Freelance Jobs in Dubai: How to Thrive in The Post-Pandemic Market

freelance jobs in Dubai

There is no arguing that the coronavirus has had a negative impact on freelancers in the last year. Many people have struggled since they cannot rely on employee perks like leaves or sick pay. As firms have focused on survival rather than growth and development, the number of options has reduced. However, freelance jobs in Dubai are not scarce.

In this article, you will learn more about the factors to take into account to find a job as a freelancer in this emirate. Let us analyze:

  1. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic
  2. What makes Dubai a perfect destination for freelancers?
  3. The popularity of the United Arab Emirates
  4. The Freelance Visa in Dubai for remote work
  5. What can you do on your end to thrive with freelance jobs in Dubai?
  6. What can we conclude?
  7. How can we help you become a freelancer in Dubai?

1. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic

The greater digital transformation movement and the maturing of online services that link firms with available workers are projected to propel these tendencies toward a leaner, project-based workforce beyond the current crisis. COVID-19 has sparked interest in organizations that might not have considered using freelancers otherwise.

This long-term outlook is based on several factors, including:

1.1 Specialization

It is easier than ever for firms to locate the proper person for a job thanks to internet platforms. Software developers and other highly technical workers, as well as authors, designers, and other freelancers fall into this category.

1.2 Cost-cutting

Companies can save a lot of money by focusing on project-specific, short-term employees instead of long-term employment or office space. This is especially useful for businesses that anticipate a certain amount of fluctuation in their initiatives.

1.3 Flexibility

Successful freelancers are by definition nimble. Especially if they work for numerous clients at the same time or take on short-term projects with short ramp-up times. They may be more adept at getting up and running than in-house personnel. However, companies must appreciate the institutional knowledge and expertise that comes with long-term employment. From designers to physical trainers, flexibility is considered one of the most important aspects to consider when pursuing a freelance career.

1.4 Enhanced quality

If you are a freelancer, you know how crucial it is to prove your worth to short-term clients regularly. Employees may be able to get by sometimes. Nevertheless, if you are constantly on the lookout for new projects or clients, you do not have that luxury. Companies can benefit from this extra work, but high performers are also great assets within your firm.

1.5 Talent reaches nearly infinite

Instead of looking for new personnel within a 20 or 30-mile radius, organizations hire freelancers from all over the world. They are not limited by geography because they recruit applicants from all around the world. This can bring certain difficulties, however, such as cultural differences or significant time zone variations.

2. What makes Dubai a perfect destination for freelancers?

The UAE’s general infrastructure is suited for freelancers in Dubai from all professions. It is one of the main reasons freelancers were included on the list. Let us take a look at some of the aspects that make working in the UAE easier for a freelancer. Getting a freelance visa is an important step to take.

When examining what makes a place perfect for freelancing, several aspects come into play. They include the cost of living, income tax, credit availability, average internet speed, transportation networks, free Wi-Fi availability. Even the cost of a cup of coffee.

Expats, venture capitalists, investors, and entrepreneurs from diverse industries have long flocked to the UAE. The wide range of demographics who profit from freelance work is a major growth factor. Freelance jobs in Dubai are highly decentralized. People from all careers may find work on freelance marketplaces. Thus, supplementing their income to support their families or pursue their passions.

2.1 Internet speed and quality

Firstly, the internet in the UAE is lightning fast. The quickest in the area. In the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, finding free Wi-Fi is very simple. Consumers may use free Wi-Fi in most hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

2.2 Collaborative workspaces

If you do not like working from home, co-working spaces could be the answer. In the last few years, the number of co-working spaces has grown. A shared office environment where people of all backgrounds and occupations share a desk, usually with internet and other amenities. Co-working spaces are significantly more cost-effective than renting separate office spaces since you pay just for what you use.

2.3 The pandemic’s effects

The epidemic has posed unprecedented obstacles, and success in the new global economy will require flexibility and adaptability. During this most challenging of times, the UAE leadership has demonstrated its strength and agility. They have remained firm to prove the country’s worldwide influence. The chances of long-term economic viability are excellent thanks to freelance jobs.

Recently the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) launched the license for freelancers. It allows both residents and ex-pats to participate in 48 economic activities. It is one of the opportunities this country has provided in preparing for this transformation. This is a big step forward for the community of freelancers in Dubai, as the license was previously exclusively available to nationals. When it comes to providing employment, the issue of this license represents a victory.

3. The popularity of the United Arab Emirates

The approach that the United Arab Emirates is using to deal with the pandemic is prudent but also proactive, giving a sense of trust worldwide. This has unquestionably aided the appeal of entrepreneurs, businesses, and freelancers in the UAE. People are seeing how quickly they can connect and operate from this cutting-edge business hub.

