Is Dubai safe for Americans

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How safe is Dubai, UAE for travel from Americans- risks & safety index 2023

Safety is a common concern when you choose a place to visit for tourism or work. After all, you do not want to be in a place where your belongings or life are at risk. It is why many people are asking traveling experts nowadays: Is Dubai safe for Americans?

In this article, you can discover how safe Dubai is for foreigners today. Furthermore, it will allow you to know the answer to “Is Dubai safe to live in?”. So, choose the UAE as your trip destination after discussing the following topics:

  1. Why should you travel to the UAE?
  2. Warnings and dangers in the UAE today
  3. How safe is Dubai in comparison with other countries and cities?
  4. Useful information about the UAE
  5. Start freelancing in the UAE with our support!

1. Why should you travel to the UAE?

Let us tell you a story: Matt got up one morning and decided to work in another country. First, he assessed his options in terms of job opportunities and income. For instance, he listed the countries where you can apply for a Freelance Permit UAE without problems.

In this sense, his search ended with one outstanding result: the UAE. After all, the Emirates are an excellent destination for tourists, professionals, and businesspersons worldwide. So, Matt began to prepare his suitcase at this point, thinking about a terrific future ahead.

However, his spouse reminded him of one essential feature: safety. Matt thought that she meant the safety of the Dubai residence visa cost. But she clarified that she wanted to ask him: Is Dubai safe for Americans today?

By all odds, Matt stopped his activities to think deeper about this feature. Fortunately, he arrived at this article to discover the warnings and dangers in the UAE today. This way, he can answer one question: Is the UAE safe as a country?

2. Warnings and Dangers in the UAE today

So, how safe is Dubai? It is a question that several foreigners ask today. After all, they want to know if they need car insurance to travel across the Emirates. Assuredly, it is the same case for the question: Is it safe for Americans to travel to Dubai?

One way to reveal the country’s safety is by evaluating its warnings and dangers. Ergo, you could show how the UAE handles features such as terrorism and scan risk.

Furthermore, feel free to look for additional warnings that you may find essential. Nonetheless, you will not find many of them if you choose the UAE as your destination. Most importantly, they will demonstrate the answer to “Is Dubai a safe country?”

Thus, let us discuss the warnings and dangers that foreigners may have to face when traveling to the UAE:

2.1 Overall risk

Is Dubai a safe place to visit? The overall risk rank says it is. Indeed, the UAE holds the 31st position in the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries. So you can clearly say that yes Dubai, UAE is one of the safest places to travel and the risk is very low.

On the other hand, is Dubai a safe place to live? Undoubtedly, it is also secure for living. As you will see later, its law and order practices make it one of the safest countries worldwide. Namely, you will not need to worry about safety when discussing your Freelance Partnership.

2.2 Zero Mugging risk

Indeed, is the United Arab Emirates safe when it comes to mugging? Yes, it is, and we will show you why. The UAE is one prosperous nation where most of the population is foreign with Freelance Work Permits. Above all, such a feature decreases the mugging risk tremendously.

The main reason is that all these foreigners avoid engaging in criminal activities related to kidnapping. After all, they can face deportation and lose their average salary in Dubai. So, is Dubai safe for Americans? In terms of mugging activities, it is.

2.3 No Terrorism risk

The Middle East is a place where terrorism left a bad mark. Nonetheless, places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi never were known for terrorist activities. Therefore, is Dubai dangerous because of terrorism risk? No, and we will show you why.

In short, despite multiple terrorist threats to attack the Gulf region, you can consider the UAE as a country with a low terrorism risk. Above all, it is something that many foreigners with a UAE Remote Work Visa can tell you. So, is Abu Dhabi safe? Yes, it is.

Furthermore, UAE authorities are constantly keeping these threats from becoming a reality. As a result, you can enjoy the restaurants, beaches, and shopping centers in the Emirates. Hence, is Abu Dhabi safe for American tourists? Unequivocally, yes, it is.

2.4 No Natural disasters risk

Is it safe to travel to Dubai right now or the next month? It is a question that tourists ask with one thing in mind: natural disasters. After all, they do not want to use their fire insurance during their vacations. Let us reveal how safe Dubai’s nature is.

As a Middle Eastern country, the UAE often faces two natural occurrences: high temperatures and sand storms. Assuredly, you may wonder if you have to face them after you immigrate to Dubai. Nevertheless, they will not be an issue for your stay.

In this sense, UAE authorities developed the required structure to face high temperatures during summer. On the other hand, they have an efficient alarm system for sand storms. Indeed, these are reasons why the UAE is the most safe place in the world.

2.5 Zero Scam risk

As a Freelance Model, you may find jobs where illegal financial practices are visible. However, we can ensure you are outside the UAE if you see such a thing. Thus, is the UAE safe regarding scam risk in the country? Let us reveal the answer.

Undoubtedly, the UAE is a country with a substantially low scam risk. After all, it has a prosperous economy where even a Freelance Artist can earn a high income in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Therefore, is the United Arab Emirates safe? Yes, you will not find any scams there.

