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What is a freelancer visa?

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Some people may wonder is freelancing visa legal in UAE? The truth is that the Dubai freelance visa is a document that gives individuals the possibility of having legal residence and work in the UAE as a freelancer. It is legal when a company like Connect Freelance is registered and approved by MOHRE. Hence, you are secure! Once the individual applies for this visa, he or she can get a resident visa and work permit to work as a freelancer for companies in the UAE. As you now know, working as a freelancer in Dubai is an easy thing if you have a freelance visa. And if you particularly need a freelance visa for teachers in Dubai, you can easily get it by using our services. Connect Freelance offers you the most efficient services to help you become a freelancer in a location as favorable as Dubai. In a matter of time, you will be able to legally provide your educational services without facing any legal issues. And besides, you will also be able to enjoy the many benefits that being a freelancer can provide you with.

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Benefits of Having Freelance Visa in Dubai


As many young workers are starting to arrive in the UAE to find a better quality of life, the freelancer option is becoming one of the preferred ones since they would like to have more flexible work hours as they work in what they love.
In Connect Freelance, we understand the importance of freelancing services, and if you’d like to receive all the benefits that it can provide you, contact us now to speak to one of our specialists that is readily available to help you.
A Freelance visa in dubai, otherwise called a self-employed visa, empowers you to work as a freelancer with any business in the UAE. Basically, You can run a business in your name. Working as a freelancer in a city as successful as Dubai is one of the most profitable ideas for professionals. But only professionals that work in certain industries can carry out their activities as freelancers in this popular UAE emirate. For example, education services providers can apply for a freelance visa for teachers in Dubai to legally offer their services.
Freelance Visa Dubai


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Procedure of Getting Freelance Visa in UAE

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The UAE is one of the top destinations for professionals around the world due to its thriving economy and flourishing job market filled with opportunities for individuals from different backgrounds. In recent years, Dubai has welcomed people from around the world that want to work as freelancers given that the UAE Authorities have launched the Freelance visa Dubai. The Freelance Visa UAE allows professionals to offer their services legally in the country, get clients, develop their skills and live in the UAE. In Connect Freelance, we understand the importance of freelancing services, and if you’d like to receive all the benefits that it can provide you, contact us now to speak to one of our specialists that is readily available to help you.

Popular Freelance Activities

Computer & IT
Computer & IT
Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Software Developer, Animator
Writing & Editing
Writing & Editing
Blogger, Journalist, Copy Writer, Translator
Education & Training
Education & Training
Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Tutor
Photographer, Choreographer, Artist, Actor
Project Management
Project Management
Wedding Planners, Event Organizers, Social Media Specialist, Influencers, Architect
Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Costume Designer, Image Consultant, Make-up Stylist

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Feb 18, 2022 by Khaleej Times

Apply for a freelance visa while staying in your home country with Connect Freelance
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Thanks to the government’s efforts, freelancing is legal in the UAE. With a freelance visa, people can work and reside in the region with no problems.

Apply for a freelance visa in UAE with Connect Freelance
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Jan 25, 2022 by arabianpost

Connect Freelance launches wide variety of visa designations for skilled professionals
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Due to its growing economy and constant blue skies, the United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the top regions for expats. The government’s efforts to ensure the UAE stays cosmopolitan has enabled businesses to continuously have a diverse range of employees across their workforce. Everyone can witness a change in the way freelancing is being seen in the UAE.

