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Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Freelancer Profile

Have you thought about freelancing in Dubai? Freelancers are becoming more and more popular as modernity moves forward. Hence, the information demanded in this field is increasing. That said, if freelance work interests you, you must have an excellent profile for further opportunities.

In this article, you will discover freelancer tips to help you land your dream freelance job in Dubai. A project starts from scratch when you emerge with it and is important to do it right from the outset. So one of the vital points at the beginning, and honestly, all the way through is the research that will give you the information you need to reach your goals.

  1. What is freelancing and how does it work in Dubai?
  2. What is a freelancer profile?
  3. Which are the best freelancer tips for creating a stand-out profile?
  4. Is freelancing in Dubai sustainable?
  5. Who to contact for obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai?
  6. How can we help you learn more about freelancing in Dubai?

1.  What is freelancing and how does it work in Dubai?

Freelance is a self-contained job, which means working for oneself and not for someone else. As a result, it allows complete autonomy in labor decisions. Therefore, it leads to making designs and planning without the approval of a superior, as well as schedules flexibility, among others things.

The freelancer in Dubai or anywhere gains by commissions from their clients; in other words, each charge generates the wage. However, despite having the freedom to start a business, the supplier must comply with the clients’ requirements. Since a satisfied customer (which should be one of the goals) will come back for more and also recommend.

Those who work in a self-governed way can manage their time at their convenience. Still, noticing how they earn their salary, the person should develop a suitable schedule to perform all duties.

2. What is a freelancer profile?

A freelance profile purpose is to assure potential employers information about you and the quality of your talents. The first impression is the most important, thus, your profile must be neat and professional. Employers consider several key factors when searching for freelancers, such as:

  • A brief and occupational summary of yourself
  • A portfolio of miscellaneous works, displaying your abilities
  • 5-star reputation and high-quality reviews
  • Courses, education or achievements

3. Which are the best freelancer tips for creating a stand-out profile?

The demand to attract freelance jobs is voracious as daily more frequently people choose to work on their own. Your profile can mean the difference between getting a lot of business or none at all if you capture most of your work through freelance marketplaces. Therefore, here you can find how to have the best profile.

3.1 Make an assertive heading

The profile title plays a huge role as it will be the first to be seen. It is your introduction, so you need to make a good first impression. Therefore, its structure plus the amount of information that it entails must be impeccable.

The headline should be short and explicit. Delete explanatory words and keep your title, years of experience, and specialty.

3.2 Use your finest professional picture

Similar to the title, the photo is part of the introduction. The way your future employers will see you should be eye-catching and give them confidence. Then, if you do not already have a picture with those indications, you should consider taking one. Consider the following advice.

  • Always use a recent photo: Employers often overlook profiles that do not include a picture because the visual image helps connect with the freelancer. Particularly when they are in a different location.
  • You must be the only person visible in the photo: Keep unimportant elements out.
  • Focus your face well: The background may be slightly out of focus, but your features should be sharp.
  • Dress appropriately: You should give the appearance that you are a professional.
  • Avoid reflecting hobbies or pastimes: Never post a photo of yourself on the mountain, at parties or practicing a sport.
  • Have a good posture: Body language studies indicate that tilting your head in photos makes you look less confident.
  • Never use your product or company logo as a photo.

3.3 Add your best qualifications

Potential employers receive hundreds of job postings for any given project and sifting through them to find the right freelancer can be overwhelming. Help them by going straight to the point. So that when they open your profile, the client can immediately notice why you are a qualified freelancer. The principal technique to do it would be:

  • Job title (e.g. photographer, civil engineer, sheet music composer, etc.)
  • Years of experience in the field
  • areas of experience
  • Technical and program knowledge, among other critical skills
  • Industry (if applicable)

3.4 Cover your academic training

Clients are interested in knowing if you have formal education and training in your area of expertise. If you are attaining academic credentials, list them after your qualifications and experience. You can relate your educational background to your field of work or the industry in general.

If there is no relevant educational background, fill in the gap and focus on the relevant experience you can bring to the job.

3.5 Use the first-person narrative

Use the first-person narrative: Writing your bio in the first person will help customers better understand who you are. Even so, do not share your hobbies or personal information since it is irrelevant in this case. Your freelance profile is like an online CV, hence the tone and content of it must remain professional and concise. Also, try not to use more than 200 words in it.

