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Multiple Entry Visa in Dubai, UAE: Everything explained by experts

Earlier this year, Dubai’s authorities announced the rollout of a new 5- year multiple entry visa in the UAE. This visa is intended to further increase spending on tourism in the emirate, and will be available to all foreigners. Nevertheless, you do not have to wait for the arrival of this new visa to explore the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Dubai. Right now, you can access your multiple entry visa in the UAE in two different forms: a 30-day short-stay visa and a 90-day long-stay visa.

In this article, we offer you a comprehensive guide to 30-day and 90-day multiple entry visas. Here is everything you need to know about these two visas and how to apply.

  1. The Dubai multiple entry visa in the UAE
  2. Documentation required for multiple-entry visas
  3. Applying for a multiple entry visa in the UAE
  4. Frequently asked questions about the Dubai multiple entry visa
  5. How can we help you obtain a multiple-entry visa?

1. The Dubai multiple entry visa in the UAE

To get the Dubai multiple entry visa in the UAE required for your trip to Dubai, the country allows the tourist or business person to visit the near nation and return to Dubai itself or another emirate. There are 30 and 90-day multiple entry visas available. Dubai Immigration refers to these visas as multiple entry visas for the short and long term.

Today, Dubai has one of the best cities in the United Arab Emirates and the world. The cosmopolitan lifestyle of this emirate, its ultra-modern architecture, desert safaris, adventure sports, and the Burj Khalifa, has made the city a focal point of attraction for tourists. In addition to this, the city has a reputation for its first-class shopping experience. 

With so much to explore and do in Dubai, it is hard to see it all in one trip. It is no wonder that people keep returning to this destination to explore new experiences again and again. Visitors are spoilt for choice in Dubai and will need several visits to consume all that this emirate has to offer. Being aware of this, the UAE’s government launched the multiple entry visa.

As we mentioned, Dubai offers many attractions for both temporary visitors and ex-pats. Each time, more tourists find the UAE as an excellent destination to freelance, and decide to stay in the nation. On Connect Freelance, we dedicate ourselves to those who consider Dubai as the best place for freelancers and choose to follow this professional path.

Feel free to access our platfor, Connect Freelance to easily receive the best tips related to freelance work in Dubai and visa processing. Our team will be pleased to assist you.

1.1 Multi-entry 30-day visa

This 30-day multiple entry visa in the UAE is valid for an entry period of 58 days from the date of issuance. This short-stay visa may be extended two times for 30 days respectively. The extensions are fee-based, and each extension costs AED 850. A visa holder may enter the United Arab Emirates multiple times. They can also stay for 30 days from their first entry into the country.

Please note that once you have used this visa, you cannot cancel it. You will have to wait for its validity to expire before reapplying.

  • Visa processing fees

Citizens of certain foreign countries will be required to have to pay a security deposit, refundable upon departure from the UAE. This security deposit will be AED 990 + tax.

The total fee for a visa without a security deposit is AED 800. Also, for the visa with a deposit, the price of the multiple entry visa in the UAE would be AED 1800.

  • Handling time

The usual processing time for the 30-day Dubai multi-entry visa is 3 to 4 business days. However, this is only an indicative time frame and the condition may take a longer time depending on your request and the immigration approvals. For more information related to visa costs, such as the freelance visa cost, visit our blogs.

Additionally, if you would like to start working as a freelancer but lack the necessary information, we can provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get started. From freelance activities to visa processing, we have it all covered.

1.2 Multiple-entry 90-day visa

Like the 30-day multi-entry visa, a 90-day multiple-entry visa also has an entry validity of 58 days. Therefore, you will need to make your first visit to the UAE in this time frame or your visa will automatically expire.

For travelers who prefer to stay longer in the Emirates, this visa is ideal as it offers a length of stay of 90 days. In addition, it  allows for multiple entries. It is possible for visa holders to obtain two extensions, of 30 days each, by paying an extension fee of AED 850 every time.

  • Visa processing fees

Similar to the condition applicable to the 30-day visa, residents of selected countries will be required to pay a security fee deposit of AED 990 + tax. This is refunded to your account when you leave the UAE.

For a visa with no security deposit, the total fee is AED 2110. And for a visa with a deposit, the total fee for your multiple entry visa would be AED 3100.

  • Handling time

The standard processing time for the 90-day multi-entry visa for Dubai is 3 to 4 business days. However, this is only an indicative time frame and the state may take longer according to your request and immigration approvals. If you would like more information regarding the 5-years multiple entry visa in the UAE, please contact us and you will instantly receive the specialized attention you were looking for. You can register or log in to our platform at any time.

2. Documentation required for multiple-entry visas

As with any visa application, you will need to submit several documents. This depends on your particular country of residence. However, the following are some mandatory documents you will need to submit for a 30-day or 90-day multi-entry visa for the UAE.

  • Biographical page of the passport: The biographical page of the passport is the page containing your photograph and details of your person. You will need to submit a color copy of this page. Black and white copies are usually rejected.
  • The final page of the passport: A color copy of the last page of your passport is necessary if there is important information mentioned on the last page. Passports of some nationalities, such as India, have significant information about the passport holder listed on the last page. In case your passport does not contain any information concerning yourself on the last page, your biographical page will suffice.
  • Photograph: A clear color photograph is essential for your request. Ideally, it should be a passport photograph. However, please do not cut out your passport photograph and submit it. Black and white photographs will also not be accepted.
  • Proof of residency: If your current country of permanent residence and your nationality do not match, you will be required to submit your residency visa as evidence.

