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Understanding the Types of Visa in UAE for Freelancers

The United Arab Emirates is the most rapidly developing country in the Gulf region and people from all over the world are applying for the different types of visa in UAE for tourism, business, studies, employment, and even freelancing.

Keeping that in mind, we have researched it and decided to create a comprehensive guide to address questions like how many types of visa in UAE, how to apply them and what are their benefits.

Keep on reading to explore this insightful guide:

Key features of Visas in UAE

The UAE government allows people from over 50 countries to avail visa on arrival to enter the UAE. Also, it is important to mention that GCC Nationals can enter the United Arab Emirates without any visa. However, nationals from all other countries must apply for a visa online or must be sponsored by a UAE visa holder to enter the country.

Visa on arrival for 50 countries validates the stay of an individual for 30-60 days depending on the individual’s passport.

Also, the UAE visas can be obtained through the following means:

  • Electronic processing
  • Visit the official government websites
  • Accredited UAE-based enterprises (travel agencies, hotels, airlines)

The types of visa in UAE are classified according to their purposes and stay durations. However, all visas in UAE come with a validity of 60 days from the issuance date to entry in the UAE date. This validity is not for the Transit Visa which is issued for 48 to 96 hours only.

How many types of visa in UAE and how to obtain them?

There are many types of visa in UAE and to obtain them, one has to follow the different procedures of application designed and tailored according to the unique requirements. However, the UAE visas can be divided into two major categories:

1- UAE Visas for visitors

2- UAE Visas for residence

Each category caters to several types of visa in UAE differently that fulfill the UAE traveler’s needs.

Let’s discuss them briefly:

Freelance Visa

With the new visa policy announcement by the UAE government, freelancers from all over the world are dreaming of living and freelancing in the UAE, especially in Dubai. They can apply for a freelance visa Dubai and a freelance permit both. It is a golden opportunity for them to explore Dubai’s freelance world full of opportunities.

To obtain this visa, one has to submit:

  • A valid bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • A specialized diploma in a relevant field
  • 2 years of proven freelance experience
  • A freelance income record of AED 360,000 earned within the previous two years

Residence visa Dubai

88% of the UAE population is comprised of expatriates and enjoys high living standards. If you want to become one of them, you have to apply for a residence visa in UAE. However, understanding the various types of visa in UAE for residency is crucial. We are them below:

1.UAE Golden Visa is among the types of visa in UAE for working for a long-term i.e., stay from five 5 to 10 years permit for residency in UAE for eligible foreigners to work, live, or study in the UAE.

2.UAE Green Visa is a residence visa that is self-sponsored by individuals working as freelancers, skilled employees, self-employed, or independent workers.

3.A residence visa for working outside the UAE is for foreign individuals who want to work remotely for companies outside the UAE but want to reside in the country and valid for 1 year and issued to individuals earning at least 3,500 USD or the equivalent per month.

4.Retirement residence visa for foreign nationals aged over 55 and residing in the UAE for five years.

5.A business residence visa for the UAE is a type of Green Visa issued to businessmen and investors actively participating in the UAE’s financial or commercial activities.

6.Residence visas for family members are for dependents sponsored by foreigners with a UAE residence permit or valid for residence in the UAE.

Business Visa

One can apply for a business visa in UAE by investing in properties or businesses in the United Arab Emirates. It is issued with a validity of 5 -10 years. Also, you can obtain a visit visa to explore investment and business opportunities in the UAE. This is a single-entry visa valid for 60-120 days. There is no requirement for sponsorship from within the UAE.

Student Visa

This is a type of residence visa issued to individuals who are applying for study programs in the UAE. Applicants should be sponsored by their parents or by an accredited institute within the UAE for their academics. Typically, Student Visas are issued for a year stay and then it is renewed for the same period provided the conditions like enrollment in the academic program.

Transit Visa

A Transit Visa in UAE is for non-UAE-nationals who want to enter the UAE for a brief time span and fly to another destination. Transit Visa in UAE comes with two types:

  • 48 hours validity Transit Visa
  • 96 hours validity Transit Visa

Dependent Visa

A dependent visa for a family member also called a family visa in UAE can be sponsored by employers and employees both with valid UAE residence visas. Employees can request residency permits for their families regardless of their job nature until or unless their minimum income is from AED 4,000-3,000 plus accommodation. It is mandatory to clear the medical and health fitness examination for the applicant.

Patient and Companion Visa

People from all over the world seeking advanced medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates can apply for this visa through the sponsorship of a medical or healthcare institution or medical professional in the UAE. The visa processing is the responsibility of the medical institution or professional so that the patient’s and companion’s entry permit can be obtained.

GCC Resident Visa

As we have discussed before, nationals of Gulf Cooperation Countries can enter the United Arab Emirates without any visa requirement. However, residents of Gulf countries and their family members must apply and obtain their eVisa to validate their entry into the UAE and it will be granted to them for 30 days.

Retirement Visa

Individuals of age above 55 who are retired can obtain this visa. The retired applicant must possess the work experience of 15 years. This visa comes with a validity of five years and is required to be renewed upon the individual’s request. However, the conditions for this visa are:

  • The applicant must invest AED 2 M in UAE real estate
  • The applicant must have AED 1 M or more in his bank account
  • An individual’s pension or retirement income from any source must be AED 20,000 per month

Tourist Visa

Tourists are issued with visas to stay in the UAE for 30 to 90 days depends on their intended stay duration in the United Arab Emirates. Individuals can obtain short and long stay tourist visas as single or multiple-entry visas.


As more and more people from all around the world are pouring into the UAE, the government is facilitating them with various types of visa in UAE. From visiting visas like tourists, GCC visas, or transit to residency visas like retirement, Green Visa, or Golden visa, there are a lot of UAE visa types that people can apply for.

Not only the government of the UAE is taking initiatives to ease the visa processing procedures, but also helping people in making their visa renewals seamless. If you want to know more about it or relevant topics, feel free to contact us or visit our website for more insights.

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