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Understanding the New Visit Visa Rules in UAE for Freelancers

Importance of Visit Visa for Freelancers in the UAE

Freelancing has emerged as one of the most impactful income streams. In a commercial hub like UAE, freelancers have an untapped opportunity to avail, made even easier by the visit visa for freelancers to work in the UAE.

Visa Visa for freelancers is significant as it opens a gateway to economic opportunities and growth in the landscape of UAE. It is important as it benefits in the form of residence, an Emirates ID, work permit, invoicing support, medical insurance, community support, No Objection Certificate (NOC) and options to sponsor your family.

Key Changes in the New Visit Visa Rules

Changing is a course of life. If you want to evolve and grow, it is something that needs to be embraced. Same applies to even countries that need to evolve adapting with the constantly updating technology and infrastructure of the world. This is reflected in the ever changing visa rules for UAE working as a magnet for skilled professionals.

UAE has introduced new visit visa rules keeping up with the modern-day needs and trends. Key changes in the new rules have introduced flexibility for residence visa as well as rolling out newer visa categories such as Digital Nomad Visa and Remote Work Visa.

Another key update is the extension of grace period upto six months after cancellation of visa, allowing a time for transition to another employment without the stress of immediately leaving.

In addition, UAE has introduced different entry visas that do not require a sponsor allowing single or multiple entries within the timeframe.

Duration of Stay, Previous rules vs. new rules

Parallel to its old visa rules, UAE has initiated new rules for its visa system appealing to a wider audience from the science and technology realm.

UAE has updated its rules for extension of visit visa. A 30-day or 60-day visit can be extended for maximum 60 days. The application to extend the duration of visit visa can be submitted from within the UAE.

Eligibility Criteria, New requirements for freelancers

If you want to venture into freelancing, you can do so. All you need is a Freelance Visa Dubai from Connect Freelance.

With the new update in Visit Visa Rules for Freelancers in UAE, young professionals and skilled individuals having Digital Nomad Visa and Remote Work Visa can work remotely providing their service to clients based anywhere in the world.

Documents required

Documents that are required for the processing of Freelance Visa include: passport-sized photographs, passport copy, educational qualification, attested degree, portfolio, No Objection Certificate (NOC), health insurance document, and a business plan elaborating your freelance skillset, experience and financial projection.

Application Process, Online vs. offline application

Freelancers can submit their application for a freelance visa in UAE both online and offline. The application may be filled and processed through government portals or through visa service providers, such as Connect Freelance.

How to Avail a Visit Visa as a Freelancer in UAE

If you are a young professional skilled in the domains of IT, Writing and Editing, Design, Media, or Project Management, you can make it as a freelancer with a visa for freelancer in UAE.

Preparation and Documentation

The documents required to process the Freelance Visa in UAE are: Passport copy, digital passport photo, Emirates ID (for those who had UAE visa previously), attested degree, entry stamp or visit visa paper.

Application Procedure Step-by-Step

With Connect Freelance, the application procedure to apply for a freelance visa has been minimized into four easy steps:

  • Connect with our experts who will guide you, providing you insight to all your questions, and removing the stress of application.
  • Fill all the application forms and share the required documents.
  • After all the documents have been complied, the process for visa issuance will start.
  • Start freelancing.

Visa Fee and Processing Time

Freelance Visa process may take up to 25 working days. Connect Resources also offers a VIP process for those who need to leave the country for business or personal purposes. VIP process costs 1,150 AED on top of the original package fees.

After the approval of your freelance visa application, you will need to pay the applicable fees for the visa. The fee for the freelance visa may vary depending upon the type of freelance visa you had applied for. Connect Resources offers a freelance visa package which includes everything you will need to legally work in the UAE for 2 years. The fees of this package is AED 14,900.


Freelancing in UAE has been steadily becoming popular and a top contributor in the expansion of gig economy. UAE has rolled out updates for its visit visa, freelance visa, work permits as well as introducing new visas namely Digital Nomad Visa and Remote Work Visa. These new visa can be key players in the growth of economy as well as freelancers seeking to offer their services remotely while being based in UAE. If you are wondering to take the next step venturing into the landscapes of UAE offering your freelance services, get in touch with Connect Resources and our team of experts can share the insight and guidance that you need.

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