that depression is avoidable if you use the right tools.

At the end of the day, you will realize that your productivity will increase. Therefore, you will feel more peaceful and healthy. In addition, this will give a positive addition to your routine, since you will have something new and favorable for you and your career. Consider all these factors and you will improve significantly as a freelancer in the UAE and your clients will appreciate it.

7. Scheduling your hours

You should always try to live in balance. In this sense, as a freelancer in the UAE, you must also have a balance between your work and your personal life. Work is indeed part of your life. Consequently, manage to separate it from your free time. If you do not do that, you will find that you will feel that you are working all the time.

Therefore, it is advisable to take on the scheduling of your schedule to go far as a freelancer, taking into account several factors:

  • Allow yourself to have personal time no matter how busy your schedule is.
  • Give yourself the time you need to take care of yourself physically and exercise.
  • Make time to do things you enjoy, like going to the movies, shopping, or dancing.
  • Socialize with friends and keep in touch with family members.
  • If you need a new perspective to solve work problems, you can take time off work and give yourself a break. This always brings inspiration.

Think that the reward for your work in the UAE is the pay. Additionally, if you do not work you will not be able to access it. Also, dedicate time to pamper yourself. If you do not do that, you will get tired quickly at work and develop stress.

8. How can we help you increase your freelancer productivity in the UAE?

Productivity has always been the most important issue for all companies. In this sense, as a freelancer in the UAE, you too will not escape from trying to improve yourself by trying to increase your productivity. Therefore, it is never too late to start considering what things you need to do to achieve success in your career.

If you desire more information about how can we help you increase your freelancer productivity in the UAE; we have an ideal team for your interests. Therefore, we can provide you with related information about freelance activities, visa services, and so much more.

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