According to experts, the UAE is one of the fastest-growing freelancing economies. It has one of the highest rates of freelancers per capita in the world. This potentiates opportunities for freelancers. There is already a sizable population of freelancers in Dubai who contribute to the tech ecosystems and can be considerably more adaptable. These people can move to a place with low taxes, low regulations, and a generally pleasant way of life.

4. The Freelance Visa in Dubai for remote work

As previously stated, the introduction of work permits has made it easier to start a freelance business in Dubai. People who were previously hesitant to relocate due to restrictive government laws are now seeing the benefits of doing so in this thriving country.

Authorities say they want people to go exploring for a year or two and then end up enjoying the benefits of working remotely. Many mothers who gave up their careers to care for their children in their early years are now starting their own freelance jobs in Dubai, discovering those tales and sharing them with the world.

5. What can you do on your end to thrive with freelance jobs in Dubai?

Though choosing the right place to freelance is important, there is a lot you can do on your side to take advantage of being self-employed in Dubai.

5.1 Concentrate on your strengths and areas of expertise

To freelance in Dubai, it makes sense to devote your time to doing what you do best. This could imply building on your academic achievements. You could be able to write persuasion-inducing web material or generate unique designs. It is worthwhile to reflect on such abilities and evaluate how they could be promoted to potential clients.

The choice of whether to specialize or generalize will be crucial to your freelance career’s success. If you are just starting, you might feel that taking a generalist approach is the best option, offering a wide range of services and taking on any tasks prospective clients provide.

Alternatively, you might set yourself apart from the competitors by limiting the services you offer and the business relationships you form. In that situation, you should concentrate on the markets that have expanded despite and as a result of the epidemic.

Here are a few instances of markets that are experiencing rapid growth:

  • Technology for education
  • eLearning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Entertaining online

5.2 Diversify

You may decide that now is the moment for a dramatic shift, taking advantage of the freedom of freelancing in the aftermath of the pandemic. The prospect of year-round sunlight and tax benefits may entice you to relocate to the UAE, an increasingly popular destination for freelance jobs in Dubai, listed as one of the safest areas on the planet in terms of virus prevalence. With start-ups and SMEs accounting for 95% of national firms, you can count on a large pool of potential freelance clients in the UAE.

5.3 Promote your services

If you want to secure a steady stream of employment following the epidemic, you will need to market your services properly. You should post high-quality content in places where your potential clients are most likely to go. You might spend time and money developing your digital presence to find freelance work in Dubai, such as creating a stand-out profile or website with featured blogs to highlight your skills and expertise. Sending out a monthly email to keep your freelance services top of mind would also be useful.

5.4 Keep your network in good shape

Due to the pandemic’s tensions and strains, you may have found it difficult to maintain your professional network. However, it is worth redoubling your efforts to connect with the people who can help you succeed as a freelancer in 2021 and beyond. Make contact with people you have previously worked with to let them know you are available for freelance work.

5.5 Be ready to delegate

During the working week, there is only so much time. You could outsource part of the workload if you want to keep focused on what you do best and prevent freelance burnout. You can enlist the help of a virtual assistant to complete important administrative work and an accountant to manage your company’s taxes. Outsourcing such duties will certainly allow you more freedom, resulting in increased productivity and business success.

6. What can we conclude?

In many ways, freelancing is a development of the gig economy for an economy affected by the financial blight of a pandemic. It provides control and security over one’s working life, which is lacking in the traditional economy. All you need is a strategic vision for where you want to take your new freelance business, an idea to get it started, and some low-cost tech equipment. During a pandemic, freelancing is a smart strategy to survive and perhaps thrive.

There is a reason to be optimistic among the freelance community. The number of vaccines is increasing by the day and the lockdown relaxing roadmap is on pace. Those who can look past the pandemic’s effects will see that the future is bright for adaptive, and resilient freelancers.

8. How can we help you become a freelancer in Dubai?

Being freelance in the UAE is not something simple or that people can accomplish in one day. Obtaining certain permits or a freelance visa in Dubai requires hard work and sacrifice. But it does not necessarily mean that you will be alone throughout the whole process. The most important thing: stay focused on what your goal is and work your way forwards to achieve it.

Here at Connect Freelance, we can assist you with more information about the documentation you need to get, for example, a freelance permit. However, if you are an employer looking for talented freelancers in Dubai, we can also help you.

Would you like more information? You can reach us at the following email address: Our representatives are ready to assist you with any inquiries you have.

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