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All You Need to Know to Immigrate to Dubai

Life sometimes could lead you to choose another country to set up your home. Nevertheless, several factors can influence such an important decision. Hence, make sure you learn all you need to know to immigrate to Dubai successfully.

Navigate through this article to discover what immigration in UAE is all about. As a result, you will have a clear picture of how to immigrate to Dubai. So, start planning your relocation to the UAE after reviewing the following topics:

1. Why should you immigrate to Dubai?

Choosing your future home place implies assessing your potential destinations first. That means it is the moment to show you why you should immigrate to Dubai. Let us discuss what makes this place the perfect spot to begin a new life.

First and foremost, Dubai has one of the most prosperous economies in the Middle East. Indeed, several financial policies are encouraging foreign investment in the country. As a result, Dubai is now a hub for numerous successful overseas companies.

On the other hand, you can consider Dubai as one of the best places where your family can live. After all, its low crime rates and wage protection systems can allow you to feel calm about your loved ones’ protection. It is an advantage you cannot overlook.

In summary, immigration in UAE is an excellent choice because of the several benefits the country can offer you. Furthermore, you will find more than one option to immigrate to Dubai. Do you want to know them? Jump to our following subject to find out!

2. What immigration options can you find in Dubai?

Immigration in UAE is something you can do in more than one way. For instance, one way relates to your legal status and another to your work. Thus, you will find it helpful to learn about the immigration options Dubai has to offer.

The first option you will find is to apply for one of the visas that will allow you to live in Dubai. One can even allow you to perform freelance activities in the country. So, you can immigrate to Dubai by applying for one of them.

Another available method to immigrate to Dubai is to become a foreign investor. Above all, it will imply applying for an investor visa and starting your business in the UAE. Assuredly, the country will make your investment one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Finally, you can become a part of emigration to UAE by getting a job in Dubai. Above all, it will require you to secure a job offer from a local company. After that, you will have the chance to live and work in a terrific place like Dubai.

3. Which are the best ways you can immigrate to Dubai?

By all odds, it is one thing to discover the ways you can immigrate to Dubai and another to know which ones are the best. Logically, you will find benefits and drawbacks in every way. Therefore, let us show you each in detail to help you choose the right one.

Most importantly, every one of these ways relates to what you want to do in Dubai. Thus, it will be easy for you to choose which will suit you better. You only will need to detect the one that matches your intentions.

Remember, the UAE is also a strict country with laws and regulations every local and foreign citizen must follow. So, do not try to immigrate to Dubai using illegal methods. Indeed, it would lead you to deportation, heavy fines, or even imprisonment.

Let us show you the best ways you can use to begin your emigration to UAE:

3.1 Freelance Visa

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, one employment type remains highly demanded by workers worldwide: Freelancing. In the UAE, authorities established a legal procedure to promote the presence of freelancers in the country. It implies applying for a Freelance Visa.

Essentially, such a visa is a document you can use as a freelance permit. Ergo, it will allow you to immigrate to Dubai, rent a home, and work remotely as a freelancer. This way, you will enjoy all the advantages of the city by building your schedule.

Furthermore, UAE authorities will allow you to travel outside the country for short periods without violating your Freelance Visa. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to work in the city and visit your family from time to time. As you can also sponsor your family if you want to.

3.2 Employment Visa

Despite being a popular option, some people do not find freelancing attractive. On the contrary, they prefer to visit employment market hubs and apply for regular job offers. In this case, the best option they can use is an Employment Visa.

Immigration to UAE with an Employment Visa will require you to ask your employer for assistance. As a result, he will apply for it to keep you as his new full-time employee. After that, you must keep your position in his organization through excellent performance.

On the other hand, the Employment Visa has an essential disadvantage: You will have it as long as you work for a local company. Hence, you will probably need to apply for a Freelance Visa if you lose your job.

3.3 Family Visa

The previous visas we showed you are excellent options for solo ventures to immigrate to Dubai. Nonetheless, another option will be available if you have a relative in the city. Indeed, you can perform your emigration to UAE with a Family Visa.

In essence, a Family Visa is a document that your family member who lives in Dubai can request for you. Consequently, you can use it to immigrate to Dubai to work or be with your relatives. After all, you could be missing them since their emigration to UAE.