3.6 Give a sample of the reviews of your previous clients

Clients want to know if you can complete projects, especially when you are working from another country. In your profile body, list your best projects, starting with the most recent. Include client name, project scope, timelines, and budget, if applicable. If you encountered difficulties during the project, please explain how you overcame them.

Do not forget to ask any clients you have worked with for recommendations, and if you have received negative feedback, try to resolve the issue. If you received a great review from a customer, include it on your profile. Using client testimonials is one of the best ways to show the potential client who will be worth working with.

3.7 Leave your contact info

The easier it is to get in touch with you, the more trust you will inspire. After all, confidence is one of the most important factors for clients hiring freelancers. Plus, many customers are looking to hire a person close to them. Prioritize for local projects by mentioning your location, they can also contact you.

In the modern era, many workers use social media with their work, so if that is, be sure to mention your users, as your clients visit them and have samples of your products.

4. Is freelancing in Dubai sustainable?

Operating in the UAE is generally gainful since they hold one of the well-established foundation networks in North Africa and the Middle East territory. Moreover, they proudly proclaim their achievements. The Emirates includes a delightful banking order, a consistent political style and commending fiscal conditions.

In addition, the country’s stable currency (associated with the US dollar) often supports abundant capital circulation throughout the nation. Also, limits on exchange controls in the country do not exist, and several international banks located in the UAE offer an unconditional return of income and capital.

Finally, in more than 45 free zones, this grand foreign investment order grants complete immigrant ownership of companies. Additionally, Islamic traditions govern the providence’s culture and legislative system, which supports the authority obligation of the UAE. They took the values of empathy, peaceful grasp, and understood equality among members of the community.

Reflecting on the granted data, it is clear that to freelance in Dubai would be not only fitting but profitable and highly useful. That is thanks to the nation’s economy and the services it provides.

5. Who to contact for obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai?

To labor in another country (as a freelancer or as an employee), there is a need for a work permit or work visa. Considering it serves to be able to exercise and be legally in the country. That is why some companies handle such documents, including those that specialize in the UAE.

Numerous young people and professionals travel to Dubai with the hope of working in what they are passionate about residing in such a successful city, and they have achieved it. To accomplish the dream of being freelancers, they only needed to contact the processors, fix their papers, arrive and at last start working.

5.1 What is Connect Freelance?

Connect freelance is an utter security MOHRE verified company. Our main purpose is to assist individuals to start freelancing in Dubai. With our help, they manage to get a work permit plus a resident visa. In addition, we make sure to promote them in a talent pool. Then, other individuals or companies can look for them on that site and request their services.

We also advise them on the legal documents they must have to offer their services in the UAE. The company’s staff will delegate their cases from the beginning to the end of the journey. The experts will listen to their wishes and needs to eventually reach an agreement and propose the best budget plan for what they require.

5.2 How to get a visa to start freelancing in Dubai?

To begin with, you have to follow a simple but essential procedure to become a freelancer in Dubai and obtain a self-employment visa.

  • First, with the contact info provided, schedule a phone call and reach our experts. They will explain everything you must know about the initiative, the platform, and you may ask your doubts as well.
  • Secondly, fill and sign up for all the application forms supplied to you and provide all the crucial documents.
  • After completing steps one and two, the procedure to receive the visa will begin.

5.3 Which are the package rates for freelancing in Dubai?

We have availability of three main packages for your preference.

The first and most basic one is for sponsored visa holders only. Its cost is 6,000 AED, with a renewal price the first year. What does it offer?

Our more complete second package valued at 12,900 AED with a renewal of 5,000 AED the first year, grants:

  • Residence Visa
  • Unlimited invoicing support
  • Freelance work permit
  • Unlimited NOC
  • Medical insurance
  • Family sponsorship
  • Meeting Room Space
  • Freelancing hub

Last but not least, our best package includes a two-year contract, priced at 14,900 AED. Exactly as the second, this one contains:

  • Residence Visa
  • Unlimited invoicing support
  • Freelance work permit
  • Unlimited NOC
  • Medical insurance
  • Family sponsorship
  • Meeting room space
  • Freelancing hub

6. How can we help you learn more about freelancing in Dubai?

If you are interested in obtaining a work permit as a freelancer to practice in the UAE, you can reach us and write to our email You can also make a phone call to the number +971 43316688 and our staff will attend you, to start your process or answer your questions.

Also, at The Talent Point, we are looking for your talent. Contact us at and send us your CV resume. We will not store it.

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