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Ukrainians can now get residency visa the UAE 2023 – #1 guider

Ukrainian citizens now have the opportunity to reside in the UAE for one year without the need for a sponsor with a UAE visa Ukraine. This is due to a scheme invented by the UAE government to help nationals of countries facing war circumstances or crises.

In this article, we will be talking about how Ukranians can now move to the UAE without sponsorship. Many countries around the world are offering their support to Ukranian citizens during these difficult times and the UAE is one of them. Let us learn more about the UAE visa Ukraine:

  1. The UAE grants Ukrainians the option to reside in the country
  2. To take advantage of your time in the UAE, apply for a Freelance Visa

1. The UAE grants Ukrainians the option to reside in the country

Last year, the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE, in a statement, confirmed that Ukrainian citizens can opt for a one-to-three-year UAE visa through Tasheel centers.

In addition, stranded tourists who traveled to the UAE before the crisis will also have the option to stay in the UAE for up to one year without being subject to overstay fines. “Ukrainian nationals who have been in the United Arab Emirates for more than 30 + 10 days are exempt from paying overstaying fines,” the statement said.

The procedure was approved in a resolution issued in 2017 to grant citizens of war zones, such as Ukrainians, an extendable one-year UAE visa, offering them a chance to improve their living situation until they are ready to return home. “We thank the United Arab Emirates government for their support to Ukrainian nationals trying to improve their living situation before returning home,” the embassy said.

Last month, the MoFAIC assured that Ukrainian nationals will have visa-free entry upon arriving in the UAE. “The UAE provides critical assistance to Ukrainian citizens in the UAE who need help, in coordination with the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE,” the ministry added.

1.1 What do Ukrainians need to opt for a UAE Visa?

In a guide posted by the Ukrainian embassy in the UAE, Ukrainians can obtain their UAE Visa for Dh150 (excluding insurance fees and medical examination) through Tasheel centers by submitting the following documents:

  • A color photo
  • Copy of the passport valid for at least 5 months
  • Copy of the UAE resident’s health insurance policy
  • A Medical fitness report (For Ukrainian nationals above 18 years of age)
  • Emirates ID application form

The only inconvenience is that you can get your UAE Visa while in Ukraine, you need to apply for it in the Country

2. The other best option is to apply for a Freelance Visa

It is well known that the United Arab Emirates is a country that offers many working opportunities for immigrants. For instance, its tax scheme and the high wages in Dubai are considered very attractive to foreigners. If you want to come to the UAE to work, your best option may be a freelance Visa

The Freelance Visa in the United Arab Emirates is a type of Visa that allows any individual to work and live in the country legally. The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) approved this Visa in 2018. It is available to individuals who work in a wide variety of fields, such as technology, media, finance, and education.

To acquire a Freelance Visa Dubai , individuals must meet certain criteria. This criterion includes things such as providing evidence of financial stability and demonstrating professional experience. Applicants might also be requested to provide other documentation, such as proof of health insurance and a valid passport.

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