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Employment Visa: #1 Guider to obtain the working visa for Dubai

Moving to a new region means that you will need to obtain a visa to stay legally and the UAE is not the exception. If you are planning to move to the UAE to work and live and you are not a citizen or a GCC national, you will need to apply for an employment visa. As a result, once you have the visa, you can move to the region to work and even bring your family with you.

In this article, we will be talking about employment visa or work visa for Dubai. Are you interested in working in Dubai? Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreigners relocate to UAE to work in the city’s numerous industries. There are a ton of incredible options, whether you want to work in established industries like oil and gas or in developing ones like journalism, tourism, or technology. Let us see more:

  1. Know about the work visa Dubai and employment Dubai visa types
  2. Do you know how long will the employment visa take to process?
  3. Learn the working visa Dubai cost and the medical requirements to obtain it
  4. Obtain your permits with Connect Freelance

1. Know about the work visa Dubai and employment Dubai visa types

1.1 Working Visa in Dubai, UAE

A visa that allows you to work in the region is essential if you want to operate as an employee in Dubai. The great news is that your company will take care of the majority of the paperwork if you have secured work in the UAE.

A Dubai employment visa is also known as a Dubai Working Visa or Dubai work permit. Consequently, your UAE employment visa and residence visa are effectively combined.

The trick is to seek an entry visa in the UAE and once you enter the country, You need to find a work for yourself or in other words employment. Once this is done your employer becomes liable to provide you the Dubai Working Visa or in other words employment visa.

1.2 Other types of visas in UAE

Here are some of the most common visas in UAE:

  • Spouse visa

A UAE spouse visa allows a foreigner to sponsor their spouse’s immigration to Dubai. The spouses do not need to work in the UAE in order to obtain a 5-year residency visa; however, they can work under it with a work permit Dubai. In this situation, the sponsor must be an Arab citizen of the UAE.

Expat residents must earn a specified minimum wage in order to be qualified to sponsor their spouses. Therefore, residents who earn a monthly income of AED 3,000 or AED 4,000 plus housing are qualified to apply for a residency visa for their wives; according to the government webpage for the United Arab Emirates.

  • Student visa

To study in the region, a foreigner needs to apply request the student visa. The procedure of applying for a visa is managed by the school; so, first they must be accepted into a higher education program in the UAE.

Only those who also secure a Dubai working visa are eligible for employment in the UAE while on a student visa. You are also only able to labor for a total of four hours in a row; you cannot work full-time.

  • Freelance visa

Anyone relocating to Dubai will discover plenty of opportunities to work as a freelancer. With the rise of the gig economy, various efforts are underway to make it easier and less expensive for freelancers to reside and operate in Dubai. Several work-related tactics allow residents and visitors to the city to obtain a freelancing visa in Dubai or a permit. In this way, it acts as an employment visa UAE.

2. Do you know how to attain a Dubai working Employment visa?

The UAE employment visa takes around two weeks to process. In the UAE, employers are the ones that must apply for a Dubai company visa. Therefore, this is how the application process for a work visa in UAE goes:

  • Firstly, the company applies to the MOHRE for approval to hire a foreign worker.
  • Consequently, the Ministry provides the entry permit visa; this will allow the employee to enter the region and stay for a month.
  • Then, after their arrival in Dubai, the workers have two months to obtain their residency visa.
  • Now that the employee is in the region, the employer can begin the working visa UAE application process. For this, workers must obtain an Emirates ID and pass the medical certification. Lastly, you will obtain your residency visa. This is shorter than the UAE employment visa processing time in 2020.

2.1 How long do the other visa processes take?

Typically, the spouse visa process time is two weeks. Expats need to start this UAE visa processing as soon as they enter the region with their entry permit. This is how the process must go:

  • Make sure your dependents take and pass the medical test to obtain the certificate from an approved health center in the region.
  • Then, you must go to a typing center to obtain an application form and pay the necessary fees.
  • Finally, submit the residency visa request for your spouse along with the documents for GDRFA approval.

On the other hand, as we said before, the universities or colleges in the region are the ones that must handle student visa application. As a result, they need to apply at the GDRFA office in the Emirate you will be living in. In short, if the request goes in positively, the authority will provide a residency visa and an Emirates ID for the student.

Lastly, the freelance visa is a little easier than the others. This is because usually, freelancers can hire a visa provider to finish this process for them. Therefore, they will only need to provide the necessary documents and obtain a UAE working visa.

3. Learn the working visa Dubai cost and the medical requirements to obtain it

The working visa in UAE has two costs. The 3-year employment visa costs AED 2,750 and the 5-year working visa for Dubai costs AED 5,000. In addition, the establishment card costs AED 2,000, and the freelance permit costs AED 7,500.

Medical testing is very important when requesting any type of visa in the UAE. Consequently, to perform it, you will have to get a chest x-ray to screen for tuberculosis and also take a blood test. In addition, certain careers in the UAE also request syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B tests.

4. Obtain your permits with Connect Freelance

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