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    What is a freelancer visa?

    Dubai freelance visa is a document that gives individuals the possibility of having legal residence and work in the UAE as a freelancer. This document is the first step towards your better tomorrow!

    With Connect Freelance you can apply for a two-year visa for yourself and your dependents. With us you can become a part of the world’s fastest-growing gig economy and enjoy that journey with loved ones close to you.

    All you need is
    • Your passport with an entry stamp or tourist Visa, and
    • Passport photo

    If you had a UAE residence visa in the past you will also need your old visa and Emirates ID.

    Our Premium freelance visa Packages

    Special price for all Visa Packages

    Plan 1

    Before 6,000

    5,000 AED

    Renewal 4,000 AED

    1st Year

    • Invoicing Support
    • Freelance Work Permit
    • FreelancerHub

    Plan 2

    Before 12,900


    Renewal 6,999 AED

    1st Year

    • Residence visa

    • Work permit

    • Unlimited NOC

    • Sponsor Family

    • Meeting Room Space

    • Freelancing Hub

    Plan 3

    Before 15,500

    14,500 AED


    2-Years All Inclusive

    • Residence visa

    • Unlimited Invoicing support

    • Work permit

    • Unlimited NOC

    • Sponsor Family

    • Meeting Room Space

    • Freelancing Hub

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    Benefits of Having

    Freelance VISA in Dubai

    As many young workers are starting to arrive in the UAE to find a better quality of life, the freelancer option is becoming one of the preferred ones since they would like to have more flexible work hours as they work in what they love.
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    Work Permit

    Unlimited Salary Certificates

    Invoicing Support

    Emirated ID

    Meeting Room Space

    Unlimited NOC’s

    Community Support Channels

    Residence Visa

    UAE Medical Insurance

    Option to Sponsor the Family

    Benefits of Having Freelance Visa in Dubai Connect Freelance-min

    Why is Dubai so popular among freelancers?

    Growing Opportunities

    • Highly diversified economy
    • Entrepreneurial environment
    • Business-friendly administration
    • Gateway to Middle-East, Africa, Central Asia and Subcontinent
    • Meeting point for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world

    High-end lifestyle


    • One of the most lavish & luxurious metropolitan cities in the world
    • Filled with parks, greens, lakes and ponds being the green oasis in the desert
    • Amazing sports infrastructure allowing to keep the shape and enjoy sports events
    • Eye-popping architecture
    • Astounding seaside and beaches
    • Nightlife full of glamour

    Tax free income

    • No personal & capital gains tax
    • Earn from your skills, business and investments and keep it all

    How to be a Freelancer in Dubai?

    In Just 4 easy Steps Apply for Freelance Visa
    and Become a Freelancer in Dubai

    Connect with our Experts

    We encourage you to schedule a phone call with our experts to understand the platform and address questions.

    Application Form

    Signup all the application forms and share all required documents with our experts.

    Visa Process

    Once all required documents are gathered the process of visa will start.

    Start Freelancing

    Congratulations! You can connect to employers as a Freelancer.

    Hear it from our Clients


    Featured in the news

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    Jan 25, 2022 by arabianpost

    Connect Freelance launches wide variety of visa designations for skilled professionals

    Due to its growing economy and constant blue skies, the United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the top regions for expats. The government’s efforts to ensure the UAE stays cosmopolitan has enabled businesses to continuously have a diverse range of employees across their workforce. Everyone can witness a change in the way freelancing is being seen in the UAE.

    Connect Freelance launches wide variety of visa designations for skilled professionals
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    Feb 18, 2022 by Khaleej Times

    Apply for a freelance visa while staying in your home country with Connect Freelance

    Thanks to the government’s efforts, freelancing is legal in the UAE. With a freelance visa, people can work and reside in the region with no problems.

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