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Steps to Become A Freelance Event Organizer

An online event planner provides the conception, development, and completion of any event. Additionally, a freelance event organizer uses their knowledge and experience to achieve successful events.

In this article, we are going to talk about the steps to becoming a freelance event organizer. Therefore, we will also talk about what skills a freelance event planner needs; the benefits this provides, and the setting up of independent event business. Let us now observe:

  1. Tasks that an online event planner needs to fulfill
  2. What skills does a freelance event planner need?
  3. How much money does a freelance event planner make?
  4. Finding event planning clients
  5. Growth in the online event planning field
  6. Disadvantages of being an event freelancer
  7. Setting up an independent event business
  8. Obtain a business license
  9. How much to charge as a freelance event planner?
  10. How can we help you become a professional freelance event organizer?

1. Tasks that an online event organizer needs to fulfill

If you want to work as an event planner there is a wide variety of events in which you can participate. There is also the possibility of being an event planner specializing in the industrial sector.

The different areas and responsibilities that an event planner can cover will depend on the needs of the client. However, it is necessary to make a summary of the tasks that an online event planner needs to fulfill:

  • Understanding the needs of the clients
  • Development of creativity-oriented plans
  • Developing logistical plans
  • Planning the insurance of locations and suppliers (equipment, catering, first aid, security personnel)
  • Designing and planning schedules
  • Scheduling of speakers, masters of ceremony, and special guests
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements and regulations
  • Coordinate project management for facilities, contractors, and attendees. As well as marketing, public relations, and event development.
  • Delivery of promotional materials and information for attendees
  • Event management and organization staff
  • Incident resolution
  • Cleaning supervision
  • Post-event reporting. As well as evaluations and feedback.

Supervision of every detail is essential for freelance event organizers. However, some clients have already formed their idea about the creative concept and only need help with the execution of it.

In any given case, communication skills are a prerequisite in the relationship with those involved in the event. Therefore, the planner must be aware of every detail that is happening in the development of the meeting.

Therefore, your clients must have a planner who is organized and very detail-oriented. For more information, Connect Freelance can serve you as a guide.

2. What skills does a freelance event planner need?

There is a great deal of subject matter related to event planning, to the point that courses are offered to obtain the related specialization. Additionally, more and more universities are offering degrees for bachelors in specific areas, and the possibility of combining them with tourism or marketing.

Another possibility is to have experience in the area. That is, if you have previously worked in companies related to event planning, you have the basic tools to get started. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this matter.

Additionally, being part of a charity or community organization, which is dedicated to the organization of non-profit events, will give you skills in the area. And as a bonus, the charity will be grateful for your service. If you need to understand more about related freelance activities visit our website.

To become a successful freelance event organizer strive for a combination of the following skills:

  • Being organized
  • Be able to handle pressure
  • Have the ability to coordinate staff and delegate duties
  • Be a good communicator and negotiator
  • Being sociable
  • Have financial skills
  • Possess negotiation skills
  • Be highly creative
  • Be a good problem solver
  • Know event planning software

3. How much money does a freelance event organizer make?

The income freelancers earn varies according to the skills they have. Additionally, your income will vary according to the scale, focus, and size of the events you work on.

There is the possibility of increasing your income if you specialize in a particular niche. However, keep in mind that usually, the most important cities in each country offer better salary offers.

Keep in mind that in many sectors events may be seasonal. Therefore, consider planning your income by associating it with a small number of months. That is, dates such as Christmas or spring are in high demand and will be more in demand than other seasons.

4. Finding event planning Clients

If you possess experience in charity and hospitality events, you will be securing your first clients. Even if your previous job was not related to the area, the interpersonal skills you possess and the connections with your former co-workers can serve you well in this new venture.

An inexperienced starter will be able to secure client work by combining his or her outreach skills and reputation. Also, take care of networking with local suppliers, thus you will get more contacts, knowledge, and referrals.

In this regard, many charitable companies have relationships with local businesses. Our platform is a link between individuals and companies with a group of freelancers. Therefore, we achieve different levels of integration in the community through our Market Hub.

Do not forget to put any pre-existing experience in your portfolio; it will serve as marketing for your independent business. Therefore you can attract inquiries from people looking for online event planners.

5. Growth in the online event planning field

The new normal as a result of the pandemic has created a massive demand for virtual events. As this looks set to continue, many people are reluctant to meet in person for a variety of reasons. As a result, the global market for virtual events is seeing an exponential growth. Therefore it is expected to continue to do so.

