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Freelance Graphic Designer: 7 Strategies for Achieving Success

Being a freelance graphic designer can be a very creative and rewarding way to make a living. However, it involves a series of challenges no matter where you are. For example, how to find clients, manage projects, set prices, apply for the respective freelance visa, and others. To be successful as a freelance graphic designer Dubai you need to develop a series of strategies. With this, you can optimize your time, your talent, and your money.

In this article, we present seven strategies that you can apply to achieve success as a freelance graphic designer. These strategies range from how to create an attractive portfolio to how to negotiate with clients. The idea is to learn to take advantage of social networks and online platforms. Finally, you have to know that these strategies will help you improve your quality of life, satisfy your clients, and increase your reputation.

1. Appoint an Accountant

freelance graphic designer

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and stress, it is best to hire an accountant for your company. At first, it will be a waste of money, but over time the accountant will save you money through deductions. Additionally, by hiring an accountant you will save a lot of time.

On the other hand, when you start telling people that you have your own studio, one of the first questions is how you are going to manage your taxes. Every freelancer in the UAE has to know how to manage their own taxes. To solve this problem; it is best to hire an accountant who has this job and, in turn, the freelancer has less burden.

2. Make a Template for a Proposal

As a freelancer, it is important to have a good staff to be able to find a job in the best companies in Dubai. What you are going to include in your template or portfolio as a freelance graphic designer will depend on the stage of your career. That is, if you are just starting out or if you are an established professional looking for new clients. Essentially, the elements you have to include in your proposal are the following.

Include your best works: Despite not having a large number of works, it is important to review all your projects and select the best ones. Thus, your freelance graphic designer portfolio becomes more attractive to companies that want your services.

Personalize your freelance graphic designer portfolio: It is essential to include your name on the home page. Additionally, you have to add a section so that people can get to know you as a freelance graphic designer and as a person. A good idea is to choose to talk about your main interests in terms of design. For example, what type of career you hope to pursue and include contact information

Show diversity and your best work in the freelance graphic designer portfolio: If you are looking for a job as a freelance graphic designer your portfolio is going to have a different look. Each client wants a different type of design. Therefore, it is vitally important for a freelancer to showcase their varied range of design skills. Portfolios do not just have to include a variety of designs. In addition, they have to include different styles within the different design categories.

In summary, just as there are aspects that impact the jobs of content writers, graphic designers have too.

3. Create a Balance Between Productivity and Brainstorming

If you want to be the best freelancer in the UAE, this aspect is the first thing you have to learn. Generally, a freelance graphic designer has too many new ideas, but does not know how to present them or if it is too much. That is, they usually have too many ideas for passive income and have a hard time focusing on just one at a time. This can be a problem because the idea is to focus on client work, and at the same time attract new clients.

Additionally, while there is a transition from client work, you have to focus on passive income. However, instead of focusing on work, they often find themselves exploring a set of new creative ideas. As a result, they are distracted and the current work usually remains in the background. A good way to solve this is to create a schedule. That is, establish schedules to brainstorm the corresponding ideas and then start doing the work correctly.

Another great advantage of making a schedule is that it helps you deliver all your work on time. Punctuality is an aspect that companies value highly, especially for freelancers.

4. Change Your Scenery

freelance graphic designer

Generally, a freelance graphic designer has difficulty sitting in an office chair for many hours at a time. That is why, instead of working full-time, they prefer to become freelancers. In order to achieve this, it is best to take different breaks throughout the day. Thus, they do not have the feeling of fatigue from sitting for many hours behind a computer.

Many times a good option is even going for a walk to a nearby coffee shop. That is, go for a walk and change the scenery so that ideas can flow in a sensational way. In addition, distractions when working from home are the order of the day. Therefore, leaving the home office and going to a coffee shop allows you to have greater concentration and be more productive.

5. Have Patience

Being patient is probably the hardest lesson to learn for a freelance graphic designer Dubai. This way, if you start with some client projects and still feel impatient to find new clients, you should not lose your cool. When freelancing in Dubai as a graphic designer, you may feel pressured initially by not having clients.

In general, many people feel pressured by not having the number of clients they expected at the beginning. However, for freelance graphic designer jobs, you will need to be patient at the starting point. Additionally, you must maintain a clear vision of the type of clients you want to have as a freelance graphic designer UAE.

This way, you can better choose the projects you want to take on. Therefore, it is important to know how to say no to some potential clients. This way, you can eventually attract clients who best suit your way of working.

6. Saying No Actually Feels Good

Many times independent graphic designers do not know how to say no to their clients. Furthermore, this is seen even in the best freelance jobs in the UAE. In this way, incorporating the word into your ideas cannot be a good business philosophy. However, it is not easy to say no to a client when you have no others and you need to get a project.

Therefore, although it may be difficult, sometimes saying no may be a better solution than accepting a project that does not fit the client’s ideas. This way, when a client wants to hire a freelance graphic designer on another occasion they will have your contact in case they need someone with their ideas.

On the other hand, there are cases where the freelance graphic designer payment terms do not match the client’s payment methods. In this case, if you cannot reach an agreement, it is better to say no and avoid any type of problem with this. Furthermore, it is important not to carry out projects in which your ideas do not fit and to avoid misunderstandings with clients.

7. Give Your Business Enough Time to Heal

When you start as a freelance graphic designer you can have a lot of free time while you find clients. Therefore, it is important that you take the time and invest in your business. This way, you can design pricing packages, develop projects, optimize your freelance graphic designer resume, the characteristics of your ideal client, and much more.

Additionally, you can design a website that requires a large investment of time and money. Taking advantage of every moment to improve your business is important. This way, you can avoid getting stressed and blindly searching for clients without any kind of plan.

If you have a stressed or scared mindset from the start, your business is missing a key component. Therefore, you must define what sets you apart from the competition and what your business objectives are.

For this reason, it is important that you take your time and immerse yourself in the process of discovering your company. Freelance companies in the UAE need to invest time to get to know each other. This case is not different and you need to think about what makes it different from the rest.

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