work permit number UAE

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What are the consequences of working without a work permit UAE?

Many people from all corners of the globe migrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in search of employment. Thus, you should know that without a valid work permit number UAE and visa, working in the UAE is illegal. If the authorities find you working without the necessary documentation, there can be grave consequences, including financial penalties, expulsion, and imprisonment.

In this article, we will be telling you all about the consequences of working without a working without labour card in UAE. Usually, businesses hire personnel from other nations to work in the UAE. However, they must first acquire a work permit UAE and a resident visa in order to remain compliant and within the law while working in the region. To find out the consequences of working without a valid work permit number UAE, please refer to the details here.

work permit number UAE

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its stringent regulations and regulations related to employment. Working without a valid work permit card UAE is an illegal act, and the law strictly applies. Those who violate the law may be subject to hefty fines, deportation, and even incarceration in some cases.

The Labor Law requires employers to obtain a work permit number from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) for any employee they wish to hire, regardless of nationality. This work permit in UAE must be renewed annually or bi-annually, depending on its expiration date. Without a valid work permit number in UAE, it is illegal to have employment in the area.

The UAE government takes the issue of unauthorized employment seriously and is taking steps to decrease the number of such cases. They have been implementing a telephone line where individuals can report any information they may have regarding illegal working.

To sum up, employers and employees should be aware of the legal repercussions for working without employement visa in UAE. This type of activity is unlawful and can result in penalties for employers, such as fines or imprisonment, and for employees, such as fines or deportation. The UAE government is taking steps to reduce the number of illegal work cases, and anyone with information can contact the hotline to report it.

Penalties and fines

working on visit visa in uae is illegal, as well as working without a work permit number UAE. As a result, this can result in serious fines and punishments for both employers and employees alike. The penalty for working without work permit in UAE is:

  • Those working without a permit will be subject to a large fine of up to AED 10,000, or even a jail sentence of up to six months. Furthermore, they could be deported and given a travel ban, prohibiting them from re-entering the UAE for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Employers can receive penalties for employing individuals without the correct permit. For example, a firm that does not provide visa can be fined AED 10,000 per illegal worker. In certain circumstances, the business may even have to close. In addition, employers can face criminal prosecution, and if guilty, could see a sentence to a maximum of six months in prison.

It is essential for both employers and employees to abide by UAE labor laws and to acquire a valid work permit before commencing employment. Especially, as the repercussions for operating without one are big. Neglecting to comply with these regulations could result in exorbitant fines and even imprisonment. Particularly, as a company not giving visa to work is a criminal offense in the UAE.


Working without an appropriate work permit number UAE is a major concern. The country operates with a zero tolerance stance towards illegal workers, meaning those engaging in such activity face severe repercussions.

The UAE enforces a rigorous immigration policy to safeguard its labor market and ensure only legal personnel have employment in the nation. As per the UAE’s labor law, all personnel must possess a work permit card UAE before they can start operating. Employers cannot hire foreign personnel without a valid work permit and offenders can be subject to severe punishments.

Those who are discovered to be working without legal authorization in the UAE will face swift expulsion. In the majority of cases, the deported laborer will be forbidden from entering the UAE again. The deported person might also have to pay a fee, which is contingent upon the severity of the violation.

If an individual from outside the UAE is working without a work permit, they will be expelled from the UAE by the relevant authorities. The authorities will then liaise with the individual’s home country to coordinate their deportation. This process can be lengthy and require a significant financial outlay. Moreover, it is necessary that the individual has the necessary evidence of identity and a valid passport. So, as to guarantee that their deportation is successful and without any complications.

Career implications

Working without a valid work permit number UAE can be a huge detriment to someone’s career. It is illegal to be working in the UAE without the proper paperwork. Consequently, employers can face severe consequences for taking on an undocumented worker. Individuals can face repercussions from fines to deportation if they are working without a work permit in UAE.

For those already employed in the UAE, lack of a valid work permit could have serious repercussions. Depending on the gravity of the violation, the employer can reprimand them with penalties such as suspension or dismissal from the job. This could have a critical effect on the individual’s career, their standing, and their chances of getting another job.

Being expelled from the UAE can have drastic impacts on someone’s professional life. Getting back in can take a considerable amount of time. This could mean they lose out on potential job chances. Furthermore, they may have to start the application process afresh, which could be a long and expensive endeavor.

Limited employment

Having no work permit number in the UAE can lead to severe repercussions for those looking for work. Not only will the person be liable to pay fines and be in danger of being deported. But they will also be restricted in their chances of finding meaningful employment.

