Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

Keep doing what you like. Enjoy life to the fullest by safeguarding the safety of your family’s future from unforeseen events. Did you know that we can pay for any hospital, medical, or other expenses you incurred as a result of an accident? Your hospital fees are typically covered by your health insurance plan. However, you can receive an additional lump sum amount with our personal accident coverage.

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Main Covers

Our personal injury insurance coverage offers you protections to ensure the welfare of your family and support the maintenance of their existing standard of living. We provide many covers for:


✔ Sudden and Unexpected Death

Resulting from abrupt, jarring, external, and obvious causes.


✔ Accident-Related Permanent Total Disability

Completely prohibits the insured individual(s) from ever returning to their job or a different occupation.


✔ Accident-Related Permanent Partial Disability

When an injury prevents the covered person(s) from doing a significant portion of his or her job or any other employment.


✔ Repatriation Expenses

Returning the insured person(s) physical remains to their nation of origin in the event of an accident.

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Benefits of Accident Insurance

✔ Safeguard your family and yourself.


✔ Packages for individuals and families.


✔ No physical examination is necessary.


✔ Provides financial support.


✔ Due to an unforeseen event that caused harm or death.

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