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Searching for Cheap Travel Insurance? Enjoy your summer vacation and enjoy it worry-free with your loved ones! In just a few minutes, you can get our Travel Insurance online for the lowest price and gain access to a variety of beneficial features and services.

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Main Covers for Travel Insurance

✔ Personal Baggage, Personal Money, and Passport Losses

on your journey. Your personal items will be protected against accidental loss or theft.

✔ Baggage Retain

from the moment you reach your location for at least four hours. You will be reimbursed for the purchase of necessities like clothing, toiletries, and medications in an emergency.

✔ Postponed Departure

If unexpected circumstances like strikes, bad weather, mechanical failure, or a technical issue cause your aircraft to depart after the planned time.

✔ Emergency Medical Fees & Transportation

Resulting from a trip-related illness or bodily injury. We will also set up transportation to a hospital that is closer to you or has better facilities in your home country.

✔ Coverage for Covid-19

Cover includes all expenses related to COVID-19-related medical emergencies. We will also cover any justifiable extra expenses occurring as a result of altering your scheduled return flight after receiving confirmation of the outbreak.

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Plan a Trip to Europe

Make sure to purchase Travel Schengen, the minimum coverage that is necessary to acquire a visa to every Schengen nation. After purchasing, you can instantly obtain your certificate of travel insurance. Also, make sure you are protected if you intend to engage in any activities or sports, such as winter and water sports, hiking and safaris.


Looking to travel within the GCC?

We supply two coverings:


✔ Travel Inbound: Provides you with on-site medical insurance.


✔ Travel Inbound Plus: Provides you with additional travel insurance for lost luggage and flight cancellation in addition to the required medical coverage.

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