Alternatively, if you are from a high-risk country as per UAE criteria, you may be required to submit one of the following documents in conjunction with the required documents listed above:

  • A current valid visa for (OR) proof of travel to any of the below countries within the last five years – UAE, USA, New Zealand, UK,  Canada, any Schengen country, or Australia.
  • Either documented proof declaring investments of AED 30000 or more, or local income tax documents declaring AED 30000 as annual income.

3. Applying for a multiple entry visa in the UAE

Visa applications can be made through the UAE embassy or online reservation for the 90-day visa. The forms available for download and stipulated fees must be submitted online with your card. For online applications, supporting documents will be uploaded and then processed. Following successful submission of the form and further documents, the actual progress and status can be verified on the website. 

Take care to fill in the form carefully and upload or attach the relevant and valid documents. Please note that incomplete applications are canceled.

Remember that our team will always ensure that you obtain your visa without having to face any complications. Trust the team of Connect Freelance and get all the required travel permits almost instantly.

Once you obtain your visa, you can even discover what the UAE has to offer to professionals. Consider it a starting point to become a successful freelancer in Dubai.

4. Frequently asked questions about the Dubai multiple entry visa

If you are visiting Dubai, you should be aware of all the documents you may need to apply for a visa. The 5-year multiple entry visa in the UAE is often used by travelers visiting Dubai as they are easy to get, accessible, and affordable. Also, by contacting team of Connect Freelance, you can get more insight into the types of UAE visas, pricing and more details.

Check out the most frequently asked questions about visas in the UAE:

4.1. Why do I need a multiple entry visa in the UAE?

The multiple entry visa in the UAE is used by people who frequently travel to Dubai at short intervals. Their reasons may be business, visiting family, or just recreation. People can use it for a longer stay in Dubai without having to apply for a visa repeatedly.

4.2. How long is the visa valid for?

It is valid for 58 days from the day of arrival. You can extend it for an additional 30 days by paying a fee.

4.3. What documents are required for a multiple entry visa for official purposes?

Documents should cover the basics, such as a confirmed ticket along with a copy of your passport. Besides that, you need the hotel accommodation paper, a letter from the company covering the reason for your visit and the invitation letter from the host.

4.4. How do I apply for a multiple entry visa for family visits?

The basic requirement to apply for a visa is a confirmed ticket with a copy of the passenger’s passport. Proof of relationship to the host and a guarantee letter from the host is also required. Also, for this purpose, you will require a copy of the host’s visa.

4.5. What information should be included in the letter of invitation?

The invitation letter from the host must explicitly contain the following:

  • Name
  • Profession
  • UAE ID number
  • Proof of UAE residency
  • Company details
  • Position
  • Valid contact number
  • Proof of relationship with the guest.

The letter must clearly state the intention to assume full responsibility for the guest during the trip.

4.6. What documents are required for a multiple entry visa for leisure travel?

If you are traveling for pleasure, you need to present your confirmed ticket, photocopy of your passport, and accommodation details for the duration of your stay. When visiting Dubai on a multiple entry visa in the UAE for real estate purposes, you will need to present the property documentation and lease documents in addition to the ticket and passport copy.

4.7. Do I need any additional documents?

The points mentioned above should cover the essential documents required to obtain a multiple entry visa to Dubai. Nevertheless, the immigration officer may ask you for any other documentary evidence if they deem it necessary. Therefore, it is best to have all your documents on hand and updated. Additionally, to make it easier for you, Connect Freelance can take care of this task. Our agency has access to the most recent information regarding the documents applicants must provide, and more.

4.8. Are applicants able to cancel their multiple entry visas?

No, Dubai multiple entry visas may not be canceled once used. The applicant must wait for the validity of the visa to expire.

4.9. Do restrictions apply to students and women?

There are restrictions for women under the age of twenty-two and students traveling alone with pre-approval documents only.

5. How can we help you obtain a multiple-entry visa?

A multiple entry visa in the UAE is the best option for frequent travelers who regularly visit the nation. With it, you will be able to access all the benefits the country has to offer without having to go through a visa application every time you need to travel. In addition, with our help of our agency, you will be able to obtain your multiple entry visa to Dubai quick and easily. To start in this journey and travel to the UAE, you can register on our platform and request professional assistance.

On Connect Freelance, we understand that these processes can be hard to understand, and can represent a problem for those with a busy lifestyle. For this reason, we offer you all the solutions to make your visa processing fast and effortless. And, of course, helping freelancers thrive in this nation is what we do best. With our market hub, you can connect with clients and other professionals in the Emirates.

Would you like to receive all the tips, advice, and guidance to make your UAE visa processing a simple task? We invite you to contact Connect Freelance by sharing all your concerns via email at Whether you need to obtain an entry visa for tourism or a freelance visa to work independently, we have the expertise to make it happen. Additionally, you can contact us with a phone call at +971 43 316 688.

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