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The do’s and don’ts of freelancing in the UAE

For every business, it is always necessary to establish guidelines for growth, and even more so when you are freelancing in the UAE, as it is a nation of very high competition.

In this article, we will talk about the things to do and what not to do in a freelancing job in the UAE to be successful. We will also approach the subject from a positive point of view, where we will give you a frame of reference for you to go far with your freelance business.

  1. The technological paradigm
  2. Do: Process and obtain your license officially
  3. Do not: Be afraid of debts or down payments
  4. Do: Find the work environment that fits your needs
  5. Do not: bend over backward if you are under pressure because your job requires overtime
  6. Do: enjoy the flexibility that freelancing offers you
  7. Do not: forget to maintain the cash flow you generate.
  8. How can we help you to improve your freelancing performance in the UAE?

1. The technological paradigm

The technological paradigm shift has touched us all and has managed to change many ways of thinking. In this way, as more people try to avoid the corporate structure in favor of independent flexibility, there are more questions than answers.

When talking about freelancing in the UAE, we tread a difficult terrain, which poses many challenges. Therefore, questions related to the success of freelance work, and why more and more people are considering migrating to this way of working, are on the table. In this sense, freelance-related jobs have no limits. Thus, you can work from creative writing to marketing and personal training. All these fields are possible and we are not even counting the digital and web-related fields.

Having control in a work environment means a lot. And this modern way of working fills a lot of gaps. And being able to manage the hours and workload as freelancers do seems to be more attractive than ever. Every control has its cost, therefore you should always consider the delay of payment of high initial fees. There will always be initial challenges in terms of being legally registered. Therefore, this comes at a cost. However, you can be rewarded because with the right insurance you will be covered if something goes wrong on a job.

Therefore, if you want to start freelancing in the UAE, do not be afraid to start with the basics. In this sense, start with the process of your freelance visa in the UAE, so that you are legally registered and you will begin to enjoy success as it should. To learn more about improving your freelancing performance in the UAE, we have a team ready for you at Connect Freelance.

2. Do: Process and obtain your license officially

There is nothing like working legally, and in these terms, the most appropriate thing to distinguish you from the rest is to have a license to work. This way you will be able to distinguish yourself from the rest and you will be considered a serious worker. In this sense, you should consider from the beginning if you want a professional business, because it will need a license. Therefore, this decision represents an expense, especially for freelancing in the UAE, where the cost of living is high.

Consider the costs from the beginning to be prepared. And do not forget that each license has its fee, just as each freelancer visa has its fee and each general expense has a financial connotation that you must take into account.

Other expenses that you should also take into account are health insurance, as well as day-to-day expenses. Of course, all this money outflow will pay off in the long run, so you should not be discouraged. And much less should you be discouraged to see other freelancers working illegally because you should think that in the long run people will prefer your work because of your level of professionalism.

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3. Do not: Be afraid of debts or down payments

Freelancing in the UAE has many positive aspects, but you must be careful because everything represents high sums of money due to the high standard of living. Therefore, if you have a freelance work permit, you have to try to have covered all the aspects that could affect you.

When you start your freelancing journey, pay is often the biggest concern. This is because it is not so easy for a newbie to ask for advance payments, especially when the client does not know the effectiveness of your work. When you start making use of your freelancer visa, you realize that some people who hire your services may want your work very much, but may delay payment.

Additionally, if you analyze the expenses you have incurred to get your freelance visa in the UAE, and the costs of setting up in the UAE, it is reasonable to be concerned about securing your payment. Therefore, do not be afraid to consider requesting deposits in advance. This may also help you solve tax problems in the future.

As your business grows, charging for an advance deposit will no longer be an issue. Therefore, be encouraged to work this way, as it generates many benefits. In the same way, when you establish your payment terms and cycles, you will be generating confidence in your customers. In this sense, you will be able to demonstrate your professionalism by making use of your freelance visa in the UAE.

After all, there is a solution to every problem. Therefore, if you have problems with your late payment customers, some companies will take care of them. These companies will take care of your payment. In this way, you will receive your payment regardless of whether the company receives it or not.

