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How Can I Apply for a Freelancer Visa While Being Outside the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has an excellent and stable economy that allows its inhabitants to lead an outright comfortable, and sometimes even luxurious, lifestyle. But do not be discouraged, the country also offers foreigners notable benefits that help them fulfill their dreams in the region; to qualify for them, individuals can apply for a freelance visa while being outside the UAE.

In this article, we will describe the plan of action that you must follow to achieve the above-mentioned. A freelance visa is an essential requirement if you would like to post as a self-employed worker in the UAE. For this reason, we invite you to continue reading so you can receive the vital information and start your project as soon as possible.

  1. Why should you choose freelancing?
  2. Which are the best work fields for self-employment?
  3. What is a freelance visa?
  4. Is it rentable freelancing in the UAE?
  5. How to apply for a freelance visa while being outside the UAE?
  6. Get in touch with us and start working independently in the emirates

1. Why should you choose freelancing?

First of all, a freelancer is someone who works on their own. They must have a good domain in the area that they are going to use to put forward their services and work independently without a boss authority.

Despite not having an assigned principal, the closest thing to a superior is the client since the employee must follow their demands. They must guide the customer to reach an agreement between their tastes and the professional way of carrying out the task.

But why should you consider freelancing? Modernity advances more and more, and with it, the decision to work independently does the same. Especially after the great world event that has been happening since 2020. Because of it, now people spend much more time at their home.

Taking this into account, if you are professional and expert in what you do, you could consider self-employment. At the beginning of every project, there are constant risks, but people find the strategy to overcome them and move forward.

In addition, if the emirates call your attention to job opportunities, the option of applying for a freelance visa, even being outside of the UAE, is within your reach.

2. Which are the best work fields for self-employment?

Different niches areas exist within the freelancer community. As mentioned before, the increase in self-employment is on the rise. Consequently, with simple ideas, you can get an excellent venture. Of course, not all of them could get you a freelance visa, but it is crucial to recognize that this job world is vast and does not stop growing.

With this in mind, it is visible that multiple professionals master different crucial skills to get a job. However, some sectors receive more demand than others. Considering this, we recommend that you note that the following are more optional to work abroad. Specifically, if you want to apply for a freelance visa while being outside of the UAE. The next section will show jobs for freelancing in the UAE.

2.1 Programming and IT

The Information Technology department or programmers overall manage the procedure that involves coding, cleaning, protecting, and designing computer programs through a source code. Said code must be written, tested, and refined to control the inner workings of the computer. In other words, they are able, by writing code, to give technical specifications to the machine.

Professionals in this domain can be:

  • Cloud engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Database developer
  • Deep learning engineer
  • Front end developer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Mobile developer
  • Software engineer
  • UX developer

2.2 Media and design

As the name indicates, the design field is responsible for creating, sketching, building, and different elements that lead to launching a design. Whereas media field is a combination of derivatives including text, photos, video, programming, sound, animation, manipulation, and output to a digital medium.

Those who work on these creative sides may specialize on:

  • Clothing design
  • Graphic design
  • Image and sound design
  • Interior design
  • Video game design

2.3 Content and translation

People that decide to pursue this path often dedicate to letters. They can speak more than one language, as only manage their native one. They are in charge of making content for organizations, companies, and even individuals. Their field requires research, interpretation, writing, among others.

Likewise, they can be in charge of translating information already made or those made by them from one language to another. Experts circulating these topics may have certifications in:

  • Communication sciences
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Languages
  • Letters
  • Philosophy

2.4 Sales and marketing

The sales process consists of interpersonal interaction. The suppliers often do them through one-on-one meetings, calls, and networking. It is something that engages the potential customer on a personal level. Most of the time, the possible client reached the sale thanks to the marketing efforts.

Continuing, marketing is strategies that can measure its reach and work to convince potential customers that you can improve their businesses. It is the message that gets ready the sale prospect. These can include advertising, public relations, social media, relationship marketing, brand marketing, viral marketing, and direct mail.

Salespersons could have credits on:

  • Advertising
  • Business administration
  • Finance or accounting
  • International business
  • IT and digital business
  • Marketing

3. What is a freelance visa?

A freelance visa is a permit to practice legally and independently in a country. That is to say, individuals who function on their own account and who do not have a company that hires them or sponsors their work visa request it.

Nevertheless, in some countries (such as those of the European Union, for example) it is a bit complicated to apply for this type of visa. This is due to the fact that they do not put enough credibility on people who do not have permanent economic support when going into their nation.

