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Connect Freelance is a part of Connect Resources, a brand registered in the United Arab Emirates with License No: 773036, a legally authorized provider of freelance visas. You can get your 2-years residency and work permit so you can start having a great quality of life in Dubai while you develop your career. We believe that by combining a range of expertise, freelancers may truly transform and aid in achieving a brighter future. The process is made simple and we provide you with everything you need to live a free life in the future. If you’re a freelancer, you can find
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In addition, we can assist you get the legal documents you need to offer your services in the UAE.


Easy and Hassle Free Process for freelancers Connect freelance can Help you!

Connect Freelance does businesses to get talent and give services that suit their needs, as well as helping freelancers and people who want to live their life on their own and find the perfect job according to their qualifications.
#BeFreelance is the initiative of Connect freelance where you can apply to get your
freelance visa and work permit to start working and living in the UAE offering your professional services.
You can contact our experts in Connect Freelance and get a service adapted to your requirements. Start working for third companies as a freelancer and get all the benefits of this flourishing and thriving market.
Easy and Hassle Free Process for freelancers Connect freelance can Help you
Connect Freelance Credibility of providing Freelance visa


Connect Freelance Credibility of providing Freelance visa.

With Connect Freelance you can get a comprehensive service where you obtain your UAE Freelance Visa and become part of the talent pool so you can get notified whenever an employer is looking for a professional with your qualifications.
We have assisted more than 500 freelancers to get their UAE freelance visa since we offer several packages that adapt to their budgets.
Since we’re a consolidated company, we offer total compliance with regulations and our team of experts can assist you on each step of the process. Stay away from visa scams and get your Freelance Visa in UAE legally thanks to our service.


Connect Freelance advantage from the market.

Finding a freelancer for your business can be difficult since not all professionals deliver an outstanding service. Similarly, being a freelancer in the UAE can be challenging because it may be complex to find employers and individuals that request your service.
For this reason, Connect Freelance offers an advantage since we’re a hub where exceptional talents and employers alike can connect each other through our platform. We work for freelancers and employers that need to find each other, and we offer services for them.

We give the opportunity to freelancers to join our freelance community; and we offer assistance to employers looking for talent. In addition, we have a Market Hub where employers can look for talent and get a quote for a specific service right away. Connectfreelance was Established by Connect Group.

Connect Frelance advantage from the market

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