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Tourist visa Dubai – Visitors have to bear up to AED300 fines for overstaying to exit the country

Tourist visa holders must bear upto AED300 overstay fine in UAE to get outpass in order to exit the country

If the Tourist Visa holder overstays in the country after the expiration of the visit visa will now have to bear an overstay fine of up to AED 300 just to get the outpass in order to exit the country.

1. What are the consequences for people who exceed their stay time?

Tourist visa Dubai

All tourists staying in the territory in the UAE are required to pay some overstay fines. These penalties are paid for each of the additional days after the visa expires. In addition, to leave the country, they must have an exit permit or an exit pass. This document can be obtained at the airports or the immigration offices located at the land borders. This is obtained at the time of leaving the nation.

A representative belonging to the customer service of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) of Dubai; affirmed that any individual staying for a longer time in the territory of the UAE needs an exit permit or an exit pass to be able to leave the country. In addition, he explained that this can be obtained at any airport or at the immigration offices that are located at the land borders.

On the other hand, if there are people who want to migrate to Dubai, you must carry out certain processes before your tourist visa expires. However, if the initial intention of these people was to move permanently to this country, it is more recommended to use other methods. For instance, from your country of origin, you can look for a job and procedure a Dubai work visa UAE with the help of your employer. Thus, you save on the payment of overstay fines.

2. What do you need to know about the exit permit?

The first thing that people should know is that all the people who are beneficiaries of a tourist visa in Dubai; are granted a grace period of only 10 days, from the expiration of their short-stay permit. You should know that, even though you are within the 10 days of the grace period, you have to pay an overstay fine for these extra days. However, the exit permit is not needed by people who are in the grace period.

You can obtain this exit permit in three different ways. The first is when leaving the country through the airport, if you ask they will tell you the information about the document. The second is because of the immigration offices that are located at the land borders. And the third is at the Al Awir immigration offices.

Experts in the tourism industry affirm that this whole process began a few days ago. It consists of approaching the relevant entity requesting the exit pass and making the corresponding payment. The fee corresponding to the exit permit cost around 200 and 300 dirhams.

Those individuals who wish to remain in the UAE and build a new life there have other options than adding days after the expiration of the tourist visa. One of them is to do some work as a freelance. For instance, be a freelance model. So you can apply for a freelance visa and stay longer in Dubai.

3. Some visitor testimonials regarding this new exit permit

Tourist visa Dubai

A person of Indian nationality was visiting the UAE for a period of 60 days. For personal reasons, he had to stay in the country for two more days. The individual’s brother-in-law paid the corresponding overstay fines but did not take the exit permit into account. Upon arrival at immigration, they requested the pass and had to pay a total of 240 dirhams to be able to leave. An interesting note is that Indians are granted facilities to access work visas in the UAE. But, a better alternative for Indians is with a freelance visa.

Some travel agencies have stated that many people are applying for license permits and thus remain longer in the country. Some even got a job in the country and stayed for a few additional days. Subsequently, they paid all the overstay fines but were unaware of the exit pass. This caused the departure of these people to be delayed a bit.

The authorities do not recommend using this type of strategy if you want to stay longer in the country. Especially if the motivation is work. These people who want to stay in the UAE for work can apply for a work visa. Or, failing that, for a freelance visa, which is much easier to obtain. In addition, this nation offers many opportunities for freelancers.

4. Additional testimony

The sales manager of a tourism company reported the case of a person who stayed longer than his tourist visa allowed. The individual arrived in the UAE on a Dubai tourist visa from Lebanon and obtained employment in the country. It lasted longer than allowed and when he decides to return to his country of origin, he requests an exit permit. He carried out the process from the Al Awir immigration office. The problem arose because he forgot that he had completed the process.

On the other hand, the employer issued four applications for her residence visa which was denied each time. When asked the reason, the authorities said it was because there was an exit permit in the individual’s name. Consequently, he had to leave the country losing the opportunity to work in the UAE.

5. Overstay Penalty

A Tourist visa holder will be charged AED 50 fine for overstaying in the country. The new regulation passed by the government of UAE set the daily overstay penalty at AED 50 which includes Tourist Visa and residency visa holders.

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It is well known that the UAE is a country that offers many opportunities for foreigners in different industries. For instance, its futuristic architecture or the minimum wage in Dubai is considered very high compared to other nations. Thanks to this, many people want to stay in the country and apply these methods that are not feasible.

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The best way to stay in this country is to work as a freelancer and have access to a freelance visa.

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