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What is the unified number in the UAE?

Every year many foreigners visit or want to reside in the country and need to obtain a unified number UAE. Thus, this number is of vital importance for the visa application and the acquisition of identification in the Emirates. Therefore, you must make sure that you know all the information about this number set by the authorities.In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about this important number, including the most fundamental details. Likewise, you will know all the information contained in the file number that accompanies the unified number in your passport. We also include relevant information on how this number is necessary in the business world in the UAE.

How does the unified number system work?

unified number UAE

Before talking about the subject, we must know what is unified number UAE, as well as its importance. In this sense, it is a very important code because it will allow you to request the Emirates ID. Also, it is easy to locate this number since it appears on the same visa page of your passport.The UAE unified number is located on top of the visa number and is different from this one. Furthermore, this number itself contains much vital information about you and the reason that brought you to this country. The UID number is what identifies you to the authorities but the file number contains more information about you:

  • The first 3 numbers correspond to the emirate of your visa: Abu Dhabi 101, Dubai 201, Sharjah 301, Ajman 401. However, if you received it in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, after these 3 numbers there is a forward slash.
  • The following 4 numbers correspond to the year of issuance of the visa.
  • At the end are the visa numbers (7-9) and they are the digits known as the residence numbers. In this sense, if you need your visa number, this is the one you must provide for any government requirement or form

Can a person have more than one unified number?

The unified number UAE is unique to each person, so having more than one is almost impossible. However, there may be an error on the part of the system that causes a person to receive more than one number. In this case, you must visit the GDRFA so that this body is in charge of collecting the numbers. We recommend that you merge your UID numbers as soon as you detect the error or as soon as possible. This is because problems can occur when applying for your residency or UAE ID. To avoid them, you can verify that you do not have two or more numbers assigned through digital means that we will explain later.To carry out this procedure, you must have your passport and a copy of your entry visa with you, if applicable. In the same way, if you have a work visa, you must enter all your employment information. If you have a canceled or expired visa, you can take it with you to expedite the corresponding process.

How to find your unified number on your residence visa?

The numerical figures, as well as the codes and other information of the residence visa, indicate personal data of you as a tourist or resident of the Emirates. Also, the UID number UAE is a relevant section of your document and is known as the UAE ID card. As we mentioned, you can locate it above the file number and it is identified as UID.

How to find your UID online?

About how to find unified number UAE for visit visa is in sight on the document, although it is possible to find it by other means. One of these means is online, where you can obtain it easily, through the following steps:

  • Enter the official web portal of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs.
  • Go to the section where the information about the unified number UAE inquiry service appears.
  • Then follow the prompts and enter your personal information. In this case, you must include the passport number, nationality, date of birth, and gender.
  • Next, for safety, you must solve the simple math problem that will appear.
  • Finally, click submit to find out the Emirate unified number.

What other information is hidden inside your UAE visa number?

unified number UAE

The residence permit number contains hidden personal data about you. The visa number, apart from the unified number Dubai, stores information such as place of employment, and residence, among others. On the other hand, keep in mind that the file number is below the UID number that you have been assigned.Also, here is some relevant secret information about your immigration status and file number. As we said before, the first 3 numbers indicate the emirate where you receive your visa. Then, the next 4 numbers indicate the year of issue. Likewise, this number does not change if you have been working for the same employer for several years unless you submit a new application.Also, we had previously said that the last 7 to 9 numbers are those of the visa or residence number UAE. Similarly, if they start with a 2 it means that you have a work visa, with a 3 that you are a relative of the hired employee (family visa). In the same way, you can find much more information at the bottom of the file number.In this case, you will find information about your name, profession, and passport number on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines respectively. Similarly, on the sixth line, you will find the name of the sponsor or company and below the expiration date of the visa. At the end, at the bottom, you will see the barcode for electronic scanning. Therefore, the residence permit number UAE is of vital importance for immigration matters.

What government authority issues the UAE unified number?

