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How can you become a professional freelance hairstylist?

Hairdressing services can be a luxury or perhaps a necessary social activity for many. In this sense, as a freelance hairstylist; you will always find a market to participate in, as there will always be someone who requests a haircut and can hire you.

In this article, we are going to talk about freelance hairstylists; skills, and characteristics related to this profession. Let us now observe:

  1. What is a freelance hairstylist? Definition and characteristics
  2. Why study to be a freelance hairdresser?
  3. How much of skill does a freelance hairstylist need?
  4. What equipment will you need as a freelance hairdresser?
  5. How much can a professional freelance hairstylist earn?
  6. Consideration of customers
  7. How can we help you become a professional freelance hairdresser?

1. What is a freelance hairstylist? Definition and characteristics

A freelance hairstylist is a person who cuts and styles hair independently. Likewise, the freelance hairstylist is in charge of all the trades related to the styling and care of hair.

There are many reasons you may decide to work for the styling industry, but being able to work for yourself is one of the most important.

Freelance hairstylists may be associated with house calls or perhaps mobile services, but many salons can rent out individual chairs to stylists. In this way, there is a chance that you may have stumbled across a hairdressing freelancer without realizing it.

Thus, it means that there is a general acceptance of recognition for freelance hairstylists. To learn more about this topic, Connect Freelance can offer you guidance and direction.

1.1 Why become a freelance hairdresser nowadays?

There are a wide variety of reasons why hairdressing may be the right career for you. For anyone who enjoys socializing and interacting with clients and colleagues, working as a freelance hairstylist is an excellent choice. Plus you can choose whether it will be to one or a large group of a salon.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is that it rewards the creativity and skill of the hairdresser along with their freelance activities. While many people will opt for simple haircuts, there are always opportunities to enhance the style of the clients.

You will succeed in establishing your direction if you know how to stay in your lane, with the trends that present themselves and the opportunities to build your reputation.

There is also the possibility of offering additional care, such as nails and skincare. In addition, specializing in beards or facial hair as a barber will add positively to your career. Please contact us for more related information and expert advice.

1.2 Complementary careers in hairdressing

It is well known that there is a wide variety of complementary careers in hairdressing. You can opt for marketing, or perhaps become a social media influencer. Therefore, it is your responsibility to choose the option that suits you best.

It is notorious that, in addition to what is necessary to work (knowledge, skill, creativity, etc.), this profession can become very well paid if you build a client base and a good reputation.

  • When working as a hairdresser, you can opt for freelance work or decide to grow your business by opening a salon. You may also be sought after for fashion or film work. Consequently, you also can become the owner of several hairdressing salons, and thus establish a renowned chain.
  • It is also a good option if we look at it from the point of view of flexibility and schedules. That is, although many freelancers are limited by their number of clients, you can set your hours.
  • This way you can move between part-time, full-time, or perhaps split between home, mobile work, and salon.

2. Why study to be a freelance hairdresser?

It does not matter how talented you are, it is always necessary to receive training before you start styling on a professional level. After you start attending a school where you are filled with knowledge about the profession, you will find that you know more about what you do not know than what you do know; regardless of how prepared you feel you are before you enter.

If you learned to do hairstyles empirically, then the hairstylist school will polish you in that area. That is, you should not discount the extra knowledge that can help you become a professional.

As the main addition, studying in recognized academies will allow you to obtain related degrees and certificates that will allow you to operate smoothly.

2.1 What is the career of a freelance hairdresser like?

When you have decided to become a freelance hairstylist, you will have several work options:

  • Having the salon at home means not having to spend on travel. However, it does involve legal and insurance considerations.
  • If you own a mobile salon it means you have to travel to where your clients are. Therefore, this adds transportation costs, but you will not have to pay to rent a chair in a salon.
  • The flexibility added to your work is priceless, as is the ability to establish close relationships with clients.
  • If you decide to rent a chair in a salon, first of all, that has benefits as well. First, you can enjoy working in an established business from the start, including walk-in clients. However, keep in mind that you must pay a fee for the rental of the chair where you are working.

2.2 Less experienced hairdressers

Each time you go to work with different clients you will have different situations. In addition, less experienced hairdressers and younger stylists will usually be responsible for applying shampoos and conditioners.

It should also be noted that younger stylists may start by doing simple cuts, and making sure everything in the workspace is clean and tidy.

As time goes by, you will gain more experience and have more communication with your clients. In this way, you will be able to learn how to give practical advice, suggest ideas, and do cuts and styling.

