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What are the activities supported by freelance visas in the UAE?

A freelance visa is a permit to work in a country legally and independently. However, before obtaining this permission, it is necessary to keep in mind all the freelance activities in the UAE that you can perform.

In this article, we will talk about freelancing activities. Therefore, we will also review the features of a freelance visa and the benefits that having one provides. Let us observe:

  1. Why get a freelancer visa?
  2. How to obtain a freelancer visa in the UAE?
  3. What steps should you follow to obtain your visa?
  4. What are the freelance activities in the UAE?
  5. How to apply for a freelancer visa you are outside the UAE?
  6. How to start a business with a freelancer visa?
  7. Is freelancing legal in the UAE?
  8. Differences between a freelancer and an employee
  9. What are the benefits of having a freelancer visa?
  10. What documents do you need for the freelancer visa?
  11. How can we help you obtain your freelancer visa?

1. Why get a freelancer visa?

The UAE Government is currently a sponsor of freelancers. Following the legalization of freelancing, many doors have opened for people wishing to work in the emirates. Due to the huge increase in opportunities in the UAE, it is common for people who wish to freelance in Dubai to apply for their visas. 

For this reason, it is important to have the guidance of a team with experience in visa procedures in the Emirates. If you wish to obtain your freelance visa in the UAE, Connect Freelance can guide you. We can also provide you with additional information about the characteristics of the visa.

2. How to obtain a freelancer visa in the UAE?

The first thing you should know is to apply for your establishment card. The establishment card is requested through the commercial services platform of TECOM. 

The TECOM platform is associated with the Dubai Development Authority (DDA). That is, through the TECOM platform and the DDA, you can obtain your establishment card, which will allow you to apply for your freelance visa with the DDA. 

When you decide to go through the process that will lead you to obtain your visa contact us and to clarify any questions you may have on this subject or related to freelance activities in the UAE.

3. What steps should you follow to obtain your visa?

  • Choose the freelance activity related to your visa.
  • Specify the free zone where you need the license.
  • Send the requested documents
  • You will receive a confirmation letter
  • Send the requested documents and the confirmation letter. This way you will only be waiting for final approval.
  • Fees involved: separate permit fee
  • Collection of permits 

4. What are the freelance activities in the UAE?

There are several freelance activities in the UAE, ranging from technology, education, and media.

4.1 Technology

In the area of technology, you can find activities related to web, software development, architecture, and mobile technology. Moreover, to this freelancer visa, you can also practice activities related to customer service, telecommunications, science, and data analysis.

  • Software development

A software developer is a creative mind in charge of computer programs. However, they may be focused on a specific program or application or on the creation of systems that support other programs.

  • Freelance architecture

You are in charge of providing innovative and professional offers, you choose the price and the time of the work. In addition, you get paid when the work is ready, offering services ranging from design to project execution.

  • Mobile technology

Designs applications within the reach of technology and new strategies. It also develops native applications.

  • Customer service

Provides information and support to users, mostly related to products and services that a company markets.

  • Telecommunications

Offers services of administration, design, and management of systems in telecommunications information technologies.

  • Science

Offers verifiable knowledge and guidance on any given material.

  • Data analysis

Provides services oriented to data analysis, in order to draw conclusions.

4.2 Education

In the field of education, you can apply for activities of the freelance visa in Dubai as an educational consultant and researcher. You can also work as an executive coach and trainer.

  • Educational consulting

The educational consultant develops curricula for schools, organizations, parents, and students. In other words, they assist in educational planning.

  • Research

Provides organizational services; also verifies and collates, the information needed for a particular topic. Likewise, performs data analysis, compiles, and compares resources.

  • Coaching

Provides tools to help clients improve on their goals. Also, offers help for people to leverage their natural strengths. 

  • Training

Individuals such as personal trainers offer services that include helping people identify their personal health goals, designing exercise, diet, and fitness programs.

4.3 Media

In the Media field, you can opt for activities of the freelance visa in Dubai working as a photographer, actor, sound engineer, cameraman, writer, composer, editor, public relations specialist, and many other activities.

  • Photography

A freelance photographer takes pictures on a contract or freelance basis. Also, provides clients with specific contracts for events and provides a professional portfolio for promotion.

  • Acting

Can perform in television commercials or non-commercial documentaries. However, the biggest benefit is that they are represented by themselves.

  • Sound engineering

A sound engineer guarantees the desired sound for musicians or record producers, among other freelance activities in the UAE.

  • Film-making

Such as videographers, they record video content for clients or different brands. In the same way, their recordings can be continuous or by projects.

  • Writing

They write articles, advertising texts, or any other type of content. In addition, professionals such as copywriters can write for media, companies, and any type of client.

  • Composing

A composer creates musical pieces of different types. Likewise soundtracks, scores, among others.