Despite that, we encourage you not to be discouraged. In the Emirates, it is very common to obtain such a visa. They have incredible flexibility with their permissibility for stay and jobs for foreigners.

Moreover, with the services we offer plus our excellent staff, the procedure’s course will be easy and fast. You even can apply for a freelance visa while being outside the UAE. And not only that, but our affordable package prices will boost your confidence in us.

4.  Is it profitable to freelance in the UAE?

If you are interested in working independently in the UAE, shadowing may appeal to you, although it does have a downside. To save the best for last, you should know that falling oil prices have forced companies to cut wages and jobs. This brings an imbalance to the country’s general economy, which makes the great luxuries more competitive.

On the bright side, of the 9.2 million inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates, a total of 84% are expatriates. Having foreigners working is quite common. Additionally, by not having to depend on a company, you will in no case suffer a wage that is too low, and you will be able to propose your own salary and manage your finances.

4.1 Benefits of freelancing in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates makes it easy to self-employ. The only thing immigrants have to do is register in one of the free zones that allow freelance visas. Once foreigners have completed the process of obtaining an independent work visa, they can start operating.

Furthermore, while self-employment has many clear advantages, such as more flexible hours and creative freedom, in the UAE, freelancing becomes particularly lucrative. The nation’s companies find it cheaper to hire freelancers than full-time employees. For this reason, many corporations in the emirates turn to freelancers to fill vacancies.

Dubai, in particular, encourages self-employment and seeks independent workers to contribute to the growing economy and business sector. This is why Dubai city is one of the best places to work with a freelance visa. Also, Abu Dhabi announced in early 2019 that freelancers would be exempt from paying business licenses for at least two years.

Foreign freelancers looking to relocate to the UAE should have no problem finding plenty of job opportunities.

4.2 How to get freelance jobs in the UAE?

For another thing, next, we will give you some tips that you can consider to increase your chances of getting clients in the UAE.

  • Create a professional profile and honest resume.
  • Keep your CV up to date.
  • Have a portfolio or sample of your work on hand and organized.
  • Stay consistent in finding clients, do not give up halfway.
  • Check the inbox of your contact medium and remember to have a professional name.
  • Learn Arabic. Knowing even a little of the language of the region could bring you advantages.
  • Stay up-to-date with your work field.
  • Be realistic about your earning potential.
  • Expand your contacts’ networks.
  • Increase your general knowledge of the region and its social and cultural value system.

Also, the last point is particularly vital. Remember that although the United Arab Emirates is known for its extreme modernity and innovation, it remains a conservative country dictated by religion. Immigrants would do well to learn the customs and traditions associated with Islam to avoid serious mistakes.

5. How to apply for a freelance visa being outside of the UAE?

To begin with, working independently in the UAE as a foreigner requires a residence and a freelance visa. The freelance permit will appear on your residence visa. You will also need to pass a mandatory medical examination upon arrival in the UAE. Failure of the medical exam will result in expulsion.

As a matter of fact, it is illegal to work in the United Arab Emirates on a tourist visa. If you arrive in the UAE and get a job during your visit, you or your sponsors will need to change your visa status before you can start work. Laboring on a tourist visa is a severe crime that can result in jail time or a fine and deportation.

Respecting jobs, you should be aware that only Emirati citizens can practice certain professions in the UAE. One of those professions is the legislative. Exclusively an Emirati lawyer can appear before a judge and ensure his defense.

5.1 How is the process?

Having said that, if you want to apply for a freelance visa while being outside the UAE, we are the best option. At Connect Freelance, we will guarantee you a residence visa, work permit, health insurance, among many other benefits.

First of all, you must specialize in the education, media, tech, and design sectors. Then, prior to the independent work permit, you need to get a freelancer’s license. But don’t worry; we will also help you obtain it.

After completing the first step, you can begin the visa processing labor. Firstly, you must communicate with us to be able to provide you with the necessary help. Afterward, you will apply and deliver the required documents. Take into account that the UAE embassy located in your country will have to approve some documents, like your academic certifications, for instance.

Moving on, if the authorities approve your application and documents, you will have to pay the requested work permit fee. All in all, you will, at last, have your freelance and residence visa. Hence, you can travel to the UAE and start working as soon as possible.

6. Get in touch with us and start working independently in the emirates

After reading the article, if you are interested in applying for a freelance visa while being outside the UAE, contact us to make your wishes come true. You can send us an email to and one of our assistants will answer you right away.

Additionally, you can send your resume to  and we will place you in our talent pool so you can start receiving multiple clients and begin generating income. Visit to learn more.

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