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Connect Freelance Introduces Freelance Influencer Nomination Program. Signing up and referring an influencer will help you to enter the lucky draw and earn AED 1000. Get Going!

Freelance influencer
freelance influencer

What is a Freelance Influencer Nomination?

This is a program introduced by connect Freelance for any individual to nominate a influencers/blogger who has a minimum of 3k + followers on their social Media platforms. We identify those Freelance influencers who geniunely provide astounding insights for individuals wanting to reloacte and expeirence life in Dubai.

Who can you nominate as a Freelance influencer?

3k+ Followers

Any Location

Any Profession

For the Freelance Influencers, Earn more than just commission!

Grow with us! Earn AED 1000 through our referral program. Become a Connect Freelance Affiliate. Help promote our brand on your socials and with each successful referral you earn AED 1000. The best part: there’s no limit to how many referrals you can submit.

Freelance influencer

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