Moreover, UAE authorities will allow you to ask for another Family Visa for your relatives after you achieve your residence. Thus, it is a terrific alternative if you want to work without being far from your family. Who knows? Dubai could be the place where your family business takes off.

3.4 Business Visa

Assuredly, the last of the best ways to immigrate to Dubai relates to business owners. Indeed, they can apply for a business visa and begin setting up their company in the city. After all, they will not find a better commercial hub in the Middle East than the UAE.

Nevertheless, you cannot start your emigration to UAE as a business person without understanding local employment. Therefore, you will need to learn about their Labour Law and the UAE minimum wage. As a result, you will have the knowledge that saves you from legal issues and more.

In short, immigration in UAE is a process you can do in several ways. However, they all have the same objective: Allowing you to enjoy the advantages of Dubai without problems. Thus, do not spare effort when assessing them to choose which way suits you better.

4. What sponsorship requirements do you need to fulfill to immigrate to Dubai?

Setting up a business in Dubai with a business visa is something that any foreign citizen can do. Nonetheless, local laws will demand to seek local sponsorship for it. Let us show you what it means for your process to immigrate to Dubai.

In essence, the UAE regulations allow you to open an offshore company in Dubai only with a local partner. Hence, your friend who wants to move to Dubai from the UK must find local sponsorship to open his clothing company. This way, he will complete his immigration in UAE successfully.

On the other hand, you will also need a sponsor if you are a foreign employee beginning your emigration to UAE. Logically, your employer will be such a sponsor if he hires you for his company. It is the way UAE authorities protect their prosperous economy.

In summary, locate who can be your local sponsor before you immigrate to Dubai. After all, it is an essential part of the process and necessary assistance for what you want to do. Ergo, he can potentially guarantee your stay or not.

5. How can you obtain citizenship in the UAE?

Although it is not required to be a UAE citizen to work or live in Dubai, some people may want to be one. Above all, we must mention that obtaining citizenship in the UAE is not regular. Nevertheless, we will show you here how you can get it.

First and foremost, you should know that you will need to live in Dubai for at least 30 years to obtain UAE citizenship. It is why several Indians only apply for a work visa. Indeed, you could see it as a tremendously long process after you immigrate to Dubai.

However, documents like a green visa or an investor visa allow you to live in the UAE without limitations. So, do not think your immigration in UAE has to be an extensive procedure. On the contrary, it requires you to submit the documents we show on the following topic.

6. Which documents must you submit when immigrating to Dubai?

Undoubtedly, processes such as obtaining a Dubai working visa will imply you deliver some documents. Similarly, you will have to prepare several of them before you immigrate to Dubai. Come and look at which ones you must have ready for this task.

Your emigration to UAE will pass through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. There, they will ask you to submit the following documents after your flight from Lebanon:

  • Your valid passport.
  • Not so old photographs of you.
  • Financial statements.
  • Job offering letter (if it applies to your case).
  • Information about your sponsor.

Furthermore, this and other authorities could ask you to submit additional documents. Therefore, keep everything organized and ready to help you during your immigration to UAE.

7. How many foreign citizens followed the emigration to UAE?

One statistic that can show why it is a terrific idea to immigrate to Dubai is the number of foreign citizens in the country. After all, several of them are earning excellent compensation as top freelancers in UAE. Therefore, let us witness what the numbers have to say.

In 2018, an estimated 89% of the 9.54 million people in the UAE were ex-pats. More specifically, Dubai had an estimated 15% of its population be UAE nationals. Thus, you can now see you are not alone in your quest for success through immigration in UAE.

8. Why apply for a Freelance Visa to immigrate to Dubai could be a great option?

The UAE has to be among your options to start a new life someplace new. Indeed, it is a place that will offer you excellent benefits from the moment you arrive. Hence, you will find it helpful to learn everything you need to immigrate to Dubai.

Most importantly, the economy is increasingly turning towards temporary employment nowadays. As a result, you will not find a better option than applying for a Freelance Visa for your emigration to UAE. Fortunately, it is a process where we can help you tremendously at Connect Freelance.

With our company, you can easily obtain your work permit and freelance permit, so you can work and live in the region with no problems. If you want to know more about what we stand for, you can see our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

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