Connect Freelance launches wide variety of visa designations for skilled professionals
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Yes, all you need is a letter of authorization from your sponsor and/or company. Fill out your application for a Freelance Visa in Dubai. Here’s how to reach us: -
You may work as an independent contractor for that firm in the free zone, from that company’s premises.
Freelancing is a work option for numerous in the UAE. Decreasingly numerous companies are looking to hire freelance workers in colorful fields similar as programmers, web inventors, contrivers, pens, data entry staff, and more at a bit of the cost when compared to full-time workers. Though freelancing seems a viable and attractive way to work for numerous in the country, some workers aren’t sure about the rules that should govern their compass of work. We have heard so many questions from freelancers here is the overview which can solve many problems of the Freelancers. Then are the rules you must know when living and Working in UAE? 1. May I fairly do freelance in the UAE? Yes, you may freelance in the UAE! Still, it’s important to distinguish between part-time work and freelancing. Freelancing is working for yourself, where you’re basically a company made up of one person, which is impeccably legal as long as you’re certified to do so. 2. So, I need a license? Yes, you do! You’ll need to secure a Trade License about your business exertion from your named Licensing Authority and cleave to their reservations. 3. What kind of license do I need? The kind of license you need depends on the nature of the business you’re looking to conduct. There are two main ways of setting up a business in Dubai and different license options for both, which a business setup specialist can explain in detail. The first is through the Dubai Department of Economic Development and the second is through one of the numerous Free Zones (e.g., Fujairah). a) Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) Business Setup The main license types in the DED are:- 1. Commercial (51 percent Emirati- owned; 49 percent foreign-owned), and; .2. Services/ Professional/ Consultancy (100 percent ex-pat- possessed with an original Emirati service agent). b. Free Zone (FZ) Business Setup For the free zones, both of the below license options apply, but the main differences are 1. an Emirati mate isn’t needed, and 2. FZ businesses are 100 percent. 4. What are the other benefits of setting up through a Free Zone? The general benefits of setting up through an FZ are that companies can remain 100 percent foreign-owned and benefit from being “ duty-free” 50 times, according to Composition 15 of LawNo. 1 of 2000 of the Emirate of Dubai. Visas 5. Still, may I gain an occupancy visa through one of these license options? , If I’m not a resident. Yes, you may! 6. May I freelance if I’m on my husband’s visa? Yes, you may! You would first need to gain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your husband as well as a labor card issued from the licensing authority/ immigration office of the Emirate where the freelance company has been registered. 7. I’m working full- time but I’m interested in turning my hobby into a business. May I gain a license indeed if I’m patronized by my employer? Yes, you may! Utmost (not each) licensing authorities would request you to give a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your employer for you to start your own freelancer company. 8. How long will it take to get a freelance license and set up my business? On normal the process can take anywhere from one week to ten days. 9. Do I need to rent office space? The maturity of licensing authorities does bear you to have some kind of office space within their governance, be it commodity minima like a Flexi- office or a smart office, which is frequently formerly erected into the price of the company setup package offered. These packages are generally provisioned to fit the requirements of freelancers like you. Some licensing authorities are indeed suitable to give you a Trade License without taking office space of any kind. Still, under this option, you wouldn’t be suitable to secure any occupancy visas on the company, so this option is best suited to a freelancer who formerly has an occupancy visa be it through their partner, parent, or current employer. 10. Do I’ve to get a freelance visa Dubai through a business setup specialist or can I do it myself? You clearly can do it yourself, still, utmost of our community members have witnessed that using a business setup specialist was a wiser, more sensible, and effective option, as setting up a company in the UAE can be veritably time-consuming and draining process. There are so numerous angles to consider when setting up a new business in the UAE, like carrying your trade license, applying for your visa, getting business cards published, and setting up your bank account. The business setup specialist takes care of all the admin, allowing you to concentrate your attention on developing and growing your business.
When it comes to working in Dubai, residents will discover that there is a lot of flexibility, whether they want to start their own business or work as a freelancer. With the rise in popularity of the ‘gig economy,’ initiatives have been put in place to make it easier and less expensive for freelancers to work in Dubai. Freelancers in the media, technology and education can easily apply for a Freelance permission and Freelance visa in Dubai with a company like ours! Today, What is a freelance visa in the United Arab Emirates? A freelance visa is a type of UAE residency visa that allows you to live in the nation. In the UAE, it’s similar to a self-sponsored visa in that you don’t have a firm or sponsor backing you up. The visa is based on a freelancing permit, which is a work permit for independent contractors. A few licensing authorities in the UAE, mostly free zones, can issue such a work permit. Almost every Emirate offers a free zone where a freelance license and visa can be obtained. Your freelancer visa will be a pink stamp in your passport, valid for two or three years, much like a regular UAE resident visa. A freelancing license in Dubai and the UAE is a permit that permits a freelancer to work lawfully anywhere in the country. You may not need a residence visa as a freelancer (if your visa is sponsored by your spouse or a firm), but you will need a freelance visa in Dubai.
