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Moving to Dubai: Here is why you should do it

Your hope for a better life will lead you to assess every option for your new home. Above all, it is an essential task if you think about living in another country. In this sense, you will choose the Middle East after witnessing the advantages of moving to Dubai today.

In this article, we will give you all the tips you need when you move to Dubai. Above all, it involves answering questions such as: What is it like to live in Dubai? So, begin planning your relocation to this excellent Emirate after reviewing the following subjects in detail:

  1. What does it mean to move to Dubai?
  2. The best reasons to move to Dubai in 2023
  3. Where can you find more information about moving to Dubai today?

1. What does it mean to move to Dubai?

Dubai is a location that offers multiple opportunities to foreign talent worldwide. For instance, it allows you to apply for a Freelance Permit and work as a freelancer in the Middle East. However, what does it mean if you move to Dubai because of it?

In this sense, you may wonder: Can I move to Dubai? Indeed, yes, you can. Today, the UAE offers several ways to do so, including applying for a Residence Visa to live in the country legally. In other words, you can find ways to start moving to Dubai.

Nonetheless, it is not enough for some professionals to have a legal way to immigrate to Dubai. On the contrary, they may need additional information about life in the UAE. Ergo, they need an answer to the question: What is it like to live in Dubai today?

2. The best reasons to move to Dubai in 2023

How is life in Dubai? Undoubtedly, it is one of the best options in the Middle East and the world. Nevertheless, you may need us to be more specific about the answer. Namely, how can we convince you that moving to Dubai is an outstanding idea nowadays?

The best way we can do this as excellently as the car insurance in the UAE is by showing the best reasons to move to Dubai. More specifically, we will talk about fifteen of them in detail. As a result, you will be more than excited to immigrate to Dubai.

On the other hand, remember that these reasons are not the only ones you can find about moving to Dubai. Indeed, you may detect additional ones that apply to your case. So, feel free to assess them and answer the question: Can you live in Dubai today?

Let us discuss the top fifteen reasons to move to Dubai in 2023:

2.1 Low crime

So, can I move to Dubai? Yes, you can. Above all, you can do so because it was one of the safest locations worldwide in 2023. Its low crime rates and strict laws make property insurance almost unnecessary to face criminals entering your home in the Middle East.

On the other hand, UAE authorities regularly invest in modern technology to make local cities safer every day. Therefore, what is it like to live in Dubai? We can guarantee it is safe for you and your family. It even promotes a comfortable environment for foreigners and nationals.

2.2 An exclusive lifestyle

We know you can find several exclusive places worldwide by traveling with travel insurance. Nevertheless, Dubai lies at the top in offering foreigners an exceptional lifestyle and world-class infrastructure. Assuredly, you can enjoy it by moving to Dubai in the following months.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the fast-growing economy in Dubai generates new jobs daily. Hence, you will have the earnings you need for such an exclusive lifestyle. So, how is life in Dubai? Undoubtedly, it is outstanding from every angle.

2.3 Tax-free income

One of the best features of the UAE is its tax policy. Indeed, you can enjoy a tax-free living as soon as you settle in after you move to Dubai. Most importantly, it applies to everyone, including businesspersons with a Property Investor Visa working in Dubai real estate business.

Regarding VAT, the UAE applies a 5% rate on goods and services. Thus, how is living in Dubai? Above all, it allows you a life in which you do not need to worry about taxes anymore. Assuredly, it is one of the main reasons investors arrive in the Emirate daily.

2.4 The sunny climate

Several countries could offer you financial prosperity and good term-life insurance. However, your options substantially decrease if you want to add a sunny climate to the equation. Do you want to experience the best of them? Then, you have to immigrate to Dubai soon.

In this sense, Dubai offers its citizens approximately 342 sunny days. Therefore, it is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor attractions like parks and beaches. Nonetheless, summer can be challenging if you hate the heat, with average temperatures of 40 Celsius outside of a shadow.

2.5 An excellent economy

Unequivocally, the top feature everyone talks about regarding Dubai is its economy. In this sense, UAE authorities implement tools like the Freelance Work Permit to attract foreign talent. Most importantly, Dubai’s paramount goal is to see this talent move to Dubai for work.

Furthermore, you may think that the economy in Dubai relies primarily on oil and gas companies. Nevertheless, it is the home of companies from multiple industries, including IT and manufacturing. Hence, move Dubai to your list of potential locations for your business.

2.6 The employment market

Logically, an outstanding economy brings citizens in Dubai a positive consequence: a booming employment market. Indeed, you can visit job sites and find new opportunities to work in Dubai daily. It is why UAE authorities can issue you an Employment Visa to see you move to Dubai quickly.

On the other hand, the employment market in Dubai is not only a fast-growing one. It is also tremendously diverse, with jobs for multiple professions, including freelancers, academics, and scientists. Ergo, you will see Dubai moving towards a vast labor force sooner than you may think.