Do not hesitate to make good use of your freelance visa to achieve your dreams of financial freedom in this fast-expanding field.

5.1 Digital skills most in demand for event planners

Design skills, making eye-catching visuals.

  • Technical knowledge of the event platform.
  • Troubleshooting related to the platform.
  • Technical ability to deliver video chat.
  • Ability to do online advertising and marketing.
  • Legal requirements for event planners

5.2 Legal requirements and additional protection

The freelance event organizer must inform clients about legal requirements and existing regulations.  The planner must also be knowledgeable about insurance and related coverage.

There are obvious examples such as event protection for those fewer than 18 years of age or restrictions on the amount of alcohol for adult attendees.

Commercial insurance is essential and advising clients about it is your job. Additionally, this way you will be covered from financial loss.

Key examples:

  • Public liability: This is protection against claims for injury or loss suffered by a public member.
  • Personal indemnity insurance: Coverage for mistakes that may cost your client financially.
  • Liability insurance of employers: This is the coverage associated if you hire staff to manage your business or event.

When the event planner does their job, he must ensure that workers and the general public are not exposed to health and safety risks.

For event planning, the health and safety executive has guidelines that include relevant information and risk assessments. Also included are construction and working with contractors.

5.3 Networking

You must establish your online presence. You should have a local website that showcases the features of your work, along with your social networks.

However, before posting on social networks, you should be clear about the rules of the company (they may be stated in your employment contract). It is important that you decide whether or not to tag a company you have worked for and give references. You also have to specify if the company wants to give feedback on the service provided.

A freelancer in Dubai needs to create a portfolio for himself that he can easily share, this way he will be making their work known. Consequently, this will raise questions from future clients, where they will want to know whom that worked, and who carried out this or that event.

5.4 Marketing

To get more jobs, do not be afraid to market yourself. Additionally, you could take marketing-related courses that will always generate positive aspects for your professional growth.

Make adequate commercial planning related to future scenarios and income. Thus, you will favor the necessary changes in the company processes, reduce improvisation, and have immediate answers to the situations that arise.

6. Disadvantages of being an event freelancer

There are some challenges and drawbacks that can arise for a freelancer.

Freelance work in Dubai is often seasonal. That is, you will find good seasons where you will have a high workload and others where the demand will be much lower. This should not prevent your work from shining and offering the best service.

It is very important that you stay connected when it comes to new finances to actively connect and execute planning in advance is of great help. Sometimes you will take on projects that are not to your liking, but you must remember that every experience will generate a new learning experience.

There is also a difference with a regular employee, and that is that as a freelancer in Dubai you must set up and pay for your health benefits, which can be costly. On the other hand, you will also have no paid vacation.

For people who are affected by this, working from home without co-workers on the side can be isolating. Plus you must handle all aspects of accounting, billing, licensing, and contracts on your own.

7. Setting up an independent event business

You can legitimately set up your freelancing business as a limited liability company (LLC) or as a sole proprietorship. Additionally, you can get the advantages that this contains and take advantage of the tax advantages.

In case you work occasionally or independently, a sole proprietorship may be a good option. You will also operate under a pseudonym different from your name and surname, and the same will apply when opening a commercial bank account.

If you are self-employed and work full time, you should consider an LLC. This is because the LLC protects your assets from debts and also from legal liabilities.

8. Obtain a business license

The requirements for this are going to depend on the work you do and where you live. After you have set up your business bank account, use it to receive payments from customers. Therefore you will be able to make transfers to your account, and this payment will be received by you as an employee.

Make the most of your self-employment visa in the UAE. That way, you can split the funds, doing it in separate accounts is ideal. Consequently, you will carry funds for tax payments, retirement savings, and emergency expenses.

9. How much to charge as a freelance event planner?

Freelancers are usually paid on an hourly rate or a project rate. Additionally, you should take into account when charging for your projects your skill level and experience, which add value to your rate.

In general, your rate will depend on the scope of your work. You should also think about the duration of the project and give importance to the budget of clients. It is also good to consult with colleagues to see how the market is moving.

As a freelance event organizer, you can charge percentages of the total event budget. Generally, the fee ranges from 15 to 20 percent of the total budget.

If the event is a long-term project, you can ask for a deposit in advance to avoid going for long periods without getting paid.

10. How can we help you become a professional freelance event organizer?

There has been a worldwide shift towards events under virtual conditions. This has led to the need for more technologically savvy organizers, as well as online community management.

If you want to become a freelance event organizer and want to get closer to the benefits of event planning; we can guide you. Also, if you want more details about this business, we would appreciate your contacting us.

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