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Find out why the UAE is the perfect place to start as a freelancer

Due to the changes the world has undergone because of the pandemic, the mandatory office mode is all but gone. Therefore, being able to work as a freelancer, from anywhere and with the characteristics offered by this type of work, is a very attractive option for those who wish to start a freelance career.

In this article, we will talk about why the United Arab Emirates is an excellent choice to start your career as a freelancer. In addition, we will talk about the characteristics of the freelancing lifestyle and the opportunities that Dubai offers when you want to embark on a freelancing career. Let us now observe:

  1. How to adapt to the remote work modality?
  2. What does the independent lifestyle mean?
  3. What are the opportunities offered by the United Arab Emirates?
  4. How is the UAE infrastructure ideal freelancer careers?
  5. Local freelance career platforms
  6. Advantages of a freelance visa when pursuing a freelance career
  7. How can we help you get start your freelance career in the UAE?

1. How to adapt to the remote work modality?

Before the pandemic, freelancers already had a lot of ground to make up in terms of remote work. Also, when the world found it necessary for most work to be remote, many freelancers were already comfortable doing their work this way. Then, a freelancer already knows firsthand the positives of a distributed team. As well as the good results that this technique offers.

Similarly, in many areas, freelance work has long been done remotely. Therefore it can be said that freelancers were early adopters of the “remote first” digital model. One of the best places to develop as a freelancer than the UAE. This is because the salaries are very attractive for workers in general.

The average annual income is around AED 96,000. Therefore, if we consider this figure for comparison, we do not realize that it is very competitive. Among the factors that trigger a favorable environment for freelance work we have:

  • Cost of living: despite the fact that expenses in the territory are very high, this is compensated by the high income.
  • Income tax: The government offers affordable taxes so you can develop your freelance career.
  • Access to credit: Workers also benefit from being able to access credit.
  • Average internet speed: The UAE is one of the territories with the best average internet speed in the world.
  • Transportation networks: Modernity has influenced the Emirates so much that it has an excellent transportation network for its inhabitants.
  • Availability of free Wi-Fi: Many places offer free Wi-Fi and this is a positive aspect.

To learn more about how can we help you get started your freelance career in the UAE, we have a team at your disposal at Connect Freelance.

2. What does the independent lifestyle mean?

The ability to set your own work pace is priceless. Therefore, if you have control over your work time, you will have a much less hectic life. Likewise, when you need additional time off, you can rearrange your schedule. While in a traditional job it would be impossible to rearrange your schedule, freelance work is its counterpart.

Another additional aspect of the freelance lifestyle is less corporate bureaucracy. As a result, the most important aspect ends up being skill. All the processes involved in any procedure in a company can become very time-consuming. On the contrary, when you are a freelancer you avoid all these formalities because you are the boss.

Freedom is very important as a positive aspect of freelance work. You should keep in mind that thanks to this freedom, there is also direct responsibility to the client. Certainly, if you do not dedicate enough time to your work, you will not make money.

Unlike a traditional job, there are no deep hierarchies in the freelance world. In this sense, you will be offering your customer what they need. You should try to cultivate and strengthen the relationship with your client. Keep in mind that your client is your best partner, and do not see them as your boss. Therefore, if you work following the requests he makes, you will cultivate a win-win relationship between the two of you.

Always try to meet your deadlines. As a result, you will gain the trust of your clients and they will recommend you for future jobs. There is no better way to promote yourself than word of mouth. Therefore, always try to look good and you will always have opportunities in the future.

3. What are the opportunities offered by the United Arab Emirates?

There are a very high number of industries that the UAE has recently allowed to operate. In this sense, expatriates, investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists are welcome in the country.

Freelancing has benefited from this opportunity. Equally, a beneficial factor for freelancers has been demographic diversity. This is due to the decentralization that has been applied in the territory, which has allowed people from all origins of the world to work in the UAE.

Likewise, as long as the UAE government remains focused on the growth of freelance work, everyone will benefit. As a result, we will have a strengthened economy, and many jobs will be generated. In Dubai, the “Economic Reset Program” has recently been launched as part of a plan to reshape the economy of the country. Additionally, what the Dubai government is looking for is the streamlining, resilience, and sustainability of the economy.

