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Find Answers to Most Common Questions on Freelance Visa

Yes it is. With a freelance visa, work permits, and a resident visa you can legally work as a freelancer in the region. The United Arab Emirates is one of the greatest places in the world for freelance workers. Subsequently, becoming a freelancer is a great idea for expats and locals alike. Due to policy changes by the UAE government, freelancing is safer than ever. It is a great alternative to receive a side income. Additionally, freelancers do not need to occupy office space. They usually work from their comfort spaces. Many great corporations are rejoicing at the opportunity to fill their workforce in a cost-efficient way.
Freelancers in the UAE can work in certain industry sectors or even go beyond their scopes. These areas are media, education, and technology. Individuals working as actors, photographers, sound engineers, animators, artists, choreographers, brand consultants, copywriters, and more can opt for a freelance visa. In the same way, you can issue a freelance visa if you are working as a researcher, executive coaching, trainer, eLearning, and education advisor. Other individuals who can obtain a freelance visa are analytics freelancers, customer service freelancers, software developers, designers, stylists, and more.
• Passport copy • Emirates ID (for those who have previously had a UAE visa) • Visa page copy (for those who have previously had a UAE visa) • Attested degree (if available) • Entry stamp or visit visa paper (if available) • Visa cancellation paper (for those who have previously had a UAE visa) • Digital passport photo
Freelance visas vary in price. Connect Resources offer a freelance visa package which includes everything you will need to legally work in the UAE for 2 years. The price of this package is AED 14,900.
Yes, you can. With our Freelance Visa package – you will have the advantage of sponsoring your family with a required security deposit depending on who will be the principal sponsor. Requirements are the following: Attested Marriage Certificate Attested Birth certificate of the child Ejari or tenancy contract DEWA Certificate
Freelance Visa process can take up to 25 working days. However, we offer a VIP process as well for those who need to leave the country for business or personal purposes. VIP process costs 1,150 AED on top of the package.
There are many job opportunities for workers under a freelance visa. Subsequently, you can legally work in the media, education, or tech sectors with no problem. Some of the most sought out freelance professions in the United Arab Emirates are: • Language translation and interpretation. • eLearning and guest lecturing. • Software, web, IT or app development. • Graphic design. • Branding, sales, and marketing. • Copywriting and guest blogging or vlogging. • Search engine marketing and search engine optimization. • Legal consultancy. • Computer-aided design and 3D modeling. • Photographer • Fitness industry – personal trainer, yoga trainer
Yes, having a freelance visa from a mainland company like Connect Freelance allows you to work in different Emirates. For example, some people choose to work in Abu Dhabi due to lower rent costs there. Irrespective of the free zone an individual applies for the visa, they can work all across the UAE in their specific field.
Freelancers are considered employees and here in the UAE and there is no individual income tax for employees.
Yes, individuals under a freelance visa can travel in and out of the United Arab Emirates with no problems. However, they need to make sure to not stay out of the region for a period exceeding six months at a time. When a person stays out of the UAE for over six months will lose their visa privileges, according to the UAE Immigrations Guidelines.
Yes, you can apply for a driving license under a freelance visa. To make this process as easier as possible you can partner with an agency to obtain your driver’s license. They will help you obtain the necessary documentation such as the Non-Objection Certificate and more. Additionally, they will guide you through every step, from requiring the permit to providing you with the resources necessary for the test.
Yes, individuals can work with a freelance visa with clients inside and outside of the UAE. They usually accept assignments that provide them the opportunity to work remotely. Consequently, working with foreign clients is easier than it may seem. Also, they can leave the region for six months if they need to.
With Connect Freelance, you will have the following benefits: • Residence visa • Unlimited Invoicing support • Work permit • Unlimited NOC • Medical Insurance • Sponsor Family • Meeting Room Space • Freelancing Hub And many more!
Yes, you can. When applying for a freelance visa from outside the UAE the process will follow the same path as if you were applying from inside the country. The only difference is that you will have to enter the UAE with the E-visa we will provide you with. Once you have entered the country we can process with the change status and continue with the steps.
A freelance “permit” is a license issued by the Government to individuals sponsored by their spouses/parents. With this option, you only need the permit to work as a freelancer as you will already have a sponsored visa. This permit is renewable each year. If you are not sponsored by any family member you need an individual freelance visa and work permit. A freelance visa gives you full residency so you can live and operate within the country. This type of visa is renewable every 2 years. Nevertheless, you can only apply for a freelance visa if your work includes providing services rather than trading goods. Some examples of these services are: • Media: actors, audio and sound engineer, brand consultant, choreographer, content providers, creative directors, copywriters, event planners, etc. • Education. This applies to executive coaches, researchers, education advisors, eLearning advisors, and trainers. • Technology: web, mobile, software development, and architecture freelancers, data science and analytics freelancers, IT and telecommunication freelancers, and customer service freelancers. • Design: concept designers, costume designers, hairstylists, image consultants, make-up artists, jewelry designers, personal shoppers, object and textile designers, etc. • Fitness sector: personal trainer, gym instructor, yoga instructor, lifestyle coach.
You can only be outside of the United Arab Emirates for six months if you are under a freelance visa. If you do not enter the region for a longer period, your UAE visa and residency will become invalid. If it does happen, you will be obligated to go through the freelancer visa process one more time to work as a freelancer in the region again.
Yes. Opening a personal savings bank account is possible under a freelance visa. It is required for freelancers to have a bank account to receive the earnings from their hard work. To open a bank account, you will need your Emirates ID Card, your original passport plus a copy of your visa, and a salary certificate which the company will assist you with.
The renewal process for the freelance visa is a procedure that will allow you to extend your 2-year visa for more time. Price may vary depending on the government fees but as you we speak it will be as the same package you bought the visa for.

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