Do not underestimate how long it can take to become a senior stylist. It may take 10 to 20 years of apprenticeship before you are considered an experienced stylist.

2.3 Working in industries that require hairdressers

If you choose to work in industries that require hairdressers, you may find that your daily routine will be very different. It should also be noted that an office routine will not be the same as an event-related routine such as weddings, birthdays, a film, fashion, television, or event and celebrity services.

If you manage to become a freelance celebrity stylist, you can travel around the world, instead of working days in the same salon.

There is a possibility to donate both your time and part of your income to charity projects that relate to the world of the beauty and styling industry.

3. How much of skill does a freelance hairstylist need?

You need to be able to do quality work with the skill of your hands. Therefore you need to be able to perform cutting jobs without inflicting damage to the style of the clients or injury.

Beyond skill, it is also important to have customer service abilities. Good treatment is paramount when it comes to winning over customers, and knowing how to listen to them is helpful.

To stand out to potential clients, your qualifications and education are always helpful. In addition to the basic qualifications you can obtain by studying traditionally, there is also a wide range of short courses you can take.

4. What equipment will you need as a freelance hairdresser?

The moment you are looking to become a professional hairstylist you should consider that there are expenses to be made related to the equipment to be used. A large part of what you spend initially will go towards the following things:

  • Hairdryer and scissors.
  • Hair curling tongs and curling irons
  • Hair straighteners, brushes, and combs
  • Clippers and trimmers if you are a male hairdresser.
  • Hair clips and bobby pins
  • Hairspray, gel, moisturizing cream, rubber bands

In the case of investing in professional equipment, it would be helpful to have insurance against theft or loss. In addition, you will need product and liability insurance.

These insurances provide coverage in the event of a claim by the public, injury, or damage to them or their property.

You also need to check that any additional services offered are covered by insurance, such as nail, eyebrow, or waxing treatments.

5. How much can a professional freelance hairstylist earn?

How much you earn as a hairdresser or barber will depend largely on your experience and reputation.

Location is also essential; thus, freelancing work in exclusive locations of Dubai will give you a better chance of earning high salaries than working as a hairdresser in rural areas.

You can choose to negotiate with clients whether you will set flat rates or charge by the hour. It is also possible to offer flat rates for both standard haircuts and hourly rates for some more complex consultations.

It is important to make sure that, as a freelancer, your work is profitable. Remember, by making the right use of your permit to work as a professional freelance hairstylist, you will achieve your dreams of high productivity and freedom.

5.1 How do you go about running your business?

There are several things to consider when becoming a freelance stylist:

  • Obtain a business license to operate
  • Obtain a tax identification number
  • Create a list of services to offer
  • Create a website with a business description, services, and contact information.
  • Obtain a separate bank account for your company to manage your money.
  • Purchase customer management software
  • Make a method for tracking expenses and income.

If you need professional help about the best way to start a new business, do not hesitate to ask us about our services.

6. Consideration of customers

It is important to search for customers. Although the market will always have some potential clients who want to go with the stylist, it will not necessarily mean that you have them on hand.

That is why it is important to market your business, between marketing strategies and word-of-mouth information. In this regard, the word-of-mouth marketing strategy is excellent because it requires no budget. You will only need people you know to spread the word about your venture.

If, for example, you have a friend in charge of organizing events such as weddings, baptisms, or birthdays, you can tell him or her to tell people about your work.

6.1 Grow over time by working as a freelance hairdresser.

By the time the business is operating, the most important thing is client satisfaction. In this way, getting the client to leave the business with a smile on their face is essential.

By the time you get a satisfied customer to leave, you will not have to worry about marketing, as it will spread the word to other potential customers.

6.2 Find your niche as a freelance hairdresser.

Due to a large amount of competition these days, being a specialized professional delivers great advantages. Therefore if the niche you are passionate about is in good demand, your income will be guaranteed.

Becoming known for your specialty will be the key to attracting clients and growing your business.

If you want to know more about client-freelancer-companies integration levels, on our website, we have a community specialized in that area through our market hub.

7. How can we help you become a professional freelance hairdresser?

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, hairdressing is one of the most in-demand businesses worldwide. This is because most people would prefer a professional haircut rather than trying it themselves.

If you want to become a professional freelance hairstylist and want to know more about all the benefits that come with this profession; we can help you understand them. Also, if you want more details about this business, we would be pleased to serve you.

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