  • Editing

They are in charge of selecting, reviewing, ordering, and preparing the material before it is published. In other words, in this activity; they take care of the commercial aspect of editing a publication.

  • Public relationships

They are in charge of promoting or creating the public image of individuals, groups, or organizations. They may also specialize in the use of social networks.

For all these topics, freelancing activities in Dubai that the worker performs go hand in hand with the study of the needs of the client, and what the freelancer can provide.

5. How to apply for a freelancer visa if you are outside the UAE?

To apply for your freelancer visa while outside the UAE, and practice legally as a foreigner, you need a residence visa. The freelancer permit will appear on your residence visa. You will also need to pass a mandatory medical examination.

It is important to know that with a tourist visa it is illegal to work in the UAE. If you arrive in the UAE and find employment while on a tourist visa, your sponsors or you must change your visa status before you start working.

Working on a tourist visa is a crime that is considered a serious offense in the UAE. As far as jobs are concerned, you should be aware that there are professions that only Emirati nationals are allowed to pursue. 

It is important to recognize that although the UAE is known for its modernity and technology, it remains a country guided by religion and conservative thinking. Consequently, immigrants who learn the customs and traditions associated with Islam have a greater advantage.

6. How to start a business with a freelancer visa

To start a business with a freelancer visa you must be clear about the value that each freelancer has. That is to say, to know our skills and give them their price. Thus, being sure of the value you have as a freelancer will allow your clients to value you.

As a freelancer, you need to consider whether you want a lifestyle or a business that scales in growth. Likewise, both options can be compatible. Therefore, structuring and planning your business or lifestyle is crucial to your growth and well-being.

That is to say, thanks to this it is an excellent idea to validate your business with our professional staff, who can guide you and provide solutions to the problems that arise. In addition, qualified staff will always be able to contribute new ideas.

It is also important to consider if you need financing to maintain a business with your freelance visa in Dubai. In the same vein, you need to take into account that your income should not be an obstacle to your vision and goals. Consequently, you need to consider whether or not you really need funding.

7. Is freelancing legal in the UAE?

A lot of professionals ask the question of whether freelancing is legal in the UAE. In short, yes, freelancing is allowed in the UAE. But it is necessary that whoever is going to practice it obtain the legal documentation required by law.

A freelancer is a professional who has himself as his boss. Therefore, a freelancer is someone who has created his own business and thus also meets the legal requirements to conduct it.

8. Differences between a freelancer and an employee

When talking about these two types of work you may notice that both have full-time benefits, but when it comes to flexibility you may notice significant differences between a freelancer and an employee.

For some people the financial security of full-time employment for an organization is priceless. Similarly, for the freelancer sector, not being tied to an organization can have a liberating effect. Consequently, the entire output of the work of freelancers will mean a direct response to their clients.

It is necessary to comment that the freelancer business itself can be risky; in the sense that if you do not sell anything, you do not earn anything. In other words, every freelancer must start with the profit that comes from having sold his service.

Freelancers work for themselves, so they decide whether to accept an assignment or not. Also, if they can afford it, they take their vacations whenever they want. On the other hand, this situation is very different for an employee.

9. What are the benefits of having a freelancer visa? 

The main benefit of having a freelance visa is that it allows you to work independently.

You are not required to follow a strict schedule with a company, and you decide what schedule you are going to keep. Additionally, you will be able to do different freelance activities in the UAE if you wish with the right time management.

A freelance visa allows you to offer your initial prices below the market price. In this way, you will quickly gain a name positioning in the market.

With a freelance visa, you also can sponsor family members to come and live with you in an apartment or villa in Dubai.

10. What documents do you need for the freelancer visa?

Please consider having the following documents:

  • Resume (CV)
  • Recent photograph
  • Copy of passport and visa valid for at least eight months.
  • Bank reference
  • Letter of No Objection (NOC) from your sponsor in the UAE.
  • Proof that certifies your knowledge related to the activity you are going to perform. Ideally, you should have a university degree. A certificate of related experience may also be useful.
  • The university degree or experience certificate must be attested, legalized, and translated. Likewise, these documents must bear a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the UAE.
  • If you are not currently a resident of the UAE, you must have a visit visa or a tourist visa, and your UID will be required to complete the stand-alone visa application.
  • To find out your UID number, you can obtain it through the UAE Immigration system. The UID number can be found on the tourist visa stamp which is placed in your passport.

11. How can we help you obtain your freelancer visa?

The UAE is known for being an up-and-coming territory, offering great expectations to those who wish to work there. However, before applying for a freelance license it is important to know which activities are covered by the freelance visa in the UAE.

We are Connect Freelance, a Dubai-based agency with a focus on helping foreigners and expats carry out their freelance activities in the UAE. Therefore, if you want more details about freelance visas, we are at your entire disposal.

For access to more information related to activities supported by freelance visas in the UAE, please contact us. Email us at Our team is at your service.

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