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The Cheapest UAE Residence Visa in Dubai: The Freelance Visa

After the evolution of the different ways of working in the post-pandemic era, we have realized the importance of working as a freelancer. In such a way that a form of work that in the past was practically underestimated, today has gained more strength than ever. Therefore, by obtaining your freelance visa Dubai, you will be entering a world of infinite possibilities in the labor market.

In this article, we will talk about what the freelancer visa is, and why it is the cheapest residency visa in the UAE. Let us now observe:

1. Why choose to freelance in the UAE?

There are countless benefits of deciding to become a freelancer in the UAE. In this regard, the main benefit is the fact that you can be your boss. When you enter the freelance world, you realize that the doors are opened to countless possibilities. And it is no secret that there is nothing better than being able to manage your money and work on your terms.

As a new entrepreneur, you should consider all the advantages that come your way. So, having the ability to manage your own business should be viewed as a positive opportunity rather than a challenge. Being your boss allows you to manage your own time and pace for your work. Therefore, you should take advantage of this benefit that working as a freelancer offers you.

In addition, by working as a freelancer you also contribute to the economy of the nation for which you provide your services. New initiatives such as the freelance visa, launched in 2019 for the United Arab Emirates, allow the economy to grow. It also opens the way for many workers who wish to work in the country.

Because the gig economy has generated a highly significant amount of revenue, the Dubai government has decided to take a look. As a result, initiatives have been developed that make freelance work much more economical.

Then, it is a fact that what is being attempted with these initiatives is to take Dubai to the next level. To learn more about freelance visas in Dubai, we have a team at your disposal at Connect Freelance.

2. The Talent Pass in Dubai

We can see that every step the government takes, is geared toward making Dubai the best place to live and work. Currently, the city has the Talent Pass, which is a license by which you can work in areas such as:

  • Media
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Consulting

In this sense, with the talent pass, Dubai seeks to attract and retain global talent, increase economic income and strengthen its economy. The reason why the talent pass permit is so attractive comes with the duration of the residence permit. Since, using the talent pass, you can have legal residency in Dubai for 3 years.

As a result, we have a very attractive proposal from the government of the Emirates for freelancers who wish to work in that territory. Likewise, the advantages are on the table, and setting up a business for three years gives you enough time to grow and develop it.

Most employers are looking for freelance workers to hire. Moreover, employers benefit because they have a wide variety of workers to choose from, and freelancers benefit because there is plenty of work available. Therefore, any job, be it an assignment, a project, or a service, is the order of the day in the freelancer field.

As soon as you have fulfilled the requirements for a work and residence permit, you will be able to find a job by simply registering on the free market.

Therefore, when you register on a digital platform, to be successful you should not only have your qualifications or titles. In this sense, it is recommended that you leave a space to share the opinions left by your customers. Contact us for more information about how can we help you get your talent pass and freelance visa in Dubai.

3. What does the freelance visa in Dubai offer?

Within the category of residence visas in the UAE, we find freelance visas. In this sense, when we talk about a freelance visa, we are talking about a self-sponsored visa, through which you will be allowed to live and work legally in the country.

If you are a freelance visa holder, you can operate anywhere in the UAE. Certainly, this is an extremely important aspect, because if you have a different visa, such as one issued by a sponsor for you to work for their company, you cannot operate anywhere in the UAE. In most of the Emirates, there are one or two free zones where freelance licenses and visas are issued.

Additionally, it is important to be careful because both visas (the freelancer visa and the regular residence visa) have pink stamps on the passport. Note that the freelancer visa is not highly expensive. But, in the beginning, the minimum costs start at AED2,500. However, keep in mind that this expense will be considered an investment because you will recover it quickly.

The cost of this visa will depend largely on the regulations of the free trade zone. It will also depend on how much you spend, and the length of residence for which your visa will apply (from one to three years). Also, another aspect that can influence the amount of money to spend is the nature of the business, which can be up to AED 20,000.