4. Do: Find the work environment that fits your needs

What may be an ideal work environment does not represent the same definition for everyone. In this sense, for someone freelancing in the UAE, the ideal is not to leave home. However, there will be those who want a structure or office space to work in. Some freelancers work from the offices of their clients. This way they can understand firsthand what the business is like. Likewise, when they are so close to the client they develop much more affinity and contact.

However, it is worth noting that this is not an option for everyone. Many workers use their freelancer visa to work in some local cafes or they can also work in an internal office at home or on their couch. One of the best tips you can get when freelancing in the UAE is to keep your workspace away from your home. This way you can keep your work separate from your family time.

5. Do not: Bend over backward if you are under pressure because your job requires overtime

There are too many pros and cons associated with being your boss. In this sense, you may become the toughest manager you have ever had, or you may also become the most flexible boss you have ever known. It all depends on you and the decisions you consider when it comes to managing your work.

Freelancing in the UAE has a lot to do with this, as you can become too demanding, just as you can become distracted and stop doing your job. Do not forget that your body needs rest, but also exercise and health.

If you are working from home, do not leave aside the time to exercise either in the morning or at night. Breaks are also undervalued and you should give them the proper importance. This way, even if you work from home, you will still experience a healthy work environment.

On the contrary, if you are in an office you may lose track of time. In this sense, many times workers get lost in spending too much time staring at a screen without a break. There are freelancers in the UAE who find it useful to incentivize breaks. Through this, you can come up with several incentives that are profitable to you and are given by yourself, as a kind of reward. This only tends to generate you feel relieved of the workload.

6. Do: Enjoy the flexibility that freelancing offers you

Through freelance work, you have the benefit of not being accountable when you get up from your work chair to do anything. Therefore, you will always be able to run your errands without being accountable for a job. This gives you priceless flexibility, as you can spend time with your loved ones or simply take time for yourself without any regrets.

Traditional office jobs offer many benefits, but they tend to be inflexible and rigid when it comes to time management. Therefore, the benefit you get from working as a freelancer surpasses many of the expectations that a traditional job can offer.

Freelancing in the UAE can be wonderful in this sense, as you will be able to enjoy the country like no other worker. You will have access to schedules that other people cannot and you will be able to program your agenda according to your desires and priorities. Most people are not turned off by working long hours in a traditional job. However, they do wish they could participate more actively in family life without losing their job and delivering for their clients.

This aspect is crucial, as the life that the world has developed in recent times, demands a lot of flexibility in schedules. In this sense, everything is more accessible, everything is at hand in a matter of seconds and everything happens faster than before. Therefore, no one wants to miss anything that is happening, everyone wants to be everywhere at the same time.

Being everywhere at the same time represents the need for flexibility in life, not just at work. In this aspect, freelance work helps a lot, since it allows for combining aspects that were unthinkable in the past, such as work and schedule flexibility.

7. Do not: Forget to maintain the cash flow you generate

Because you do not have a monthly salary system you will have variations in your income. Therefore, you will have to deal with low seasons where your income will be lower. Additionally, you will enjoy high seasons, where your bank account will increase.

While freelancing in the UAE, you should make sure that you can support yourself for at least one year. This is because the city may have seasons that do not give you the income in large amounts. Therefore, as a good planner, you should have everything covered. This is a key aspect. You will need to maintain your financial accounts properly. This is even if you do not meet the minimum turnover required to register for vat.

Consequently, keeping your financial accounts adequate will allow you to be up to date. Therefore, this is in case you have to submit them to the Federal Tax Authority. An additional benefit related to having your finances in order is that you can track your earnings. It will also allow you to easily spot any invoices you need.

8. How can we help you improve your freelancing performance in the UAE?

The freelance world is in one of its best moments. It is always recommended to stay informed on what great freelancer entrepreneurs do to achieve success. Even more so if you want to develop yourself by freelancing in Dubai as it is a top location; especially for any professional who wants to grow their business.

For more information about ho how can we help you to improve your freelancing performance in the UAE; we have qualified staff to provide you with information and assistance.

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