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You should buy maternity medical insurance if you plan to become pregnant and give birth while you are in the UAE. A couple’s life can be thrilling when they decide to start a family and welcome a child into the world. However, the medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth pile up quickly. This type of insurance is intended to cover these expenses so you may concentrate on what really matters, your new baby.

Maternity Insurance

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Maternity Insurance

How does Maternity Insurance work?

Women get this insurance as an add-on to their main health insurance plan to cover medical costs related to pregnancy, including post-pregnancy surgeries and treatments. For couples who want to start a family, there is maternity add-on coverage. Maternity insurance can cover pregnancy and delivery costs like prescription drugs, diagnostic testing, postpartum visits, and hearing exams, as well as tragic events, birth defects, and difficulties that might put a strain on finances.
You can choose whether or not to include coverage for your infant in your health policy based on your individual needs and spending capacity.

What is the Waiting Period for Maternity Insurance?

Maternity health insurance is available to any married woman anticipating a pregnancy, but there is a usual waiting period until your coverage kicks in. This time frame is frequently referred to as a moratorium.
Depending on the insurance company, the moratorium’s duration will differ. The policyholder typically affirms they won’t start trying to conceive for at least 45 days after purchasing their maternity coverage. Pregnancy-related claims will not be protected by your policy during this time.
Maternity insurance is still available once a woman becomes pregnant, but it will cost more and demand more loading. Obtaining your maternal insurance before becoming pregnant is crucial.

What is the Maternity Insurance Cover?

Maternity insurance makes it simpler for new and expecting mothers to get the examinations and screenings they require to keep the mother and baby healthy and safe. Your entire pregnancy, from conception to delivery, will be covered by a complete maternity insurance coverage. Coverage includes:

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Prenatal care

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Hospital stay.

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protect yourself

Neonatal care.

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Postnatal care.

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