Due to the stringent rules and regulations in place in the UAE, companies are not permitted to recruit people who do not possess the paperwork and authorizations. This implies that those without a work permit are unable to apply for most job opportunities. Employers must verify the legal status of their future employees before they can be accepted for the job. Even if someone without a work permit succeeds in securing a job, they may still be subjected to legal action or be dismissed if they are found out.

Moreover, those without a work permit number UAE may find it challenging to gain access to the usual benefits. This could include health insurance, holiday pay, and even basic services such as banking and transport. Without these advantages, individuals without a work permit could have difficulty making ends meet and could be unable to support themselves or their loved ones.

A violation of the law in the UAE or any other country can be detrimental to securing future employment. As employers may be hesitant to hire someone with a past record of working without a license. This could lead to the individual not getting the job they desire.

Damage to reputation

People who are discovered to be working without authorization can experience a negative impact on their professional image. Companies will be hesitant to hire someone who has broken the law, leading to a scarcity of job prospects and difficulties in finding new employment. Additionally, it can be difficult to explain the situation to potential employers. This can make it even harder to find a job.

Working without the necessary permit in the UAE is a grave offense and can lead to substantial penalties. People can face hefty fines, deportation, or even imprisonment, as well as long-term harm to their professional record. Thus, it is essential for individuals to confirm that they possess a legitimate work permit before beginning employment in the UAE.

Financial and personal risks

From an individual’s point of view, those without a valid work permit are in danger of apprehension and removal from the country. This not only carries the risk of having to leave the country. But could also lead to a permanent exclusion from the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, those caught without a work permit could be subject to imprisonment and substantial financial penalties.

From a financial perspective, those who work without a work permit are not eligible for any of the advantages or safeguards that those with a work permit have. This includes paid time off, UAE sick leave, and medical coverage. Working without a work permit additionally raises the odds of not getting suitable payment for the job. Without the security of the law, employers can exploit individuals without a work permit and pay them less or not in any way.

It is essential to be cognizant of the dangers associated with working without a work permit number UAE. To safeguard yourself and your finances, it is always preferable to obtain a work permit before taking on any job in the UAE.

Loss of job security

Working in UAE without a permit can be a huge gamble. As it puts workers at a disadvantage in terms of job security. Without a permit, there is no legal assurance that workers will receive fair treatment or be let go without a good cause.

The UAE has stringent regulations connecting to employment permits and employment agreements. Without a legitimate work permit, workers cannot take advantage of the UAE’s labor law and benefits. Without documentation, laborers are susceptible to abuse. Employers can terminate their labor without warning or fair recompense.

Additionally, those without a permit are unable to take advantage of the UAE’s social security system. Meaning they are not eligible for health insurance, sick leave, or unemployment benefits. This lack of job security can leave employees in a precarious economic state if they are unexpectedly laid off.

Financial burden

In addition to the UAE government fines, those who work without a permit may also be vulnerable to civil proceedings initiated by their employers. This can lead to considerable financial losses, as employers may look to reclaim any wages not paid due to the worker’s non-compliance. In some cases, individuals may even be responsible for the employer’s damages.

Likewise, not having a valid work permit can make it difficult to acquire a loan or other types of funding. This can be especially troublesome when it comes to getting a house or any other essential items. Without a work permit, people may not be able to provide proof of their income, which can lead to more financial hardship.

Why compliance matters?

work permit number UAE

Adherence to the legal system of the UAE is imperative for any business functioning within its borders. The country has a proper legal structure and is enhancing its strict enforcement of laws. It is thus essential that businesses comprehend the regulations of the UAE and comply with them. To guarantee that their operations are within the legal framework and, at the same time, contribute to the nation’s economic progress.

Furthermore, compliance is critical to avoid any financial repercussions, legal action, and damage to one’s reputation. The UAE has rigid regulations against bribery, corruption, and fraud, and businesses that fail to comply with these laws can face severe consequences. Compliance also helps to ensure that businesses are transparent and accountable, which are essential for successful operations in the UAE.

Moreover, adhering to standards of conduct can show firms’ dedication to operating in a responsible manner. This can foster trust among purchasers and other parties, as well as boost the company’s standing in the UAE. Furthermore, compliance can help to safeguard the company’s confidential information and make sure it is not taken advantage of or abused.

It is important for employees to understand how to look up their Ministry of Labour Dubai work permit status, as this can determine whether it is still valid or not. Moreover, it is imperative to be aware of how to report illegal workers in Dubai. This, in order to avoid any potential fines or penalties.

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