The General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) with the participation of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) assign the unified number UAE. In addition, these government entities are in charge of managing and issuing residence permits and identification applications in the UAE.These agencies also process identification documents related to the stay in the Emirates, using the UAE residence number. Likewise, foreigners must know this number if they have a resident visa.Even though all people have a unified number UAE, none is the same as another and the person receives it regardless of the visa status. In addition, this number is not transferable and will accompany you for the time you stay in the Emirates.

How to get a unified number in the UAE?

To get or find the unified number for visit visa, you can look it up online or use the GDRFA contact form for a direct inquiry. Also, if you want to contact them by phone, use the following numbers:

  • Toll-free within the Emirates: 8005111
  • International phone number: +971 4 313 9999

In addition, you can go directly to the Directorate General of Residence and Immigration located in Al Jaffiliya, Dubai.

What are the key features and functions of the unified number?

About the characteristics of the unified number UAE, it must have the complete information of the expatriate so that there is no problem with immigration. In the same way, you must clearly understand that the UID number is different from the visa number. Likewise, this identification, apart from having the migratory data and the purpose of the visit, includes the intention to remain in the Emirates.In addition, the UID number is important to complete subsequent applications since you will not be able to request the identification or residence visa if you have not obtained it. Finally, to avoid legal inconvenience within the UAE you should make sure you get it.

How does the system differ from the traditional unified registration number?

As we have already clearly established, the visa number is not the same as the unified number UAE. In the first case, this is at the top of the visa stamp and clearly indicates the UID in English. On the other hand, the file number, below the UID includes the visa number.It is important to know that your status will change along with the visa number depending on whether you are temporary and then you will apply for a resident visa. However, the unified number will not change regardless of visa type.

What are the benefits of the Unified Number (UID)?

Your UAE Residence Number or Unified UID Number is one of the most important within the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, it has the benefits listed below:

Apply for the residence visa

Use it to apply for your Emirates ID

Gives you a unique identity in the UAE immigration system

Why is the unified number important for business in the UAE?

Having a unified number UAE is a requirement for business license procedures. This requirement saves customers time by not having to go to multiple departments, including work. Furthermore, this requirement is part of the e-Connection project with the Ministry of Labor, where the UID will be able to read the data in the DED system. On the other hand, employers and clients will not have to go to the Ministry of Labor to acquire their establishment number. This is because the process will be automatic when the business license is issued. In this sense, it will minimize processes and improve the competence in Abu Dhabi in terms of data sharing between stakeholders.

What compliance and regulatory considerations apply to the use of the unified number?

Adding the unified number UAE to the business license will depend on a mechanism for exchange between the DED and other government bodies. In the same way, this will improve the means of communication and government coordination, helping in the decision-making process. Moreover, this will boost the competitiveness between the different commercial areas of the United Arab Emirates.This process is initially requested by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) to implement beneficial projects and initiatives. Therefore, it will be an indispensable requirement for business license applications.

In which business sectors was the unified number system implemented?

The authorities assign a unified number of the UAE to all expatriates, especially those who intend to work in the country. Therefore, this process includes all sectors of the economy of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, there are no exclusions for this requirement, especially since it will be vital for business licenses in all areas.

How can businesses take advantage of the unified number to improve their operations?

All the businesses in the country can use the unified number to make business license applications at any time. This condition includes both investors and entrepreneurs in all business fields. The advantage is that they will expedite the electronic connection procedures related to the DED and other organizations.Hence, they will have to present the unified number UAE to track the license procedures to make the process easier. This process began thanks to the consultations carried out during the visit of the World Bank in 2015. As a result, this rule was established with coordination between the Ministry of Labor and other related entities.


The UID number UAE, as we have explained, is essential for your aspirations to enter the country for reasons of work, visit, business, and residence. This number, being unique, represents each individual before the immigration and identification authorities of the country. These are the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) and the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).Also, this number will help you apply for your residence visa as well as your Emirates ID. It also helps businesses streamline and complete business license procedures in the country by helping you track the process. Likewise, it facilitates electronic connection with the various government agencies in charge of the labor and economic sectors.

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