All this investment has its rewards, and having the peace of mind that comes with working in line with the requirements of the law is priceless. In this sense, investing in your future is the best decision you can make.

4. The independent worker permit

Please note that along with the independent visa must go your respective independent permit. Do not make the mistake of confusing your visa with your permit, they are two different things and therefore you must know how to establish the differences. However, when you have all these aspects clear, you will have a long way to go to start developing as a freelancer.

It is important to be in line with the law regulations in order not to have problems when practicing. Thus, if you take into account all these aspects you will avoid inconveniences and sanctions. Another different case is that of people who live in the Emirates and are sponsored. In this sense, these people only need an independent permit, and in this way, they can work as self-employed in the country.

If we look at it from this point of view, people who live in the Emirates and are sponsored have certain advantages. It is important to keep in mind that the permit must be renewed annually.

The authority that issues the independent worker visa and permit will depend on the nature of the services you plan to provide. Therefore, it is important to be clear about which area your services will be oriented to and how you will offer them.

5. Who can become a successful freelancer in the UAE?

When you consider your prospects, the freelance world is a very attractive option. While you are in a traditional job you have to wait for a fifteen and a final payday, in the freelance world, there are significant differences. With a small investment, you can sponsor yourself and start your business as a freelancer. In addition, as a freelancer, you have the opportunity to use your skills to the fullest because you decide your path.

If you are in a traditional job, your skills may not be used in the best way. In the freelance world, however, you will be the one to use them to their full potential. There is a wide range of advantages that can help you decide to work as a freelancer. For example, the mobility offered by working on your own and the control of your workload are two priceless factors.

Likewise, to cite some other benefits in the freelancer world we have the following:

  • A positive balance between the amount of time you devote to work and your personal life.
  • Being able to take on multiple projects at once.
  • Having the ability to project and expose your services widely.
  • Freedom of choice of clients and projects.
  • Independence, both personal and economic.
  • Flexibility and comfort.

It does not matter if you do not have a scientific specialization or career. In this sense, you can be an expert in some area and make the most of it. Moreover, you can go very far if you have a vocation and are good at whatever area you do.

Thanks to the new freelance visa policies, you can perform your art and get paid for it. As a result, you will be doing what you love, and you will be able to live and feed your family through your work.

6. Relationship of freelance work/company set-up

As a freelancer, you can be free from many of the legal formalities and implications that companies have. Therefore, since you do not need to establish a point of operations, you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

Being free from cumbersome paperwork and red tape is worth a lot. Certainly, when you are starting any business this is something you will never avoid. However, working as a freelancer, you will have much less trouble doing the paperwork. The only thing you will need to work as a freelancer is your visa and your permit.

Living in the UAE while freelancing seems like a dream come true for many. Thus, thanks to the possibilities and doors that have been opened, you can easily achieve success. You should analyze the pros and cons of choosing to work as a freelancer. However, setting up a large company requires a lot of capital. Nonetheless, the amount of money that needs to be invested to develop as a freelancer is minimal.

Keep in mind that developing yourself in any job always has its science. In this sense, it is always advisable to pool your skills and experience. But you should also have resources at hand that allow you to continue learning.

Therefore, do not close your doors to learning new things and always fill yourself with new information. Besides, nowadays on the web, there is information related to almost any art or science in which you can work. So you will have no excuse to train and improve yourself daily.

7. How can we help you to get your freelance visa in Dubai?

Developing any business in the UAE is always a challenge if you do not have the right tools and support. Therefore, undertaking any freelance activity always presents challenges. However, there are much shorter and less expensive ways to achieve success, and one of them is the freelance visa.

For more information about how can we help you to get your freelance work permit in Dubai; we have the right staff to provide you with any information you may need. You can receive details related to the freelance world, visas, permits, and many other things.

To get access to our related services and information, please contact us. Call us at +97143316688 to hear more about what we have to offer you. You can also reach us via email at

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