2.7 Affordable petrol

One feature that may turn you down from moving to Dubai is the long distances between cities. Fortunately, the UAE has one of the most affordable petrol in the Middle East. As a result, driving to visit your friend with maternity insurance will not be a problem.

Moreover, even tourists can take advantage of this feature. After all, they can rent cars to discover every attraction in Dubai without an extensive cost. Therefore, how is life in Dubai? Above all, it is comfortable regarding transportation regarding transportation with your vehicle.

2.8 Its real estate market is booming

The fastest-growing market in Dubai and the UAE is real estate. By all odds, you may think it makes Dubai’s living cost more expensive than before. However, it will surprise you to know that it improves the local economy by attracting foreign real estate investors.

In this sense, the Emirate has several options if you work with real estate. For instance, you can find properties that suit all budgets, including compact studios and multi-bedroom mansions. So, can you live in Dubai today? As a real estate investor, yes, you can.

2.9 Education

Moving to Portugal from the USA involves an essential feature if you plan to do it with your family: Education. Logically, it also applies to foreigners scheduling a day to move to Dubai. Hence, how is the education system of the Emirate? Does it justify immigrating to Dubai?

Indeed, Dubai allows you to access several schools and educational institutes. Most importantly, you will find educational institutions with US, British, and European curriculums. Therefore, you can immigrate to Dubai without worrying about your children’s education and yours. On the contrary, it is the perfect place to improve your degree.

2.10 Available visas

From the Freelance Visa to the Green Visa, the UAE has several available visas to allow foreign citizens to live and work without problems. Indeed, UAE authorities issue them to make foreigners decide to move to Dubai quickly. Assuredly, it is an opportunity you should not overlook.

In addition, Dubai updates these visas regularly to keep up with technological advances and global markets. For instance, it allows applying for a UAE Remote Work Visa if you want to live in the Emirate and work remotely. Thus, can I move to Dubai? The multiple visas say you can.

2.11 Religious freedom

The UAE is a Muslim nation with several laws and regulations following religious guidelines such as Sharia. Assuredly, it could make you think you cannot move to Dubai if you have another religion. However, Dubai today offers religious freedom to all foreign citizens living in the Emirate.

In this sense, Dubai maintains an equilibrium by promoting tolerance of all religions. Therefore, it will not matter if you are a Christian, Jew, or Buddhist. You can begin moving to Dubai without worrying about how your religion may affect your life in the UAE.

2.12 Transportation

After you immigrate to Dubai, you can brag with your friends about enjoying one excellent and advanced transportation system in the Middle East. After all, professions like Freelance Artists need to move quickly and efficiently throughout Dubai and the UAE. Fortunately, transportation allows it in the country.

So, what is it like to live in Dubai? Indeed, it offers you public transport, taxis, and a metro system to move around the city. As a result, it will not matter where you want to go in Dubai or Sharjah. Dubai will always offer a way to get there.

2.13 Outstanding architecture

Do you enjoy witnessing modern architecture merging with traditional designs? Then, Dubai is your best option to live in the Middle East. Indeed, its outstanding architecture is a trending attraction for tourists and foreigners interested in immigrating to Dubai.

Examples of the innovative architecture of Dubai are the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. Hence, move to Dubai if you want to see these famous buildings in person every day. Who knows? You can even finish working in one of them as a skilled professional.

2.14 The healthcare system

Every company in the UAE includes accident insurance as one of its employee benefits. Above all, it allows employees to take advantage of one of the best healthcare systems worldwide. Furthermore, is Dubai moving this system to be more efficient daily? Undoubtedly, yes.

In this sense, nationals and foreigners in Dubai can access many healthcare facilities with advanced resources. Moreover, they also have qualified medical staff that will keep you safe from illness and health conditions. In other words, you do not need to worry about visiting an inadequate doctor.

2.15 Dull days are out of the picture

To sum up, living a dull day after you move to Dubai is almost impossible. After all, it is an Emirate with multiple attractions, buildings, free zones, and institutes to enjoy. Ergo, moving to Dubai will keep you and your family busy in a good way.

3. Where can you find more information about moving to Dubai today?

Choosing a new home is a complex task with multiple variables you must assess before choosing your preferred option. In this sense, the UAE delivers excellent value in those variables, including your safety, financial, and employment concerns. So, stop waiting and begin to plan how to move to Dubai.

Logically, all these advantages also apply to freelancers who want to immigrate to Dubai. Fortunately, they can find assistance in the UAE to make their immigration process run smoothly. More specifically, they will not find a better friend to move to Dubai than Connect Freelance.

Let us show you all you can get after moving to Dubai. Feel free to contact us to discover more about the UAE and its excellent features. So, submit your requests via email at or through a call at +971 43 316 688. Get in touch with us today!

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