887 visa processing time

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Australia subclass domestic visa 887 processing time, checklist & requirements

To stay permanently in a country, it is important that you have a long-stay permit. If you are in Australia, there are multiple visas you can apply for; especially if you already have a short-stay work permit. Generally, work visas have a time limit and when it is exceeded you can opt for a subclass 887. The question is when is the 887 visa processing time, to see if the individual can afford to wait.

In this article, you will see everything related to the 887 Australia visa. The first thing will be to define what this long-stay permit is and who can opt for it. The second thing will be to show what is the process to obtain the 887 visas in detail, in case you are interested in acquiring it. Finally, you will see other data that may be useful to you. For instance, the 887 visa processing time.

  1. What is visa 887 in Australia?
  2. How to obtain this long-stay permit?
  3. Who is eligible for the 887 visas?
  4. How long is the 887 visa processing time?
  5. What updates have been made to this visa due to COVID -19?
  6. Some FAQs
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1. What is visa 887 in Australia?

887 visa processing time

In Australia, the 887 visa is a permanent work visa in the country. This work visa is only issued to those who previously held a temporary work visa. The 887 visa allows the holder to stay in Australia permanently. However, for this to happen, you must have previously had a work visa.

In addition to having a temporary employment visa before you could apply for the 887 visas, you had to live in a specific region of Australia. It is important to keep this in mind because if you did not have a temporary work visa before you will not be eligible for the 887 visas. You will need to be in Australia to apply for this visa unless a concession applies.

This visa provides many benefits, but the main one is that you will be able to live in Australia indefinitely. In addition, if you want and meet all the eligibility requirements, you can apply for Australian citizenship. However, you should keep in mind that you must have had your 887 visas for a few years to apply for citizenship.

Although this is a work visa that you can obtain only after having a temporary work visa, there are requirements to obtain it. Most of these requirements are tied to your previous work visa. However, it is important that you read all the requirements that will be presented throughout the article. In addition, you will be able to find information that will make it easier for you to know everything related to this visa.

2. How to obtain this long-stay permit?

It is important that before going through the visa process, you have some documents ready. Next, you will see the 887 visa checklist

2.1 Identification documents

The first is the passport. It must be up to date and you must submit a photocopy of each of the pages with relevant information in this document. In addition, you must submit a photocopy of the national identification card, if you have it.

2.2 Proof of work and residency

You have to provide proof that you were working full time, that is, at least 35 hours per week, for one year, while having an authorized visa. In addition, you must present evidence that you resided in an approved area for at least 2 years.

2.3 Other documents

Finally, you must submit documents that verify your good conduct during the time you have been in Australia. You can use models 80 and 1221. In addition, you have to show some proof that you have a functional level of speaking English.

3. Who is eligible for the 887 visas?

There are certain eligibility criteria that all people who want to apply for this visa must meet. In this section, you will see all the 887 visa requirements.

All people who want to obtain the 887 Australia visa must have a visa for at least two years before applying for this long-stay permit. It is also valid that they have some of the following visa categories.

  • Independent regional subclass 495.
  • A qualified regional visa subclass 489.
  • A visa sponsored by a particular qualifying area (subclass 496)
  • Any qualified regional sponsored subclass 475 visa.
  • Visa bridge A or B.
  • A qualified regional sponsored subclass 487 visa.

Also, it is important that you know that this is not the only factor that makes you suitable for the 887 visas; you must also meet residency and work requirements.

4. How long is the 887 visa processing time?

887 visa processing time

The 887 visa processing time in 2022 took about 20 months to process the visa application. However, this time is not final and can vary, either longer or even much less. The minimum time that this visa can be delayed is estimated at approximately 14 months. It is important to keep these times in mind when you apply.

It is important to understand that this waiting time may seem very long to you. However, it is expected that the 887 visa processing time in 2023 will be reduced to avoid these long waits. Likewise, it is recommended to be aware of any updates regarding your application. You must remain attentive to any notification when the waiting periods mentioned above have expired.

5. What updates have been made to this visa due to COVID -19?

Due to all the situations that arose with the COVID-19 virus, there are concessions applicable for some Australian visas. For the 887 visas, you can find two types of concessions that will depend on two factors related to your location at the time of the application.

The concessions will depend solely and exclusively on whether the person applying for this visa is inside or outside Australia. To better understand how these concessions are granted, we will see this in detail below.

5.1 If you are located outside of Australia

If you apply during the grant period, you can apply even while you are out of the country. In addition, you can still be outside the country and you can be granted a visa. In addition, if you meet the work and residency requirements for a shorter period:

  • You must have evidence that you have worked full-time for at least nine months or even less if this is permitted. In addition, you must have evidence that you lived in a specific region of Australia.
  • You have lived in Australia for at least 18 months or less in a specified region of the country.

5.2 If you are in Australia

If you are inside the country and want to apply for an 887 visa during the concession period, you must keep one thing in mind. This is that you must provide certain evidence that demonstrates to the authorities that you meet the established requirements. Therefore, below you can see what evidence you must provide if you are in Australia at the time of making the application:

  • You will need to show that you worked full-time for a period of nine months. All this is in a specific area of ​​Australia.
  • You will need to prove that you lived for two years in a specific area of ​​Australia.

6. Some FAQs

When these types of processes are carried out, it is normal for questions to arise regarding certain aspects of the process and derivatives. For this reason, you will be able to see the frequently asked questions that can be observed regarding the 887 visas.

6.1 What is the fee for an 887 visa?

This visa costs AUD 425. However, there are additional fees if you include family members in your application. These rates will be individual for each member and will also vary depending on their command of English. If any of the family members do not have a functional level of English, they must pay a fee.

The rate that must be paid for each family member who does not have a functional level of English will be the second installment. All this is for each family member who is over 18 years old and does not have proof of English language proficiency.

6.2 Can I bring family members with an 887 visa?

The answer is yes; you can sponsor your family members with you using the 887 visas. However, please note that to do this you will need to include all your family members at the time you apply. You should keep this in mind, as you will not be able to add any family members after you apply.

You should keep in mind that you will only be able to bring those family members who are part of your close family unit. This unit includes your partner, yourself, or your partner’s children. It does not matter if this is a minor or a dependent adult. You can also include your partner’s stepchildren regardless of whether they are minor or dependent adults or your grandchildren.

All family members who have been granted a visa have the same rights as the applicant. In addition, they will be able to do the same as the applicant without any problem regarding their rights.

6.3  What travel restrictions do the 887 visas have?

The 887 visas will not allow you to travel after five years have elapsed. This is because Australian permanent visas only have a travel facility that expires five years after the visa is issued. If you want to travel freely and without worries with the 887 visa, you will need to apply for a returning resident visa.

You do not need to apply for an RRV visa if you do not plan to travel. However, if you leave Australia without the RRV and an expired travel facility you may have problems. This is because you may not be allowed to re-enter as a permanent resident. Therefore, it is important to know this if you wish to travel outside of Australia.

6.4  What benefits does the 887 visa grant?

With this visa you can work and study anywhere you want in Australia. In addition, you will be able to sponsor relatives who are eligible for permanent residence. Similarly, if you meet all the requirements and are eligible, you may apply for Australian citizenship. You can travel to and from Australia for a period of five years.

6.5  What happens if I have debts?

To obtain this visa you must have paid, or otherwise have arranged to pay, any outstanding debt to the Australian government.

6.6  What obligations must I fulfill after obtaining the visa?

You and your family members who have been granted a visa must comply with Australian law. In addition, they must comply with all the conditions that are established in their visa. Keep in mind that it is essential to always respect the laws of the countries regardless of their place of origin.

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