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Do you want to start freelancing in the UAE? With our Freelance license Dubai support you can obtain all the permits and licenses you need to do so! Make the most out of your experience and skills and provide your freelancer services to the top companies in the area. Expand your knowledge and obtain the flexibility you need to thrive in the region.

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Who can apply for
Freelance License?

Almost everyone can apply of a freelance license UAE without any issues. This, as long as they have the required skills and qualifications for their particular profession. There are many free zones in the UAE that offer freelance licenses and visas. Including, Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Ajman Free Zone, Fujairah Creative City, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, Dubai Knowledge Park, and Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone.

Each free zone has its own list of approved professions, fees, and requirements. However, some of the most common professions that can apply for a freelance license are tutors, sport coaches, artists, musicians, media professionals, writers, designers, photographers, web developers, and more.

Benefits of having Freelance License Dubai

Working as a freelancer in the UAE is a great idea. Especially, if you have the necessary credentials and skills to find jobs in the market. Obtaining the necessary freelance license Abu Dhabi or in any other Emirate can provide you with the following benefits:

protect yourself

Family Sponsorship.

protect yourself

Work Flexibility.

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Freedom to Travel.

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Pursuing your Passion.

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How to apply for a Freelance License in the UAE?

In only 4 quick steps you can obtain your Dubai or Abu Dhabi freelance license and start your freelancing career in UAE!


Finish your freelance license Dubai application.

Step 2

Collect and submit the necessary documents.

Step 3

Issue the NOC to change your visa status.

Step 4

Pay the freelance license Dubai cost and start freelancing!

Freelance Permit Suitable For

We need the following documents to process your freelance permit

Freelance Permit

What are the Documents Needed?

We need the following documents to process your Freelance License

  • Application form
  • Passport copy
  • Resume or CV
  • Bank reference letter
  • NOC from sponsor
  • Certificates and credentials (for education sector)
  • Work samples (for media or tech sector)

How can
we help you?

With Connect Freelance you can easily obtain your Freelance License in UAE. As a result, you will be able to start operating as a freelancer quickly! We will act as a bridge between you and the competent authorities. In this way, you can easily finish the application form and collect the necessary documents. With us, you can expand your panorama and find new job opportunities in this wonderful region.

Freelance Permit

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