Freelance work Permit

Freelance Work Permit

Freelance work permit

    How to obtain a Freelance Work Permit in Dubai?

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    What is a Freelance Work Permit?

    This type of work permit is a document that allows freelancers to work legally in the UAE. This work permit can be obtained if you are already a resident of the UAE. 

    what is freelance work permit

    Why become a Freelancer?

    Becoming a freelancer in Dubai will bring you several benefits that you can enjoy.


    Exploring new opportunities in different professions.


    Always a Great opportunity to earn extra money


    Using the free time effectively, and giving importance to the time can turn highly productive.


    With the freelance permit, You can also get a taste of what it is to be like a Freelancer in Dubai or UAE.

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    Who is Eligible to obtain a Freelance Work Permit in Dubai?

    The Eligibility criteria to get a this permit are those who are already holding a sponsored visa in UAE.


    Once the sponsored Visa criteria have been met individuals in many professions from several business sectors eligible to apply for a freelance work permit such as


    Education sector: this one involves teachers, trainers, researchers, education advisors, e-learning advisors, executive coaching, and many others.


    Tech sector: it includes IT and telecommunication networking freelancers, data science and analytics freelancers, web/mobile/software development/architecture freelancers, customer service freelancers, etc.


    Media Sector: it includes photographers, Media planners, Digital marketers, Graphic designers, Social media managers, Journalists, and bloggers.


    So not only in these sectors, professionals across various sectors are welcome to apply for this permits as well.

    Documents for getting a Freelance Work Permit.

    Copies of your passport and visa, which must be valid for at least 8 months.


    A recent passport-size photograph


    The No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your existing UAE sponsor,


    Proof of your academic qualifications certified by the UAE Consulate in your country of origin or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is essential for those who are applying for Skilled professions.


    In case of any additional documents, We are happy to help anytime!

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    Cost of a Freelance Work Permit in Dubai

    This permit in Dubai costs AED 6,000 per year, and you can renew at the same price. This permit is also issued to the sponsored visa holders at the same cost.

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    how can we help you

    How can Connect Freelance help you?

    With Connect Freelance, you can obtain your freelance work permit in no time.


    we can provide you with premium medical insurance plans and other benefits that you will find useful.


    And you can also choose any of the available freelancer packages that Connect Freelance offers you at the best prices. Also, you can request other unique services that we offer exclusively for our clients, such as employment services sponsorship, administrative and invoicing support.


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