In Dubai, the shift to remote work is being dramatically encouraged. Likewise, job seekers are encouraged to participate in what has become known as the new gig economy. Within this whole plan to change the economic model and boost it, there is the self-employed license by ADDED.

The ADDED (Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development) license allows both natives and expatriates to work in up to 48 different economic sectors. The change in the economic approach is remarkable. Therefore, the entire independent community benefits from all these positive changes in the economic system. Contact us for more information about what are the freelance opportunities offered by the United Arab Emirates.

4. How is the UAE infrastructure ideal for freelancer careers?

The most important thing to highlight is the infrastructure of the UAE. It turns out that it is perfectly suited for freelance workers of any origin, as it has great advantages. The emirates have factors that facilitate the quality of work, and thanks to excellent planning, workers have an ideal infrastructure for freelance work.

The UAE has one of the highest average internet speeds in the world. The Internet in the UAE is the fastest in the region. Therefore, most hotels and entertainment venues offer free Wi-Fi for consumers. Additionally, several coworking spaces have gained a lot of ground in recent times. In this sense, coworking spaces are ideal for those who do not wish to work from home.

Coworking spaces have all the features of an office, including internet and utilities. Therefore, it is interesting to make use of these spaces because it is often cheaper to use them. For example, sometimes it is cheaper to pay the entrance fee to the coworking space because you will only pay for the services you use, unlike renting an office which represents a much more significant expense.

By having so many coworking spaces, the UAE has made life much easier for freelancers. Mostly because these spaces allow freelancers to bond with each other and can form a stellar network. The whole environment concerning the freelancer aspect has grown in recent years in the UAE. Moreover, the UAE is considered to be the fourth-best country to work as a freelancer in the world.

5. Local freelance career platforms

Freelance platforms are a novelty that has emerged with the boom in the freelance world. The reason for this has been a large amount of supply through workers and the insatiable demand from clients that drive the UAE economy. These digital platforms help clients to select from all the available workers, their best option. Therefore, the digital platform collaborates with the customer by establishing selection criteria that can improve their search.

This is because it is not easy for a client to filter through all the available options. Thus, digital platforms have emerged to alleviate the demand. Through digital platforms for finding freelance workers, many objectives have been achieved. For example, the gap that existed between clients and freelancers in the UAE has been closed.

Additionally, it has opened the doors to countless job opportunities. As an extra benefit, we have that digital platforms do not charge any subscription for the services that workers offer. Therefore, this is a positive addition to the freelance career, where workers decide what their rate will be according to their experience and the project they are willing to cover.

Through the empowerment of freelancers, we have entered a new era of globalization. With so many opportunities in the air, it is no wonder that the UAE is one of the best countries to work as a freelancer. At the end of the day, it will be observed, that hiring standards lacking in options and infrastructure will be a thing of the past. Thus, the new way of working will be much more related to the digital age and remote work.

If we continue to give freelance work a chance in the future, we will fill our economies with opportunities.

6. Advantages of a freelance visa when pursuing a freelance career

In this freelance movement that is gestated, thanks to the policies of economic inclusion, getting a freelance visa has many advantages:

You can choose which companies you will work with. Therefore, apart from offering your services within the framework of legality, you choose who you work with and who you do not work with. This is a very important benefit that your visa offers you since it gives you the legality you need and at the same time allows you to discern between your portfolios of clients.

You will not have to pay for office installation costs. As mentioned above, when you work as a freelancer, you can establish yourself in any part of the territory that your visa allows. In this sense, you will be able to offer your services remotely without the hassle of office rentals and more.

You can offer your services at a lower price. In this way, if you are starting your business, you will add this attractive aspect to be hired, along with your other qualities. Another positive aspect of the freelance visa is that you can access the free zones of business centers. This is very important, as you can access free zone sites that offer benefits such as tax reduction, different from other sites in the emirates.

Additionally, with your freelance visa, you can also sponsor family members. Therefore, if you wish to bring family members to live with you and you can prove that you will support them financially, the freelance visa also allows you to do so.

7. How can we help you start your freelance career in the UAE?

Nowadays, this digital and global world presents a myriad of freelance job opportunities. And certainly, the benefits that this type of employment offers are a highly significant attraction for anyone wishing to venture into the freelance world.

For more information about how can we help you start your freelance career in the UAE, our specialized team is available at all times to answer any related questions you may have. As a result, you will be in the hands of a professional staff that will not hesitate to help you.

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