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What is standard cost of living in Dubai, UAE 2023 – Perfect Guider

Living without worrying about your monthly expenses means you are a millionaire. Unfortunately, most of us have to assess them to avoid getting caught in debt. Hence, you should come with us and learn everything you can about the cost of living in Dubai.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about the Dubai cost of living. Above all, it includes paragraphs regarding how high it is and the rental prices in Dubai. So, decide if the UAE will be your future home or not after reviewing the following subjects:

  1. Is the cost of living in Dubai is high?
  2. The expenses of the Dubai cost of living
  3. How can rental prices in Dubai vary?
  4. Where can you find more information about the cost of living in Dubai?

1. Is the cost of living in Dubai is high?

Let us picture the following scenario: it is summer, and you want a new location to live and work overseas. Assuredly, you can find moving to Portugal from the USA attractive. But a friend visits you and convinces you to choose the UAE as your future home.

How did he convince you? Above all, he showed you how high the cost of living in Dubai is regarding other locations. First, he pointed out that Per person’s monthly expenses without rent in Dubai (USD 947) are lower than in London (USD 1,180) and New York (USD 1,364).

On the other hand, you saw that such a tendency is the same for the average rent (USD 1,400), the taxi fare (USD 0.68 per km), and the Petrol (USD 0.67 per liter) in Dubai. As a result, he showed you that the UAE is a nation with average expenses.

Finally, you begin the legal procedures and buy your plane ticket and travel insurance. However, you stop for a moment, wondering about the specific expenses of the Dubai cost of living. Fortunately, our following topic will show you all you need to know about them.

2. The expenses of the Dubai cost of living

Similarly to any other city, several aspects shape the cost of living in the UAE. After all, you will not spend your days in a place using your earnings to pay for one thing. So, let us discuss the expenses of the Dubai cost of living.

In essence, the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates involves more than paying for accident insurance. Indeed, it includes expenses related to housing, utilities, and entertainment. Consequently, these are the ones we will address in detail to discover the standard of living in Dubai.

On the other hand, remember that the Dubai living cost also depends on your average salary. In other words, you will spend what your job in the UAE allows you to. On the contrary, you may get in trouble with the UAE authorities.

Let us show you the expenses of the Dubai cost of living you can cover through a UAE Remote Work Visa:

2.1 Renting an apartment in Dubai

Your first concern about moving to Dubai is housing. Ergo, you have to choose an apartment whose rent does not take away most of your average salary. Instead, you should pick one that allows you to work comfortably after getting your Freelance Permit.

In Dubai, a one-bedroom apartment in City Center has a monthly rent of USD 1,400. Furthermore, it decreases to USD 894 if it locates outside of the City Center. Therefore, you will need an average salary of at least USD 3,000 to cover this part of the Dubai living cost.

On the other hand, renting an apartment in Dubai may involve an increase of 50% in rent if you move from a one-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom apartment. Most importantly, remember that property insurance is a must-have if you live in the UAE.

2.2 Buying groceries

Going to the supermarket is an experience almost every place worldwide shares. In the UAE, your grocery bills will not be as high as your fire insurance payments. However, they can influence your standard of living in Dubai tremendously.

In essence, you can buy imported groceries in Dubai from several countries. For instance, you could pay AED 8.33 for one kg of apples or AED 8.40 for 200 g of cheese. Assuredly, their price may vary depending on the market. After all, Dubai has expensive and affordable supermarkets.

To sum up, you can only expect high grocery bills if you buy food such as expensive meat cuts. So, attend affordable markets while you read about the new employment visa rules of 2022 to make them lower.

2.3 Utilities

Does the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates include utilities? Yes, it does. In this sense, you will have to pay for electricity, water connection, TV and internet package, and mobile plans. Therefore, they can affect the cost of living in Dubai considerably.

In the case of TV and internet packages, you will find only two providers in Dubai: Etisalat and du. Indeed, you will need to pay AED 389 for a basic package of 250 Mbps, 200 TV channels, and free calls every month.

Do you need a higher internet speed to work as a Freelance Artist? Well, it will increase your monthly bill to AED 1,000.

Last, it is worth mentioning that the Dubai cost of living includes approximately AED 608 for regular utilities such as electricity, water, and cooling. Therefore, make sure your average salary covers it without problems. On the contrary, you may drown in bills you cannot pay.