Dubai Freelance Visa The UAE business scene has definitely changed in the beyond two years. The seismic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic across the economy was sweeping. Positions lost and new ones made. The computerized change presented another type of division of work as enormous organizations tried to re-appropriate a large number of their vertical and even business exercises. Enter the gig economy and the period of consultants, and the freelance visa. Dubai is blasting with promising circumstances for specialists as the city acquires self employed entities and respectable brands one of the most business-accommodating environments in the district. Dubai is setting out critical open doors for consultant laborers as the Emirate hopes to further develop simplicity of carrying on with work and as nations, organizations, and brands meet on Dubai for the greatest occasion the locale has found lately. The accompanying areas diagram all that you require to have some familiarity with about the Freelance visa Dubai. Things to remember when filling in as a freelancer in Dubai Prior to undertaking any movement, consultants are encouraged to think about a few basic rules: • Never underestimate your work. Realizing your own worth guarantees that your customers will esteem your work and your time. These requirements to stretch out to your installment strategy too. Income is significant to your business, so consistently get half of charges forthright prior to beginning the work, have 75% by halfway, etc. • What is your drawn out objective? Way of life or versatile business? Both are viable however making and setting aside cash isn’t the main worry for a specialist. Organizing your plan of action to help your prosperity is fundamental over the long haul. • Is subsidizing needed to begin and additionally support your business? Income need not thwart your business vision. Contemplate whether you can accomplish the ideal outcomes with or without financing is vital. Some Important things About Freelance Visa Dubai To begin filling in as a specialist in Dubai you’ll require a residency visa yourself except if you are on a parent or mate visa, then, at that point, you don’t need to apply for another one, and a work license – which you can acquire from one of Dubai Freelance Visa Services Provider. Candidates can present their internet based application at at almost 70% lower than the standard cost. Associate independent license additionally permits you to support your relatives. Subsequently, candidates need to embrace the accompanying advances: 1. Select your Free zone 2. Fill in the application shape and transfer a duplicate of your visa and ID 3. Submit the helper required records; these incorporate your marketable strategy alongside authenticated duplicates of capabilities declarations 4. Provide bank proclamations to demonstrate acceptable bank record 5. After getting client affirmation from the particular specialists, sign it and send it back 6. Pay the properly application charges and guarantee you get the receipt. 7. After application endorsement and installment affirmation, specialists will give an independent permit inside around 10 work days A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required assuming the candidate is on a life partner or guardians visa. NOC is likewise required if there should arise an occurrence of regular work. Full time utilized specialists are needed to present a NOC from their workers to finish their application interaction. The subsequent stage is to apply for a Freelance visa Dubai. This is done through the Connect independent Website. Solely after getting the movement foundation card, candidates can apply for Dubai’s Freelancer Employment visa under Dubai’s Development Authority (DDA). Observe that Dubai’s Freelancer Employment Visa is legitimate for a very long time. When the visa application is finished, candidates will get a section license legitimate for 60 days from the date of issue. In the wake of finishing the last residency visa methodology including clinical trials and biometric enlistment, candidates will accept their Freelance visa Dubai, stepped and substantial for a considerable length of time from the issue date. What does it take to turn into a consultant in Dubai Prior to beginning, consultants need to do their due constancy and set out their arrangement and financial plan. Getting ready and realizing the necessities guarantees a deferral free application process. This incorporates figuring out Emirates ID, Attested Qualification archives just as clinical protection costs. Bookkeeping is essential in monitoring income and uses. The Freelancer will likewise need to enroll for VAT on the off chance that the yearly projected income surpasses the UAE VAT limit. The outsourcing way of life requires specific aptitudes. Consultants should be happy with working alone, self-roused self-starters. Systems administration and building a trustworthy portfolio is a long interaction that might require years, thusly monetary reinforcement is consistently significant. Dubai is a spot that tries to make business open to specialists. In any case, the most common way of setting up your Freelance visa Dubai can be overpowering given the assorted scope of offers given by the permitting bodies, specialists and free zones. From value focuses to visa highlights and limitations. At Connectfreelance, we offer consultatory types of assistance assisting you with observing a the right Freelance permit type, permitting purview and area that will develop with your marketable strategies. Our representatives will liaise for your sake with the public authority and free zone specialists guaranteeing a quick and consistent organization set up and visa application process.

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