Last, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to find other risks that may require your attention. However, the UAE is more a country of opportunities rather than dangers. So, is the United Arab Emirates safe as a country? Without a doubt, yes, it is.

2.6 Pickpockets risk

Pick-pocketing involves stealing money, devices, or documents from your pockets or bags. Assuredly, you may see this practice performed in the streets of the UAE at some point. After all, 14 million tourists visit the Emirates from several countries each year.

However, the risk of being stolen this way is substantially low. After all, UAE authorities are always alert in their search for people engaging in criminal activities. Therefore, is Dubai a safe place to visit? The lack of criminals in the cities says it is.

Finally, remember that this practice becomes more regular in crowded places. Hence, pay close attention to your surroundings if you visit a location with many tourists. This way, your stay in the UAE will not become a bad memory.

3. How safe is Dubai in comparison with other countries and cities?

Remember Matt from the first topic? He is back again, now living and working in Dubai. Indeed, he assessed the previous risks and decided to go for a Green Visa in the UAE. However, he is now wondering: is Dubai safe for Americans regarding other countries?

Because of Matt’s question, we decided to show the world indexes for several categories. This way, he and you can see the position of the UAE for each one. Therefore, is Dubai safe for travel instead of other countries? You will find out shortly.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that you can look for additional ranks to the ones listed below. After all, Matt did it and entrenched his decision to seek sponsorship in the UAE. In other words, the future looks excellent for Matt today in the Emirates.

Let us show you some world indexes to see where the UAE stands on each one:

3.1 Safety index

Logically, we will begin by showing the world safety index to reveal the Emirates’ safety. Most importantly, it includes the safety of using Twitter to get clients as Freelancer in the UAE. So, let us show it to answer the question: is Dubai safe for Americans and Europeans?

The world’s safety index reveals that Abu Dhabi is the safest place today worldwide. Moreover, it also states that Sharjah and Dubai belong in the top 10. All of this while toping cities such as Zurich and Monaco. So, is Abu Dhabi safe? According to this, it is.

On the other hand, this safety also makes Abu Dhabi and Dubai the perfect spot to perform an investment. Indeed, Matt saw this and decided to get term life insurance in the UAE. After all, he loves the country so much that he wants to retire there.

Here is a comparison of the safety index in the UAE and other countries:

Country Safety Index
UAE 79
Morocco 54
Ireland 83
Iceland 95
Malaysia 69
Austria 92
Italy 77

3.2 Law and order

The UAE has an excellent legal system with several employment, trading, and family laws and regulations. In this sense, Matt evaluated the legal bases of Freelancing in the UAE before beginning to work. Consequently, he discovered the law and order index.

So, is the UAE safe regarding law and order? Unequivocally, yes, it is. Such a statement considers features like the UAE labour law. Indeed, it is a piece of legislation that employers and employees regularly praise in the country. Remember it when you begin your freelancing career in Dubai.

Regarding the law and order index, the UAE has the number two spot worldwide. Most importantly, it locates only behind Norway and surpasses countries like China and Finland. Therefore, it is correct to say that lawyers in the UAE work in their paradise.

3.3 Walking alone

If you come from places such as Latin America or the USA, you may think walking alone is dangerous. Matt saw it this way and wanted to evaluate the UAE regarding this subject before getting maternity insurance for his spouse. Fortunately, he found the world’s walking alone index.

Is Dubai safe for Americans that walk alone? Its first place in the walking alone index speaks for itself. Remember, you can find excellent jobs, tourist attractions, and outstanding residential areas in the UAE. As a result, no one is thinking about assaulting other people while walking alone.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the UAE surpasses countries such as Norway, Slovenia, and Taiwan in this index. Therefore, you can walk alone as a successful freelancer in Dubai. Indeed, the country’s safety will allow you to do so without worries.

4. Useful information about the UAE

  • Visa: For stays under 30 days, visas are not necessary. Make sure your passport is still valid at least 6 months after you return.
  • Currency: The United Arab Emirates’ national currency is the Dirham. There is a set exchange rate for dirhams, 3.67 = 1 USD. This currency is always constant and never changes.
  • Airports: Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport are the two biggest airports in the nation. Etihad and Emirates Airways are the most well-known airlines in the UAE.
  • Travel insurance: When visiting the United Arab Emirates, we advise having travel insurance just like everywhere else because it not only covers the costs of medical issues but also robbery and loss of goods.
  • Weather: The UAE is notorious for its exceptionally hot spells, with temperatures reaching up to 50C. Therefore, if you are planning a trip during that time, make sure to stay out of the sun for extended periods of time and drink plenty of water.

UAE Weather Averages

January 20°C/68°F
February 21°C/70°F
March 23°C/73°F
April 28°C/82°F
May 32°C/90°F
June 34°C/93°F
July 36°C/97°F
August 37°C/99°F
September 34°C/93°F
October 30°C/86°F
November 26°C/79°F
December 22°C/72°F

5. Start freelancing in the UAE with our support!

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