2.4 Entertainment

As a tourist destination, Dubai has numerous attractions to choose from if you want some entertainment. Nonetheless, you should enjoy the ones that do not substantially increase your Dubai living cost. Let us discuss what you can enjoy with the members of your Freelance Partnership.

Above all, you can see a movie in Dubai after paying AED 40 for each ticket. On the other hand, you can also hit the gym and stay in shape by paying AED 298 for your membership. Lastly, eating in restaurants may cost between AED 250 and AED 1,000.

In summary, the cost of living in the UAE allows you to enjoy your rest days accordingly. As a result, you will realize it is the best place you can choose to live and work. Our following topic will emphasize that by talking about rental prices in Dubai.

3. How can rental prices in Dubai vary?

Living in the UAE is not only about your daily expenses and the Freelance Visa cost. In addition, you also have to assess what you can do with your income regarding progress. So, let us discuss the rental prices and how they affect the cost of living in Dubai.

In this sense, we think it is better for you to learn about four specific rental prices. Indeed, they are the most common activities foreign citizens want to perform in the UAE. As a result, you will have all you need to plan your budget adequately.

Finally, remember that these are not the only rental prices influencing the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates. Hence, you are free to look for additional ones regarding your plans. After all, you probably want to upgrade your standard of living in Dubai.

Let us reveal the rental prices in Dubai that you can cover through a Freelance Work Permit:

3.1 Public Education

Some years ago, you took an excellent step and began your career as a Freelance Model in the UAE. However, you are now more adult and have a family with one or more children. Thus, you may be wondering how expensive public education is in Dubai.

Assuredly, the rental prices of public education will not affect your Dubai cost of living. Indeed, your children can attend public schools in the UAE if you pay AED 6,000 (USD 1,635) every year. As a result, you will enjoy the advantages of the terrific education system in Dubai.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that such a payment is not mandatory for Emirati nationals. In other words, only ex-pats must pay the annual tuition to allow their children to attend government schools. Nonetheless, you can also join the private education system.

3.2 Private Education

Logically, you will increase your cost of living in the UAE by changing your children to a private school. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent option if you move to Dubai from the UK. Let us discuss how private education can affect your yearly expenses considerably.

First, it is essential to mention that Dubai is the only Emirate that limits private schools’ annual tuition. Indeed, it prevents them from increasing their rates at excessive amounts every year. As a result, you will consider if you want to enjoy the advantages of an international school.

Most importantly, private schools’ fees in Dubai may vary between AED 13,630 (USD 3,710) and AED 21,400 (USD 5,830) every year. By all odds, it represents a substantial increase in the cost of living in Dubai. However, it is an excellent option if your average salary covers it without issues.

3.3 Attending college

Unequivocally, your children will grow up and, one day, they may want to attend college. In this sense, Dubai has 65 colleges of several disciplines for Emirati and expatriate students. So, let us talk about how higher education can affect the cost of living in the UAE.

Above all, you should know that there is a fundamental difference between public and private universities in the UAE: their teaching language. Ergo, public colleges use Arabic as their medium of teaching. On the contrary, private universities use English.

In this sense, the rental price of a college may vary depending on the degree you want to get. For instance, an undergraduate degree can cost up to AED 173,400 (USD 47,209). On the contrary, you will need to pay up to AED 82,200 (USD 22,379) for a graduate degree.

3.4 Moving through the city

You can move through Dubai using one of two means while you learn about the minimum wage in Dubai. First, you can use the public transportation system if you are new to the city. Second, you can enjoy the advantages of car ownership if your average salary allows it.

By all odds, you will not increase the cost of living in Dubai by using public transportation. After all, a single bus ticket will cost you AED 5 (USD 1.36). Do you want to arrive faster? Then, you can pay AED 2.48 (USD 0.68) per km to use a taxi.

On the other hand, you can buy a car in the UAE, such as a Toyota Corolla, by paying AED 70,900 with a 5-year payback plan. Once you have one, you will need to pay AED 2.47 (USD 0.67) for every liter of Petrol you use.

4. What is it in for you to know about the Average cost of living in Dubai?

Unequivocally, the UAE is a country with terrific opportunities to start a new life and boost your professional career. However, it is essential for you to discover your plans in Dubai, UAE. Moving to Dubai, UAE can open up plenty of opportunities for you in terms of living your life personally and professionally. We from connect Freelance welcome your decisions to move to Dubai.

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