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Freelance Visa Abu Dhabi, Requirements, Application and Process

The UAE is experiencing a boom for freelance visas in Abu Dhabi, the latest freelance market. It introduced a freelance visa for UAE residents and non-residents with family sponsorship. It’s the best way to enjoy a classy lifestyle in the UAE and freedom of work. If you are a freelancer and want to stay in Abu Dhabi, go for the freelance visa to avail of the opportunity for a low cost of living and tax-free environment.

What is a Freelance Visa in Abu Dhabi?

The Freelance Visa Abu Dhabi is a license to stay and work with legal compliance in the UAE. The Economic Development Department of Abu Dhabi introduced a freelance visa to acquire a pool of top talent in the Emirates and invite them to access the global market and enjoy working from anywhere while living in the UAE.

The freelance visa is the gateway to entering the most dynamic business world of the UAE. Whether you are a resident or non-resident in the Emirates, you can choose a freelancing career to ensure growth and success to the next level. Freelancers can acquire moreover forty-eight business activities, including technology and other services, with flexible working hours and access from anywhere. It’s a license or work permit designed with certain requirements and conditions with various benefits for freelancers in the Emirates.

Impact of Freelance Visas on Abu Dhabi’s Economy Development

Freelance visa programs promote economic development and rapid growth for businesses in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This visa program is a gateway to attract skilled professionals and technical experts with desirable experience and work efficiency from worldwide. It will provide a pool of top-tier talent and the best expertise for local businesses and allow them to access an expansive range of services without a full-time employment contract.

Freelancers can contribute their services to the economy through their expert skills and work hours spent in the Emirates. This visa promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and technical expertise and builds a dynamic business atmosphere in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of Freelance Visa in Abu Dhabi

These are a few benefits of acquiring a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi;

  • Freelancers can enjoy the freedom of work with flexible work hours, select their clients and projects and work on their terms while living in Abu Dhabi.
  • They can get most of the benefits from the tax exemption, low cost of living, and high lifestyle in the Emirates.
  • They can get quick access to the amenities, services, business support, and events in the free zones.
  • They can acquire a residency visa with family according to the terms and conditions of the free zones in the Emirates.
  • They can open a bank account and acquire debit and credit cards in the Emirates.

Essential Steps to Acquire Freelance Visa Abu Dhabi

Freelancers can acquire visas and permits in two ways in Abu Dhabi;

They can register for freelance visas by calling the Economic Development Authority of Abu Dhabi.

They can create an account with the Business Center Abu Dhabi through their official web portal.

These are a few essential steps to obtain a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi;

Choose the Exact Type of Visa

First, the freelancers must choose the specific visa category according to their qualifications, skills, experiences, and expertise.

Gather All the Required Documents

They must prepare for the freelance visa Abu Dhabi requirements. Gather all required documents to provide evidence of your expertise. These are a few requirements for acquiring a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi;

  • Degrees or certificates as proof of education and academic record with attestation by the issuing institutions.
  • Attested certificates for past experiences and proof of work.
  • No objection certificate from the relevant authority.
  • Additional certificates for technical expertise or specific skills.
  • Non-resident freelancers need to provide approval from the employers in certain conditions;
  • If the freelancers were working in a government organization in their home country, they may need approval from the employer.
  • If the freelancer was working in the private sector in their home country on a permanent employment contract and the freelance activity is concerned with that employer’s activities or business.

Get a Medical Fitness Check

Freelancers need to get a medical fitness check and pass the health assessment to acquire visa approval. They must consider the approved medical institutions by the relevant authorities of Abu Dhabi to take the fitness check, including blood tests and x-rays, to ensure their physical health conditions. It is to confirm that the freelancer has good health conditions and imposes no risks of spreading negative health effects in public.

Find a Sponsor

They must find a sponsor to acquire a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi;

Services for Freelance Visa Sponsorship: Freelancers can also connect to various local companies that offer services for sponsorship with certain fees.

Shared Working Spaces: They can also find co-working and shared workspaces in Abu Dhabi that provide services for sponsorship with workspace access.

Submit Your Visa Application

Freelancer can submit their visa application after acquiring the freelance permit, passing the health assessment, and acquiring sponsorship in Abu Dhabi. The application was submitted through the online portal of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship in Abu Dhabi or visit their office to submit the application physically. The online process is a time-saving and convenient way to upload required documents, schedule biometrics fingerprints or face recognition, and fee payments through secure online transactions.

Abu Dhabi Freelance Visa Expenses

Abu Dhabi, freelance visa expenses depend on the freelancer’s choices for the visa category;

Expenses for Freelance Visa: A freelance visa in Abu Dhabi costs starting from a basic eight hundred AED and extends with additional activities and facilities required with the visa.

Health Assessment: Expenses for health assessment start from three hundred AED for mandatory tests and physical assessment from the approved medical centres.

Freelance Visa Charges: The visa fee starts from seven thousand and five hundred AED.

Cost of Health Insurance: The cost of health insurance for visas starts from three thousand AED annually. This cost depends on the age and health conditions of the person.

Cost for Sponsorship: The sponsorship service can vary according to the visa category and the service provider criteria.

The total freelance visa expense can start from twelve thousand AED to fifteen thousand AED in Abu Dhabi, UAE. These amounts can change and you can check the updates for the current charges on the relevant web portals of Abu Dhabi.


A freelance visa is chasing your dreams to live and work in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It will open a gateway to exciting opportunities and high-life luxuries for self-employed freelancers. However, the freelance visa application process requires pre-preparation to meet the particular criteria and to acquire substantial results and positive outcomes.

You can imagine living and working freely in a dynamic business hub and accessing all the luxuries with a lower cost of living, flexible work hours, and freedom for work. The freelance visa application process requires specific criteria and preparation to meet regulatory standards and achieve desired outcomes.

Freelance visas cater to various experts and professionals from multiple fields, including Information Technology, software, web solutions, and creative skills. This visa opportunity is not only for residency, but also helps you to establish your business in the thriving atmosphere of the Emirates.

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