A Comprehensive Guide to Ajman Business License for Freelancers

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A Comprehensive Guide to Ajman Business License for Freelancers

If you are a professional in the amazing world of business in the UAE as a freelancer, you should know that Ajman is a great option to expand or establish yourself. But first of all, you must know all the parameters that you must follow to obtain your Ajman business license to be able to work in Ajman.

In this article, we will travel in a guide made for you to learn more about the simple process you must follow to apply for the Ajman business license. It does not matter if you are a graphic designer, business consultant, writer, or trainer. As Ajman offers you the opportunity to work legally by having your business license. So, let’s take a closer look at how to apply business license, Business License Process, Business License Types, and Ajman business license cost among others.

Why should you get an Ajman Business License?

ajman business license

First of all, it is well known that Ajman is one of the best emirates in UAE for a business environment. This is due to its amazing location, affordable costs, and good structure. For this very reason, you must take into account why you should get a Business License in this emirate:

  1. Affordability:

The cost for a freelancer work license in Ajman is extremely low in contrast to other types of licenses. This makes this type of license one of the best for freelancers.

  • Ease:

The Business License Process as a freelancer in Ajman has become one of the fastest and easiest in recent times. In addition to not having a lot of paperwork and saving time when it comes to making the application for the same.

  • No need for a sponsor:
  • In addition, you will not need an employer sponsor or any labor partner for you to apply. This means that you will be able to operate independently without any obligation.
  • Diversity of areas:

You also have an infinite variety of areas in the freelancer system that you can choose from. For example, web design, content writing, graphic design, translation, Photography, and accounting among other areas.

  • Opportunity for global expansion:

Ajman having such an amazing location opens the door to international markets for you as a freelancer. Allowing you to take incredible advantage of local support while expanding globally.

  • License cost:

The freelancer license cost and fees among other add-ons are very reasonable compared to others. That is why it is one of the best choices when it comes to freelancing in Ajman or UAE.

Types of Business Licenses in Ajman

Now that we know the reasons why you should get your business license as a freelancer in jam let’s take a look at its types and definition. These Business License Types are specialized for different areas of autonomy and you will need to understand each one when choosing any of them as your final option:

Professional Business License:

  • This type of license is intended for you to provide your design, writing, translation, accounting, and other services. This is suitable if you do not have a specific physical location to practice your work.

E-commerce license or Ajman Business Trade License:

  • In addition, you have the E licenses or Ajman Business Trade License which are used for online sales or services through virtual platforms. This type of license will allow you to operate online commercial transactions.

Pioneer License:

  • You also have the pioneer license package which is intended for entrepreneurs between 20 and 30 years of age. This type of license offers coworking spaces and, the possibility of a residency visa among other benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining a Business License

Now that you know the types of freelancer licenses you have in the emirate of Ajman, it is of utmost importance that you know how to apply business license, the documents, and the qualification requirements you may need to be eligible for obtaining one.

Meeting the vast majority of the criteria will be very helpful when applying for a license in Ajman and can further simplify the application process. Therefore, let’s review what are these requirements or eligibility parameters that we could not find when applying for our license in Ajman.

Requirements and qualifications

First of all, you should understand several qualifications that you should keep in mind when you are eligible for your Ajman business license for freelancers. But you should keep in mind that some may change depending on the services you wish to offer in the emirate.

  1. Minimum age:

You must possess to be eligible a minimum age of 18 years old.

  • Not be employed full-time:

In addition, you must not hold any full-time job if you want to operate under this license.

  • Residency Visa:

In case you are an immigrant you must have a valid residency visa in the UAE to meet the terms of eligibility.

  • Professional Competence:

You should be able to have the skills and all the necessary competencies to provide your services. Which translates to having work experience, some educational certification, training, or certificate of courses completed.

  • Legal compliance:

In addition, you will need to comply with all the country’s business regulations for you to perform your services.

  • Criminal record:

You must also not possess any criminal record to meet the eligibility requirements Ajman business license for freelancers.

  • Business Plan:

You may need to create a business plan to describe your activities as a freelancer, what you can offer, and how you will be able to do it.

Required documents and paperwork

Depending on the type of visa you wish to choose, there may be different paperwork requirements. But in general, there are a number of them which are the most common. Let’s see which ones you may need to be eligible for your work visa.

  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Recent passport-size photo
  • Copy of your residence permit if you are a resident
  • Rental contract for your business (if applicable)
  • Medical certificate of good health

Steps to Apply for an Ajman Business License?

ajman business license

The Business License Process is currently one of the simplest. This process is important to be able to legally establish yourself in the UAE and to better prosper in this working environment.

