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Acquiring a freelance permit in the UAE is a great way for individuals that want to legally perform a business whilst living in the UAE. As Dubai’s work landscape is changing, you can easily adapt to it and become more flexible with the support of a freelance permit in Dubai. Even a qualified employee has to seek a Freelance permit for different adventures. It is not just a Freelancer who is holding Freelance visa Dubai.

Freelance Permit

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Freelance permit

Who can apply for
Freelance Permit?

Individuals from different industries are eligible to apply for the permit; especially those in the education, tech, and media sectors. For example, if you are pursuing careers like journalism, screenwriting, training, advertising, acting, education, web development, or customer service.

Be informed about Freezones:
There are only five UAE free zones that let freelancers work from their residences. These are, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. Each zone has different ways of providing the freelancer permit; consequently, you must know the zone you are in so you can go through the correct process.

How to apply for a Freelance Permit in the UAE?

In just 4 easy steps apply for freelance visa Dubai and Become a freelancer in Dubai


Step 1

Complete the freelance permit application.


Step 2

Submit the required documents to our experts and let them do the work for you!


Step 3

Issue the Non-Objection Certificate to change the status of your visa.


Step 4

Provide a bank statement to prove your bank records.

This Type of Permit is Suitable For









Many More

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Freelance Permit

What are the Documents Needed?

We need the following documents to process your freelance permit

  • Registration application and permit for the proposed activity (only 1 activity is permitted)
  • Passport photo and a copy passport
  • If applying for a permit without a visa, the Sponsor’s NOC is required.
  • Portfolio or case study of your work
  • Qualification Certificate

How can
We Help You?

We are the experts in providing Freelance permits in Dubai. We will take good care of all the processes of obtaining your Dubai freelance permit. We will help you with collecting all the necessary documents, filling out the freelance permit Dubai form, and submitting it to the authorities. Thanks to our fast and high quality service you will be able to obtain your freelance permit in UAE and start doing business shortly.

Freelance Permit

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