Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Protect your properties and business with our property insurance. With this type of insurance, business owners can obtain protection against the loss or destruction of their company’s assets, giving them a simple road to reimbursement.

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What We Offer

For your property insurance requirements, we provide custom insurance plans. You can also add money and loyalty guarantee insurance to the usual services like Fire and Associated Dangers, Property All-risk, and Compelling Loss of Profit.

Owner protection from accidental damage or losses to buildings, fixtures and fittings equipment, furniture, stock, and any resulting loss of profits is provided by property insurance. Hence, discover the three types of coverage that we offer to guarantee that your property is completely safe below:


✔ Fire and Associated Hazards. 

✔ Property All-Risk.

✔ Consequential Loss of Profits.

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Fire & Allied Hazards Insurance

This cover offers complete defense against things like impact damage, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, lightning, storms, and fires. Subsequently, the following assets could make up the property that needs insurance:


✔ Buildings.


✔ Furnishings, fittings, and fixtures.


✔ Machines and equipment.


✔ Office supplies.


✔ Stock in commerce, from raw materials to final products.

Property All-Risk Insurance

This all-inclusive coverage provides defense against all dangers. Therefore, the amount insured may be calculated using the property’s real worth or its recent replacement value. As a result, you can get business interruption insurance to protect against revenue loss and guarantee business continuation.

Consequential Loss of Profit Insurance

This coverage offers business interruption insurance with the goal of putting your company back in the same economic condition as if the damage had never happened. The interruption period lasts until the business’s sales and profit levels have returned to their pre-loss levels. It begins on the day of the loss (two weeks of deductible). A loss of profits coverage must be specifically tailored to your needs in order to be effective. Because of this, the standard cover has a lot of add-on extensions that are optional.


Key Benefits


✔ Risk Consultation: We provide our clients with professional risk management consulting, loss prevention, and risk engineering services.


✔ Competitive Pricing: We offer your company the best value for your money while rewarding you for your positive claims experience.


✔ Flexibility: Customize the insurance plan to meet your needs.


✔ Extension of Additional Coverage: Includes professional accountant fees and claim filing costs.

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