Ajam gives you many opportunities to obtain your business license helping entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies. So, let’s take a look at the key steps you will need to follow to apply for your Ajman business license.

Initial research and planning

To start your license application process, you must do a thorough research and develop a business plan. Therefore, understanding the first steps is fundamental for the business license application:

Market analysis:

  • You have to analyze the Ajman market to better understand the demand for your products, services, and others. This is to understand the competition you may have and to understand the market trends.

Identify the type of license you want to acquire:

Evaluate the legal requirements:

  • In addition to this, you will need to understand and study the business laws and regulations that are in Ajman. Among those that may be required are the legal structure of your company, ownership requirements, and legal procedures to follow among others.

Select your location:

  • You need to be able to locate your business in a place that is favorable for your growth (if applicable). This translates to looking for areas in which you can operate comfortably making sure you can meet the payment dues.

Open a bank account:

  • Finally, to operate as a freelancer in Ajman, you will need to open a bank account to better manage all your business transactions.

Preparing required documents

After that, having all your documents ready for the Ajman business license application process is a fundamental step. Having all your documents ready will give you a plus in facilitating and speeding up the whole procedure. Let’s review all the steps that will be important to perform:

  1. License application form:

You must obtain and prepare your entire Ajman business license application form. In addition to making sure that all the information you give in it is complete and accurate.

  • Personal documents:

You must prepare a copy of your passport, and those of your partners, shareholders among others. In addition, if you are a foreigner, you must provide a copy of your residence visa.

  • Property or lease document (if applicable):

If you already have a commercial property you will have to provide a document that can prove your ownership. Also, if you are renting premises you will need to have a valid lease agreement.

  • Professional Certificates:

One of the most important documents to have ready is the necessary certificates to prove your experience or qualification in the relevant field.

  • Other documents:

You may have to provide other documents such as health certificates, safety certificates, environmental licenses, and building permits all depending on the nature of your business.

Submitting the application

After you have your documents and research ready, it is time to learn how to apply business license. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your Ajman business license.

  1. Verification of your documents:

First of all, you must do a review of all your documents, to ensure that they are all complete and that you also meet all the requirements. You must verify that no important documents are missing and that all information is accurate.

  • Select the method of submission:

You can submit your application through the economic department at Ajman. Or you could also visit the online portal of the economic department.

  • Payment of fees:

After that, you will have to pay all the fees that will be imposed on you for processing.

Approval process and timeline

After you submit your application, you will have to wait for the application review and approval process. Let’s take a look at the details of the approval process and a stipulated timeline:

Application review:

  • Once you submit your application, it will undergo a review and investigation of the documents and information given. The authorities will verify if your application complies with all the requirements, and regulations set for the type of Ajman business license you are applying for.

Site inspection (if applicable):

  • Depending on the nature of your freelancing business you will have to go through a site inspection of your business to ensure that it meets all safety and regulatory standards.

Stipulated timeline:

  • The approval process for your Ajman business license may vary depending on the type of license. But in general, the process could vary from 1 week to 3 months.

Collecting the business license

After your application is approved you will receive an approval notification from the competent authorities. There are two ways to obtain your Ajman business license:

  1. Pick up the license at the economic development department:

You can do this in person at the economic development department so that any questions you may have can be answered.

  • Online:

In addition, you can download and print your Ajman business license from the Jam Economic Development Department’s service portal.

Ajman Business License Cost

The Ajman business license cost varies depending on the type of license you want to opt for and other factors. Let’s see what are the prices and details of this Ajman business license:

  1. Freelancer license:

The Ajman business license cost of freelancer in Ajman can be AED 6,100.

  • Trading license:

The cost of the trade license can vary between AED 6,000 but the price can go up depending on several factors and if you apply for a license package.

Keep in mind that the style of Ajman business license you want to opt for can change its price depending on various personal factors. It is therefore important that when applying for one you know all the factors that these may have and change the value of the same.


To conclude, getting your Ajman Business License is an extremely simple process to get started. With this, you can get a wide range of benefits to establish your business, and entrepreneurship and embark on the world of freelancers.

Moreover, you will have various tools to help you set it up. As you can see it is important that from the beginning, I know the nature of your business to opt for the license that best suits your services or business.

This is to better optimize any procedure, permit, or requirement that you may have in the process of obtaining your Ajman business license. That is why it is important to study in depth the structure of our company and make a clear and concise decision.

Remember that, if you want to read about this and other topics related to visas, documentation, or licenses you can do it in our blog section. Or if you want to contact us you can do it at contact@connectfreelance.ae, or at +971 43 316 688, we will be waiting for you.

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